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Zeus ARC GT Dry Herb Vaporizer NZConduction Herbal Aromatherapy Blends Zeus ARC GT Dry Herb Vape NZ

ZEUS ARC GT Dry Herb Vape NZ by Zeus Arsenal.

German Tech at it's finest!


The Zeus Arc Vaporizer is engineered in Germany and is distributed from Canada. So far Germany has the best reputation for developing the most innovative and unique portable dry herb vaporizers like the Crafty+ and the Mighty+ Vape, Aromatherapy at its very best! The Zeus ARC GT is no exception, an ingenious Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ. Superb quality and performance easily matching the DaVinci IQ2, Crafty+ and Mighty+ Medic not to mention the Pax 3.

Zeus ARC GT Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit NZThe Zeus ARC Dry Vaporizer is a very special herb vape, the Zeus Arc GT herbal vape which has a Gold Plated Airway (yes real Gold) is a tiny Dry Herb Vaping Masterpiece and is roughly the size of a business card! The GT is the Gold Plated model, the best! Our Zeus ARC GT vape imports will be the first to hit NZ shores, ever!

Zeus ARC GT Dry Herb Vaporizer NZZeus Arsenal is a brand we have been keen to make available for a few years. We have finally been able to bridge a connection between NZ and Australia to make Zeus Arsenal Vapes available to all Kiwis. We have wanted this particular vape for some time because although it is a pricey vape like a Pax 3 Complete Kit is it is an ideal portable vaporizer for New Zealand's outdoors and indoors, this one can take a knock or two and packs a punch when you fire it up. We have been testing this vape for over 2 years now, testing as in we can't put it down, it's a fantastic portable and we love it! If you like Pax or you are a fan of Conduction Vapes you are bound to like the Zeus ARC GT Vaporizer.

Top Model Zeus ARC GT Dry Herb Vaporizer NZThe demand for this vaporizer is high, after receiving almost daily emails asking if we have it we decided to go after it and make it available in NZ. It was like hunting for Bigfoot, not an easy task! The Zeus Arc GT has a lot of the same features found in the top aromatherapy vaporizers as well as a few distinctive features of its own. Those features include real gold parts that help to cool down the vapor and keep its flavor pure. The fact that those parts give it some extra flair doesn’t hurt. The haptic feedback, accelerometer, and unique temperature cycle don’t hurt either, in fact they make it one of the more exciting dry herb vapes to come along in a while. If you’re ready for some solid gold conduction vaping, then the Zeus Arc GT NZ may be the portable vape for you.

Zeus ARC GT New Zealand - Helenskinz NZHelenskinz is the only Authorized Seller of Zeus Arsenal products in New Zealand. Warranty valid! You must buy from an authorized reseller to have a valid warranty.

We are currently testing a brand new Zeus ARC GT that Zeus Arsenal kindly sent us. So far we love it, if you like the Pax or any other decent conduction vape you will love the performance, the feel, the size and the simplicity of the new Zeus ARC GT. We are huge fans of the Pax and generally prefer conduction (hot oven not hot air) vapes, you can do more of a mouth to lung hit where a convection or hybrid vape really needs a straight lung hit, in other words, you need to inhale long and hard on the mouthpiece with most convection vapes, straight into your lungs.

Comparison Xvape Starry 3.0, Pax 3, Pax 2, Zeus ARC GT and Crafty+ Vapes NZWith conduction vapes like the Starry 3.0, Pax 3, the IQ2, IQC and the Zeus you can draw into your mouth then inhale it, it's quite different. Conduction vapes are much easier on the throat if using at lower temps, most convection vapes are quite hard on your throat. The flavor is excellent, with a fresh load it is so full of flavor at times it can be overwhelming if you have very aromatic herb. The Zeus ARC is very similar to the Pax but everything is nicer, the loading of the oven is just so good, it's the best we have seen, just pour in your ground herb and tap the unit and watch it slide right into the gold plated oven, tamp down with your finger tip, tap again and give it one more poke and it's ready to vape.

Check out the Zeus Arc GT GoldSink Technology Video.

When it is time to stir the contents you can remove the tool from the bottom and use it like a spoon to pull 95% of the hot herb out of the oven and onto the top deck area, then scrape it back in and mix it all up, give it a tap and a poke and you are ready to vape again. We love that feature, it makes life easy and you don't need any pokie sticks or anything, just the device and you are set. More to come as we continue to test this awesome new vape. Did we mention it was simple? Very simple, nothing like an IQ2 or Crafty+, it's got 3 temps and is very uncomplicated! So far that is one of our main reasons for liking it. We will be making a video of the unboxing and adding some fresh photos soon.

Loading herb into the Zeus ARC GT NZ

The Zeus ARC GT Unboxing Video NZ - by Helenskinz.

Looking for an Ultra Portable and Stunning Vape?
The Arc GT is the Aston Martin of Conduction Vapes in our opinion. A very slick device.

Zeus ARC GT Herbal Vaporizer NZ

Zeus Arc GT New 2021 Review - TVape Canada.

The Zeus ARC GT Vaporizer Kit NZ.

Zeus ARC & Zeus ARC GT Dry Herb Vapes NZ.

Zeus ARC GT Portable Vaporizer NZ

Key Features.

  • Gold Heating Chamber/Oven. (Fantastic funnel shaped oven entrance for loading).
  • Gold Heatsink. (Easy to remove & clean with ISO Alcohol).
  • Materials Gold Plating, Hardcoat Anodized Aluminum, UV Treated Silicone MP.
  • 3500 mAh Battery. (18650 non removable battery, high capacity, same as Pax 3).
  • 90 Minutes of Battery Life (continuous vaping).
  • Conduction Heating (hot oven, like Pax 3 or DaVinci IQ2).
  • Heat time 80 Seconds. (Not the fastest but certainly acceptable, only wait 1 min to vape!).
  • 3-Year Warranty. (Valid in NZ only if purchased from an Authorized Reseller).
  • Helenskinz is an Authorized Reseller of Zeus Arsenal Vapes in New Zealand.
  • Built-in Multi-tool. (A magnet holds the tool on the bottom of the vape).
  • Haptic Feedback. (Vibrates like your Mobile Phone).
  • Accelerometer. (Like a Mobile Phone).
  • Temperature 205°C | 215°C | 225°C (Can be adjusted with USB app).
  • Compatibility: Dry Herb/Dry Botanicals. (Conduction Heating, requires a fine grind).
  • Manufacturer: Zeus Arsenal Vapes. (The ARC GT is the Top Portable from Zeus Arsenal).

What's Included?

  • The Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer (Gold Plated Model - GT=Gold).
  • Includes Black Stirring Tool on bottom vape magnet. (Gold Tool is a Mod).
  • 5x Grime Wipes.
  • 5x Grime Sticks.
  • 5x Bristle Cleaners.
  • 1x USB Charging/Data cable. (Connect your computer to your Zeus vape).
  • 1x Spacer Screen (Same idea as the half pack oven lid on the Pax 3).
  • 1x Flow Sink tool.

Zeus ARC GT Herbal Vape NZ

Zeus ARC GT Vape NZ - Helenskinz

Zeus Arsenal - Zeus Arc GT Tutorial Video.

Prepping your Herb for the ARC.

The Zeus ARC GT is a Conduction Vape therefore you need to use a decent Herb Grinder to prepare your dry herb. We suggest a fine grind like you would with a Pax 3 Vape or a DaVinci IQ2 which are both conduction vaporizers as well. You will want to grind your herb well and preferably stash it away, ready to use. We have a range of Herb Grinders & Stash Tins available if you need vaporizer supplies, our very best grinder is the SLX "Slicks" Grinder that we import from California, USA, it is a non-stick ceramic coated 4 piece grinder, it is available in large and a range of cool colors. We stock SLX Herb Grinders, Santa Cruz Shredder, Homegrown, Croc Crusher and more in Auckland, NZ. If you buy one with a vape we will also ship it to you for free, the shipping is all inclusive with the Zeus ARC GT Kit NZ and anything else you buy with it. If you buy a Grinder later it will cost at least $10 shipping. We also provide a Pop-Up Window of Discounted related products, so be sure to add the Vape to the Cart first and the discounts will appear.

SLX Grinder & Zeus ARC GT New Zealand - Helenskinz NZ

Imported American Herb Grinders NZ Stock
Herb Grinders NZ


The Zeus Arc GT Portable Herbal Vaporizer is a supercharged, light-weight dry herb conduction (hot oven like a Pax Vape) dry herb vaporizer, providing unmatched vapor production with its unique gold chamber and gold vapor path. Engineered in Germany, the Zeus Arc GT is not lacking horsepower, hidden beneath the small chassis is an accelerometer, built-in multi-tool, three easy temperature settings, USB charging and upgradeable firmware via the provided USB cable.

Zeus ARC GT Dry Herb Vape NZThe Zeus Arc GT Dry Vaporizer measures 22.5mm x 42mm x 87mm and comes packed with a 3500mah battery (like a Pax 3) for 90 minutes of continuous vaping. It's small enough to palm and conceal, it feels great in your hand and looks pretty darn slick, particularly the GT Model.

Zeus ARC GT Herbal Vaporizer NZWhat's the difference between the Zeus ARC and the Zeus ARC GT? That’s right there are 2 different versions of the Zeus Arc, the GT Version which features GoldSink Technology utilizing a gold-heat sink and gold-plated chamber. The standard version swaps the gold plate for stainless steel for a slightly lower price tag. The GTS version is just a GT that comes with the new Pod Filling Grinder.Zeus ARC GT Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ

Update With Ease.

The Zeus Arc firmware update unlocks a layer of customization for your Zeus Arc Vape and Zeus Arc GT Vape, allowing you to select the temperature mode which best suits your vaping habits. You can change your selection at any time, feel free to experiment and find the right mode for you. This is a unique option that we haven't seen before, being able to upgrade your firmware and change your vapes settings without using a full on complicated Bluetooth App is excellent in our opinion! There is an App but it's basic. There is also the problem now with Apple banning all Vaporizer Apps on Apple Phones. So roughly half of all Mobile Phone users (IOS) can't use any of the Vaporizer Apps on any vape now. This is probably why Zeus Arsenal have configured their App through a USB Cable, very cunning indeed!

Zeus Arsenal Vapes NZ

V4.0 Performance.

This is the default setting for the Zeus Arc Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ. Default temperature settings, default cooldown and motion sensor shutoff time.

  • Temperature Levels: 205 C°, 215 C°, 225 C°
  • Heat-Up Time: 80s
  • Cooldown kick-in time: 45s
  • Motion sensor shut-off time: 180s
  • Auto Shut-off Time: 600s

Powered By You.

The comprehensive tutorial walks you through the steps to successfully apply a new heating mode to your Zeus Arc or Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer NZ. Just have your Zeus Arc, your USB cable and click on the video to get started. See video further down this page.

Zeus Arc GT Vape USB App NZ

To update the Firmware on your Zeus ARC GT Dry Vape please use the following link, this will take you to the ZEUS ARSENAL Website where you can download the App and update your device. You can also customize your heat settings so you can relax and have it all set up just the way you like it, let the Aromatherapy sesh begin!

Download Zeus ARC GT Update and App NZ

Download the Zeus ARC & Zeus ARC GT Vape User Manual.

  Zeus ARC Herbal Vape NZ - Operating Manual: 

  Download the ZEUS ARC GT NZ (PDF) User Guide: Here.


Tutorial on the Zeus ARC GT APP NZ.
Comparison between Pax 3 and Zeus ARC GT Vapes Video.

Tips on Vaping with your Zeus ARC GT Herbal Vaporizer.

Zeus Arc GT Gold Plated Oven NZ

How the Zeus ARC GT Works.

Both versions of the Zeus Arc Herbal Vapes function in the exact same way. To get started remove the mouthpiece from the top of the Arc GT Vaporizer to expose the Gold heating chamber. Inside the mouthpiece there is a screen and a heat sink which helps deliver smooth draws.

Removing the mouthpiece exposes a lip that surrounds the chamber of the Zeus Arc GT Vape, this lip can actually be used as a scoop to load herb into your Zeus Arc GT without having to use your fingers.

There is a slope on the top of the Zeus Arc Dry Vaporizer which helps funnel your herb into the chamber and usually just lightly tapping the Zeus Arc Dry Vape is enough to get your herb to fall into the chamber. If you need a little extra help packing the chamber or tamping down your dry botanicals you can use the hidden multi-tool that is located via a magnet at the bottom of the Arc GT Vape. Being a Conduction Vaporizer it works very well if you semi-firmly press your finely ground herb into the Gold Oven Chamber and ensure it is always completely full. Or use the spacer to simulate a full oven, avoid voids in your oven, conduction vapes do not function well without a completely full oven. Empty space in your oven will kill your session with Ghost Clouds, you will produce very little if any vapor if you have a half full oven!

For best results, we recommend filling the Zeus Arc Oven right to the top, don't leave any voids at all, ever! Lightly tamping down, do not pack so tight that it affects airflow, but not so loose that your herb flies around in the chamber. Never leave a void inside a conduction oven in any vaporizer. This is why some vape kits come with an oven spacer, so you can pack a half load and still have the equivalent of a full oven so it vapes properly. If you pack with a void it will be like sucking hot air and not a lot else, let it Bake! It must always be full for it to perform properly, just like a Pax 2 or Pax 3 Vape. Once the unit is loaded with herb place the mouthpiece back on the device and you are ready to roll. Press and hold the power button, the LEDs will illuminate and the device will turn on and begin to heat, heating usually takes around 45 seconds until you can take your first draw.

To swap between heating cycles simply press the power button and the LED will change to reflect the current set heating cycles, there are 3 heating cycles in total. The LED’s will flash while the device heats up and when the Zeus Arc Vaporizer reaches temperature the lights will go solid green and the vaporizer will vibrate in your hand. Place your lips on the edge of the mouthpiece (like a Flat MP on a Pax 3) on the side of the unit that has the Zeus Arc logo, you can now begin taking smooth draws.

Zeus ARC GT Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ

After 10 minutes the auto-shutoff will kick in to preserve battery life. The Zeus Arc Dry Herb Vape also features an accelerometer that senses the user’s movements and draws, if no movements are detected within 30 seconds the auto-shutoff will kick in to preserve your herb. To check the battery life on the Zeus Arc Vape simply give the unit a shake while it is on and the LED’s will display the current charge level. Once your session is complete use the hidden multi-tool on the bottom of the Zeus Arc to empty your herb from the chamber. The tool can also be used to clear debris from the screen in the mouthpiece. 

Zeus Arc NZ

Temperature Flexibility.

Zeus Arsenal have taken a different approach to temperature settings with their Arc Vaporizers, they refer to the temperature settings as temperature cycles. The idea behind this is that you should be able to have a session on each cycle with the same load of dry botanicals/dry herb, effectively stretching the amount of dry herb you are consuming over 3 different sessions. So you can technically run the Zeus Arc on cycle 1 in the morning, then come back in the afternoon and have another session on cycle 2 and finally finish off the chamber before bed on cycle 3. Considering that in a recent survey we found that most people have between 1 – 3 sessions a day, this device is perfectly calibrated for the average vapers lifestyle, but instead of wasting herb for each session, you can efficiently extract your herb over 3 separate sessions.

For those who want a more punchy and immediate extraction of their herb with thicker clouds, we suggest starting the Zeus Arc on cycle 3 for a truly powerful session that will throw out clouds that will rival even the Crafty+ and Mighty+ Vaporizers, but at a significantly smaller size.

For those looking for the best of both worlds, we suggest starting on cycle 2 and increasing to cycle 3 after the first 10-minute session is done. This way you get a nice 20-minute session in, perfect for watching your favorite Netflix show. Stay awake now!

Zeus Arc GT NZ - Oven

Vapor Quality.

The vapor quality from the Zeus Arc is impressive. In the GT version of the Zeus Arc, they employ gold plating in the airway, chamber and heatsink. Gold is one of the most conductive materials on earth capable of heating up quickly and extracting heat just as quickly, which is why it has been used for the new Zeus Arc Herbal Vaporizer NZ.

Zeus Arc GT GoldSink Technology utilizing a gold heat sync

The gold plated oven effectively and efficiently bakes your dry herb, while the gold heat sink works to remove the heat before it reaches your mouth. It does an amazing job of this and in practice is working even better than expected. You are able to produce large clouds of vapor without feeling much irritation from the vapor and no heat in your mouth.

What Vaporizer Brand should I choose?

We find cheaper brands like Flowermate, G Pen and some of the other generic brands for example are often so cheap they just don't work well at all, or if they do they often don't work for very long. You totally get what you pay for with Dry Herb Vaporizers. Try and avoid building a collection of cheap vapes before you buy a really decent one, it will save you a fortune and get you vaping on a rip snorting device right off the bat!

Zeus Arc GT New Zealand - Helenskinz

Popular tech blog KnowTechie was also impressed by the gold vapor path touting “When it comes to conducting heat, it doesn’t get any better than gold. In effect, your herb will evenly bake to perfection.” He even gave the Zeus Arc an impressive 9.8 score rating, which is higher than both the Pax 3 and DaVinci IQ (orig IQ) which both were given 9.0’s from the popular tech blog and even beat out the super popular Storz & Bickel Mighty Vape (that we no longer sell, Mighty+ is the new Mighty) which they ranked at a healthy 9.4. See where the Standard Steel Zeus ARC Vape ranks - here.

Helenskinz sells American, Canadian and German portable vapes, we currently do not sell any Chinese Brands as we are yet to see any really decent Chinese Brand vapes that we would be happy to recommend and sell in NZ. We used to offer a couple of cheap vapes but we dumped them for more top quality vapes because cheap vapes are only going to waste your money in the long term, you need to consider that if you aren't satisfied it's too late to return a used vape so now you need to buy a decent one and you are already down 200 odd bucks. Plus with most vapes you need a half decent herb grinder. Most vapes are made in China, even some of the very best but they are designed, developed and controlled by big Vaporizer Companies in the US mainly like Pax Vapor, Firefly Vapor, Boundless Vapes, DaVinci Vaporizers and so on. This is often where Fake Vaporizers come from. There has been large amounts of incredible counterfeit vapes coming out of China, hard to pick vaporizer copies, not great vapes by any means! Remember that even the authentic expensive vapes can have issues, the fake ones are an issue waiting to happen! Factories in China illegally reproduce and copy vapes like the Pax 2 Vaporizers, Pax 3 vape, the Firefly 2+, the Mighty+, the Crafty+ and so on and on the outside they are hard to pick but on the inside they are all junk. We have been offered identical Pax 3 vapes in identical packaging many times for around $20 USD a piece. We are not interested in copies or junk vapes. Be careful buying a vape is all we are saying, don't believe everything you read and if shopping on EBay beware, EBay is a hive of counterfeit vapes. Helenskinz only buys from the largest Vaporizer Companies, Factories & Suppliers in the world in China, Australia, Germany, Canada and USA so we know we are getting the real deal and no fake vapes whatsoever!

Why should you buy a Top Shelf Brand?

We have said from Day One, "with portable herbal vaporizers you truly get what you pay for" and if you are going to spend several hundred dollars on a personal dry herb vape you certainly want to lock in a Top Vaporizer Brand to begin with. The difference between a Zeus Arsenal Vaporizer or a Storz & Bickel Herbal Vaporizer compared to a cheaper often generic brand vape that a company has put their brand name on is Night & Day! This is why we don't bother with the cheaper brands because they are just that, cheaper! The last thing any of us need is a faulty vape! Cheaper meaning they are often low quality, have poor functionality, are often unreliable and very basic in design. For a couple of hundred bucks more you can secure a high quality, high performance, reliable portable vaporizer that will last for years! It's a no brainer if you can afford it. Most keen herbal vapers have a collection of these cheap vapes that sit and gather dust because they now own a decent vape that works so much better than the cheaper brands. If we all added up what these cheap vapes cost us we would probably realize that we could have or should have just bought one decent vape from the start. We have tested many portable vapes over the last 18 years and we have found the cheaper brands often don't produce any visible vapor at all no matter how you prepare your herb & oven or how you use the vape, it can be very frustrating after having spent hundreds of dollars. We say, spend a bit more and avoid the dusty collection of expensive vapes you will never use. There is also nowhere to resell your used vapes in NZ apart from the odd FB trade because TradeMe have banned all herbal vape listings. Our point, don't waste your money trying to save a few bucks and consider buying a quality, high performance portable vaporizer that will satisfy your needs day in and day out, save up and buy a decent one, you will not regret it. If you are wanting a Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer for Medical Use the Zeus Arc GT is an ideal candidate for the job. We do have fully Certified Medical Vapes here.

Unlike other conduction based vaporizers, the Zeus Arc Portable Vaporizer will have you blowing clouds from the first draw, no more ghost hits like other convection (hot air) vaporizers or cheap conduction (hot oven) vapes on the market, all wind and no clouds! This is classic "Conduction Vaping" at its finest. Conduction vapes take less effort to use so they are ideal for Medicinal Use. Convection (hot air) vapes like the Firefly 2+ or even the S&B Mighty+ Medic Vape that is a Hybrid (hot air and hot oven) vape. If you like lots of visible vapor then the Zeus Arc GT Dry Herb Vape has you covered without a doubt.

Medical Use with a Top Shelf Vaporizer.

Both Conduction and Convection not to mention Hybrid Vapes are all fine for Medical Use but we do recommend the Conduction Vapes for ease of use. That makes the Zeus Arc GT one of the best medical vaporizers NZ on the market. KISS! Don't get into technical vaporizers if you are medicating with your herbal vape, keep it simple, you don't want to be fiddling around with dose settings etc, you will soon find out how much you need and the easiest way to do it! You just need a decent vaping device, a herb grinder and your herb along with some common sense. You also don't need to spend huge money on a certified Medical Vaporizer, all you need is a high end portable vape like the Zeus ARC GT. Approved Medical Vapes are no different than other top shelf dry herb vapes, for example the regular Mighty Vape by Storz & Bickel Germany has been rebranded by Vapormed and has been called the Mighty+ Medic - Portable Medical Vaporizer, we believe the only difference between the 2 vapes is going to be the price, they haven't put Mighty Medic by Vapormed on the vaporizer. It is almost identical with a new box saying Mighty+ Medic by Vapormed. According to Vapormed (Storz & Bickel Medical) the medical certified vapes have Medical Grade Plastic in them.

Vaporizers are the number way to medicate with dry herb. The vapor looks like smoke but is far from it, it's the safest way to consume herb and the most efficient, instant results, within seconds compared to edibles that can take an hour to kick in and if you over do it you may be regretting it for several hours! With a dry herb vaporizer giving you instant results you can very easily stop and say "that's enough for now" but you can't with edibles because of the delay between consuming it and it having an effect.

The standard version of the Zeus Arc is no slouch in the vapor quality department either, though we did notice that flavors are a bit more muted compared to the gold vapor path, it will still have you blowing out clouds of impressive vapor.

The stainless steel does a good job of transferring heat to your herb and removing the heat via the heat sink, but from using both we could definitely notice a difference between the 2 and we found that the Zeus Arc GT with the GoldSink Technology is a more complete experience.

A Quick Independent Review of the Zeus ARC GT NZ.

Zeus ARC GT Portable Vaporizer NZ

Manufacturing Quality.

Manufacturing quality for the Zeus Arc GT is definitely top tier, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from a product that was engineered in Germany. That’s right, just like the Storz & Bickel products like the Mighty+ Medic Vaporizer, Porsche, Audi, and BMW, the Zeus Arc is brought to us by astute German Engineering, which can be felt throughout the design.

They also clearly borrowed some design ideas from the automotive industry sporting sleek lines, a smooth finish, and a powerful engine packed inside a tiny chassis. The vapor that this tiny workhorse can deliver is seriously impressive for its size putting more expensive units to shame. In many ways it does mimic the Pax 2 and Pax 3 vapes in the way you pack the oven, draw on the lip of the device and the easy preset temperature settings. The Pax has 4 and the Zeus has 3 settings that can be changed using the USB Lead and App.

The built-in tool on the Arc Vaporizer is a nice touch and something that every portable vaporizer should feature. While stirring your dry herb during a session on the Zeus Arc is not entirely necessary, doing so does promote a more even cook and better overall extraction of your aromatherapy botanicals. Luckily with the raised lip around the mouthpiece stirring your herb is hassle-free and can easily be done mid-session without losing any herb. Some vapes like the Crafty+ and Mighty+ Medic Vape have a little funnel you place on the top so you can stir or load without losing herb. The scoop design on the Zeus ARC GT Vaporizer reminds us of the DaVinci IQ2, it has a similar area at the top of oven where it is flared out like a funnel. It's very nice to use and so easy to fill or stir on the go with no funnels or toothpicks required, your vape is all you need, everything in one tidy package.

Two of the best-hidden features cannot be seen and that’s the haptic feedback and accelerometer. Haptic feedback has been implemented in a number of vaporizers now and its made its way into the Zeus Arc GT providing a gentle buzz to let you know the device is ready or if the device is shutting down. This keeps you from having to constantly stare at the display of the Zeus Arc to know if and when it is ready. Just like a Mobile phone! Let it "Buzzzz" and watch everyone grab their phones!

Zeus ARC GT Vaporizer NZ

The accelerometer is used for 2 functions; first, it senses the user’s movements as they draw from the device, if the device doesn’t sense movements for 30 seconds it begins cooling down the heating chamber to preserve your herb and battery life, great for the forgetful connoisseur who gets caught up in a match of Fortnite. Second, it is used to show the current charge level of the Zeus Arc, just simply give the device a shake and it will display the charge through the LED. Just like a Pax Vape.

Obviously, we give the edge in manufacturing quality to the Zeus Arc GT over the standard Zeus Arc because of the use of gold in the vapor path and the improvements it makes over the standard version.

Battery Level on the Zeus ARC GT Vaporizer NZ

Battery Life.

For a unit this small, you’d expect a short battery life, right? Wrong! The Zeus Arc exceeds expectations of super portable vaporizers by offering 90 minutes of battery life. Depending on the heating cycle you use and the length of your session you can expect to get another between 6 – 9, 10-minute sessions, which is fantastic for a device this tiny and will have most users charging the portable device once every couple of days.

To charge the Zeus Arc, simply remove the multi-tool on the bottom of the device to expose the USB charging port. Place the multi-tool on top of the magnetic mouthpiece to store it while you are charging the device.

Once again to check the battery life at any time, simply shake the device while it is on and the LED’s will show you the current charge level. See Red Lights on the device above.

Portability of the Zeus ARC GT Herbal Vaporizer NZ


Unlike the Arizer Air 2 and other similar vapes, the Zeus Arc GT measures 87mm tall, 42mm wide and 22.5mm deep making it one of the smallest, portable and powerful peak-performance portable vaporizers in the market. It can easily be slipped into your pocket for simple and convenient on the go vaping sessions. The lip around the heating chamber is great for both loading and stirring dry herb while out as it shields your herb from the wind while packing and stirring, no more flyaway herb. Couple that with 90 minutes of battery life and the Zeus Arc vaporizer is more than ready for a day of herbal vaping.

Zeus ARC GT Portable Vaporizer NZ

Ease of Use.

Unlike the Firefly 2+ that has a steep learning curve, the Zeus Arc Portable Vaporizer is one of the most convenient portable herb vaporizers on the market, loading it is very straight forward and using the lip around the heating chamber you can simply scoop your herb from your grinder rather than using your fingers. Or your Stash Tin if you are really organized.

Zeus ARC Vape NZ - Oven Chamber

Once the Arc Vape is loaded it’s as simple as turning the device on with a long press and selecting your heat cycle. Once at temperature enjoy your session for the 10-minute duration or longer if necessary, once your bowl is finished simply use the included multi-tool to empty out the chamber. Expect flavor from the Zeus ARC like you would from the full glass airway SOLO 2 Vaporizer!

Cleaning the Zeus Arc parts is also hassle-free, simply remove the heat sink and screen from the silicone mouthpiece and soak in ISO Alcohol. The cheapest ISO Alcohol we have found in New Zealand is at JayCar Electronics - Here if you have a store nearby. They have nice big spray bottles that are much cheaper than your local Chemist.

Vape NZ with Zeus Arc GT GoldSink Technology


To clean the chamber, we recommend a cotton bud soaked in 99% ISO Alcohol, gently wiping the chamber after a heating cycle. Even the air pathway at the bottom of the device can be completely cleared. They are no spots in the Zeus Arc that you can’t clean so you never have to worry about degradation of performance from a build-up of oils in a hard to reach spot. 




The Zeus Arc is very discreet, the small size and black exterior make it easy to conceal if you ever need to. The rectangular look of the device is non-de script and will probably appear to be a portable charger or power bank to most people. Not the Aromatherapy Beast that it is!

Zeus ARC Portable Vape NZ


The vape fits neatly in your palm and you can easily keep it hidden while taking draws if you do not want to attract too much attention, it's quite similar to the Davinci Miqro Vape in size.



Overall Experience.

The Zeus Arc GT portable Vape is a fantastic vaporiser that is sure to satisfy the people’s want for a small portable dry herb vape that is capable of generating ample amounts of rich thick vapor. It’s sleek automotive design and German engineering scream quality and it could easily belong in the Porsche Designs catalog. Battery life is more than ample for most users lasting 90+ minutes and the haptic feedback and accelerometer are nice features to have. No wonder it was voted People’s Choice for ‘herb Accessory of the Year’ at O’Cannabiz in 2019!

O'Cannabiz Toronto - First Prize Winner 2019 best product - Zeus ARC GT.
Both the standard Zeus Arc and the Zeus Arc GT are sure to give a great vapor experience, but the added luxury of gold on the GT Model offers slightly better vapor output because of the high conduction nature of the element.

The good news is, at Helenskinz we are currently expanding our Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer range but we are being very picky about what we offer, we only want the very best. It's been a long time coming and better late than never, the Zeus ARC GT will finally be available to our NZ customers.

TVape Toronto Vaporizers Canada Vaporizer RankingsWe highly recommend checking out TVape in Canada if you are interested in finding a whole world of additional information on all herbal vapes that they provide in the form of video reviews, full written reviews with images and an incredible Herbal Vaporizer Ranking System. They have reviewed just about every herbal vape on the planet, it's impressive to say the least. If you are interested in buying the Zeus Arc GT from Helenskinz you should definitely take a quick look at where the ZEUS ARC (standard model) sits on their world wide vaporizer ranking chart. Click the Toronto Vape Banner above or here to visit TVape and see their Vaporizer Rankings. Best Portable Herb Vaporizers 2020. You can also watch the TOP 5 Best Portable Vapes TVape Video below. Please watch if you like the Zeus ARC GT! It may just swing your attention around to this awesome portable vape. The thing we like the most about the Zeus ARC is that it incorporates all the things we like about the Pax Vaporizers but has even better performance especially the GT model.

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