Waterpipe Adapter for Zeus ARC Vapes & Iceborn Unit NZ

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Zeus ARC GT Vaporizer Parts NZ  Zeus ARC GT Dry Herb Vape NZ

Waterpipe Adapter for Zeus ARC Vapes & Iceborn Unit.

Waterpipe Adapter for Zeus ARC Vapes & Iceborn Unit NZThe Zeus Arc Iceborn & Waterpipe Adapter will allow you to easily connect your Zeus Arc Vape to your Iceborn Unit for dramatically cooler draws and larger clouds. We don't currently sell the Iceborn which is a container like device full of Ice that you use to cool your vapor. This is why this adapter is called the Arc & Iceborn Adapter to save any confusion. We sell it for the Zeus ARC Vaporizer so people can connect their vape to their water piece for some cool H2O fun! This adapter will allow you to hook the Zeus Arc or Arc GT vaporizer to your favorite Bubbler, Bong, Waterpipe.. for smooth water filtered draws. A great way to convert the Zeus Arc into a powerful stationary style vaporizer at home. Our Bubblers are not delicate so they are fine to take out and about, you could fit a Zeus ARC GT, a Bubbler and an Adapter into one of our larger vape cases. Ideal adapter for using a Water Bubbler with your Zeus ARC GT Vaporizer. We highly recommend the Vape Tube 14 Bubbler (14mm) that we stock in Auckland NZ. It's perfect and will provide you with hours of bubbling enjoyment! Check them out here. If you happen to own a Vong by DynaVap that will also fit into the Vape Tube 14 Bubbler along with many other vapes.
Silicon Waterpipe Adapter for Zeus ARC Vapes NZ


  • Zeus Arc
  • Zeus Arc GT
  • Zeus Arc GTS Hub
  • Zeus Arc S Hub
Note: This page is only for the Zeus Arc Iceborn adapter and does not include an actual Iceborn unit. What is the Iceborn unit? Click here to visit the page.

This is a genuine accessory from Zeus Arsenal.

Package Includes.

  • 1x Waterpipe Adapter for the Zeus ARC & Zeus ARC GT Vaporizers.

Waterpipe Adapter for Zeus ARC Vapes NZ


How do you use a Bubbler with the Zeus ARC GT Vape?

All you need is the Waterpipe Adapter on this page so you can temporarily replace the silicon Mouthpiece on your Zeus Vape with the Adapter, it fits on just like your standard mouthpiece. Heat your vape and connect it to the 14mm Bubbler and take a long slow draw. Using a bubbler does cool down your vapor considerably but it's also fun vaping with bubbles. Click the graphic below to visit the Bubbler page.

 Bubblers and Waterpipe Adapter for Zeus ARC Vapes NZ


Zeus Arc GTS Hub Pods NZ

Download the Zeus ARC & Zeus ARC GT Vape User Manual.

  Zeus ARC Herbal Vape NZ - Operating Manual: 
  Download the ZEUS ARC GT NZ (PDF) User Guide: Here.

Zeus Arsenal Vaporizers NZ

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