The Armored Cap for VapCap by DynaVap NZ

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Armored Cap for DynaVap VapCap Pen NZ
The Armored Cap for DynaVap VapCap Pen NZ.

DynaVap Special 2023 Armored Cap.

This new DynaVap Armored Cap is the one cap to cover them all! Open the windows as things about to get foggy!

By popular demand, the Armored Cap is finally here (April 2023). This cool new upgrade to your dry herb vaping experience contains a Captive Cap encased in a stainless steel shell. Designed with Torch users in mind the armored cap shines when heated slowly (without the need to spin) and is capable of full extractions in 1-2 heat cycles. Expect to have 3-5 very decent hits from one heat up! Just keep hitting it until the cap clicks, just like a normal cap. We recommend watching the videos below, it's an amazing invention, are we surprised, no! DynaVap are constantly impressing us with their incredible innovations, there's a few brains doing over-time at DynaVap, literally.

The thick stainless steel wall of the Armored Cap DynaVap
The original geometry of the cap has been kept by machining grooves to locate your captivations and utilize the digger outer when needed. This product has a matte grey finish on stainless steel that will patina from use. The additional mass in the cap allows for much slower, longer, and more thorough extractions whether you're on the sofa or out and about. Unlike previous versions of the cap the Armored Cap is pre-adjusted for fit and designed to be a tighter fit on the tip to prevent the hot cap from falling off accidentally.

Armored Cap by DynaVap NZ
The Armored Cap may have gotten bigger, but the branding gets smaller. The machined captivations and logo placement can be used as a visual reference on device heating. The Armored Cap will fit in any DynaVap stash when assembled onto a device.

DynaVap Armored Caps on all pens NZ


  • Higher mass for longer and further extraction
  • Standard captivations
  • Machined heating references

Package includes.

  • 1x Armored Cap

The Armored Cap by DynaVap NZ

Induction Heater Use with an Armored Cap?

Induction Heater compatibility with the new Armored Cap varies due to the increased diameter of the new cap (12mm). When used with an induction heater it may require multiple heat cycles to achieve the same results as a torch lighter. The Armored Cap retains heat for an extended period of time not unlike a stainless steel tip does compared to a titanium one. The Cap is tighter as mentioned so be careful if using it on certain pens that may get scratched. The Armored Cap may scratch certain titanium and PVD colored tips and caution should be used in the placement and removal of the Armored Cap from your device. Scratches are normal and do not affect the performance of our tips or present a health risk.Armored Caps by DynaVap NZ

Compatible with.

  • The Wand by Ispire
  • The YLL Induction Heater

Not Compatible with.

  • The Orion V2 by DynaTec (too small)

DynaVap Cap options.

Cap options for DynaVap Pens NZ


Dynavap YouTube Channel

Vapefiend UK Armored Cap Review DynaVap NZ


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