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Captive Cap for DynaVap VapCap Pen NZ


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Captive Cap for DynaVap VapCap Pen NZ

Captive Cap for DynaVap VapCap Pen NZ.

DynaVap VapCap Replacement Cap.

This cap is the one cap to cover them all.

The DynaVap Replacement Cap is made of medical grade stainless steel, which makes it durable. This component comes with all Dynavap Vapcap units. However, if you have lost it, or if you just want to keep a spare cap, you can always buy one as a replacement part.

DynaVap VapCap Replacement Cap NZ

Dynavaps signature cap is designed to “click” once it is heated to the right temperature. It also has the tab on it which is handy for clearing out your oven. If you notice the cap clicking twice, don’t worry that’s normal. If you find that your new cap is loose, simply squeeze it a little to adjust the fit.

DynaVap VapCap Replacement Cap

Try holding the tip of the Cap on a cool surface straight after using it and listen for the 2 cool-down clicks, you can press it against the glass on a window and it will click about a second later and again shortly after that. Be careful not to break any windows though!

Compatible with:

  • DynaVap 2020 M Vaporizer
  • VapCap OmniVap Vaporizer
  • VapCap OmniVap Vaporizer
  • DynaVap NonaVong Standard Darkwood
  • NonaVong VapCap Vaporizer
  • VapCap OmniVonG Vaporizer
  • VapCap OmniVonG Vaporizer 

DynaVap 2020 M Captive Cap NZ

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The Captive Cap - DynaVap Video

How to adjust your Captive Cap.

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DynaVap Info NZ

VapCap Vaping Instructions.

For more instructions on how to use the VapCap or Captive Cap please refer to our "2020 M DynaVap Pen" page - Here. Or check out the new DynaVap 2021 M.

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DynaVap USA Website

Check out the DynaVap USA Website - VIDEO SECTION

A wide selection of helpful videos to watch.

Dynavap YouTube Channel

Check out the DynaVap YouTube Channel - DYNAVAP VIDEOS

A great resource, loads of useful DynaVap Videos.

Download DynaVap User Manual

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Or Open the DynaVap 2020 M - OPERATING MANUAL

Helenskinz is an Authorized Reseller of DynaVap products NZ

Helenskinz is an Authorized Reseller
of DynaVap products in New Zealand and Australia. Warranty approved. Helenskinz imports all DynaVap products directly from DynaVap USA.

Click to visit DynaVap USA - Authorized Retailers page.


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DynaVap NZ

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