DaVinci IQ2, IQC & DynaVap Vaporizer Water Adapter 14mm + 18mm

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Vaping & Infusion Accessories NZ  DaVinci IQ2, IQC & DynaVap Vaporizer Rubber Water Tool Adapter 14mm + 18mm Male.


A 10mm flexible rubber female joint connects to DaVinci IQ, IQ2, IQC, MIQRO and many more including all DynaVap VapCap Pens including The 2021 VonG.

Black Water Adapter for DaVinci Vape NZ    White Water Adapter for DynaVap Vape NZ

The male end of this Water Pipe Adapter is either 14mm & 18mm. This would allow you to vape through a Bubbler or Water Tool that has a 14mm or 18mm female receptor. Our Glass Bubbler, the VapeTube14 has a 14mm bottom receptor for this adapter. You could be vaping through water using your IQ2, IQC or DynaVap VapCap or a DynaVap 2021 The VonG Vape with this Rubber H2O adapter and the VapeTube14 Bubbler or your Water Piece that's 14mm or 18mm. A very handy adapter for those larger 18mm Water Pieces. It's nice to have an adapter that is pliable enough to fit all sorts of vapes yet rigid enough to stand your vape inverted and still be stable. This adapter is just that, you can firmly push a DynaVap Pen into it or the Long Mouthpiece on the DaVinci Vapes. There will be many more vapes that fit this adapter.

Ideal for DynaVap Water Bubbler - H2O Adapter NZDynaVap 2021 M - Verdium (above) in the black adapter connected to a 14mm Bubbler, the VapeTube 14. The DynaVap Pen is a nice tight fit in the rubber adapter.

DaVinci & DynaVap Water Tool Adapters Helenskinz NZ
These adapters come in Black or White. They are quite rigid compared to our Nearly Universal Adapters. The Nearly Uni Adapters are more pliable and can stretch, these adapters are not stretchy and provide a good solid and tight fit for 10mm DynaVap VapCap Pens, it's ideal for all DynaVap Pens! We also tested The DynaVap 2021 VonG and it fits like a glove, nice and tight but easy to push in and pull out.

DynaVap Water Tool Adapter - Vaping Fans NZ For DynaVap VapCaps you want the VapeTube 10 Bubbler if you don't want to use an adapter, the DynaVap Pens are 10mm already, it does not need any adapter. You can use DynaVap in the 14mm VapeTube14 Bubbler if you have this adapter which many prefer, then they have a 14mm Bubbler for any other vapes they may have rather than being restricted to 10mm only.

DynaVap Water Tool Adapter  - Vaping Fans NZ

DaVinci Vapes come with a Water Tool Mouthpiece that is 10mm, that is what plugs into this adapter. Like DynaVap, if you want to use a 10mm Bubbler or 10mm Water Piece you can and you don't need an adapter as long as you use a 10mm Bubbler. That's why we stock 10mm and 14mm Bubblers and adapters for most of our vapes if not all. Please see the Water Tool section of our site if you want to see all of our adapters and water pieces.

DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer with Water Adapter.

DaVinci Water Tool Adapters NZ

Included in Package.

  • 1x DaVinci | DynaVap Rubber 10mm Water Tool Adapter |14mm + 18mm.

DaVinci and DynaVap Water Adapter Tool NZ

Water Adapter Instructions.

Attach the adapter to the long mouthpiece on your DaVinci vape or any other vape that fits the flexible rubber aprox 10mm hole, like a DynaVap Pen. Then simply invert your vape and place it in the female 14 or 18mm intake on your water tool. Or slide into your Bubbler holding it upright. Vaping at it's very best! It's a good solid seal and strong enough to stand your vape inverted in a water pipe. This is by far the best Water Pipe Adapter we have found for the DaVinci Vapes and all DynaVap Pens including The 2021 VonG. It's a very popular seller.

Adapters are safe to clean with any traditional glass cleaning methods including hot water, Isopropyl Alcohol, and PBW.

DynaVap 2021 M Verdium Vaporizer with Water Adapter & 14mm Bubbler.White DynaVap & DaVinci Water Tool Adapter 14 & 18mm DynaVap & DaVinci Water Tool Adapter 14 & 18mm - Vaping Fans NZ White DynaVap & DaVinci Water Tool Adapter 14 & 18mm NZBlack DynaVap & DaVinci Water Tool Adapter 14 & 18mm NZBlack DynaVap Water Tool Adapter - Vaping Fans NZDynaVap & DaVinci Water Tool Adapter 14 & 18mm

Need an Amazing Water Bubbler to go with your Adapter?

DaVinci Vapes come with a 10mm Long Mouthpiece that will plug straight into the VapeTube 10, 10mm Bubbler. The DaVinci Vapes will also fit the VapeTube 14, 14mm Bubbler using the adapter on this page allowing you to buy a 14mm Bubbler to use with all of your vapes. DynaVap are 10mm and fit straight into the VapeTube 10 or you can use this adapter to vape through the VapeTube 14 14mm Bubbler using any DynaVap Pen or Vong. These Bubblers are pretty tough and can withstand being knocked over, we do sell the HydraFoot which is a Glass Stand for the 14mm Bubblers and other 14mm Water Pieces.

VapeTube 10 Water Bubbler Tool 10mm for DynaVap NZ  VapeTube 14 Water Bubbler Tool 14mm for Mighty, Pax, IQ2 NZ

HydraFoot 14mm Glass Stand for Bubblers & Vaping Water Tools NZCheck out the Haze DUO Bong, our very own Bong!

HAZE DUO Vaporizer Bong - Full H2O Vaping Kit NZ
10mm Water Bubbler for Vapes NZ

VapeTube 14 Water Tool Bubbler for Vaporizers NZ

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