Santa Cruz Shredder Herb Grinder 2 Piece Large NZ

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Santa Cruz Shredder Herb Grinders - Helenskinz Vape Shop NZ

Santa Cruz Shredder 2PC Herb Grinder NZ.

Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder NZ

2 piece, Large 68mm (2.8 inch), Magnetic, CNC Machined. High quality US made. Works better than a Medium 2pc, the large 2pc gives you more leverage and is much easier to hold and twist. Large is ideal for larger hands, if the grinder is too small it's very easy to drop when using, the large grinders are much better in that respect. Perfect for man hands.

Premium Santa Cruz Shredder NZ 2pc large 68mm herb grinder. Ideal for all vapes especially the Pax 2 and Pax 3 Herb Vapes. This grinder does a fantastic job of grinding and if you put in the effort you can make a very fine powdery grind perfect for conduction vapes like the Pax 2/3 and the new IQ2 by DaVinci. All conduction vapes need a fine grind unlike convection vapes that work with crumbled herb. You really want to press it in like you are baking a small brick. It's all in the design and these guys have nailed it, they also look great and the large size is perfect for grip. Comes in a rich range of colors, it's a great looking grinder, it's also quite solid to hold, it has some weight to it.

Santa Cruz Shredder Herb Grinders NZ   Santa Cruz Shredder Herb Grinders NZ

We highly recommend this grinder, if you want to get a premium grind then this Santa Cruz Shredder we have hand picked from the Santa Cruz range might be just what you are looking for. Very high quality and highly efficient. Out of all the grinders this one seems to have everything, a strong magnet for those fumbling sausage fingers, you really don't want the grinder to open if you loose your grip so the magnet really is an essential option to have and a good one at that. It has excellent grip on the outer edges which allows you to grind with more power and less slipping.

Santa Cruz Shredder Herb Grinders - Helenskinz Vape Shop NZThe large 68mm SCS is the perfect size for your hand, it's very difficult to turn a small grinder because you need to use your finger tips but with the large SCS you can cup your palm and fingers on either side, it makes all the difference. For some reason the design of the teeth in this grinder work quite differently than regular grinders as it slices through a full grinder load with ease.FF2 Vape with Large Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder NZ

Package Includes:

  • 1x Santa Cruz Shredder Herb Grinder - Large - 2 PC.

Large Santa Cruz Shredder Herb Grinders NZ
Santa Cruz Shredder Herb Grinders Warranty Approved NZ    Santa Cruz Shredder Herb Grinders NZ

Start Video to see Santa Cruz Shredder Large 2PC Grinder. Will start at Grinder.

Santa Cruz Shredder Herb Grinders - Helenskinz Vape Shop NZThe finish on these grinders is beautiful and they go very well with the Santa Cruz Shredder Stash Tins we also sell. Many vapers will pre-grind their tobacco and herbs and keep them ready-to-roll in an air tight tin. When you want to fire up your vaporizer all you need to do is open the tin and pour some of your fresh pre-ground herb into the oven or your Pax/Mighty Funnel. It is vitally important to always have bone dry herb for your vaporizer as any moisture will certainly spoil your day. The ultimate in Dry Herb is Decarbed Herb which you can do yourself at home odor free with our Ardent Flex Decarboxylator that we import from USA. Visit our Ardent Shop NZ to buy a Nova Decarboxylator NZ.

Santa Cruz Shredder Herb Grinders - Large 2pc - Helenskinz Vape Shop NZThis medical-grade anodized aluminum herb SHREDDER from Santa Cruz Shredder is the ultimate in new herb Shredder technology. Every element of the Shredder has been analyzed and improved upon, from the revolutionary tooth design and threading pattern to the rare earth magnet used in the lid closure system.

Firefly 2 Vape & Santa Cruz Shredder Herb Grinders - Large 2pc - Helenskinz Vape Shop NZ

Santa Cruz Shredder Herb Grinders - Large 2pc - Helenskinz Vape Shop NZ

Santa Cruz Shredder Herb Grinders - Large 2pc - Helenskinz Vape Shop NZ

Santa Cruz Shredder Herb Grinders - Large 2pc - Helenskinz Vape Shop NZ

Santa Cruz Shredder Herb Grinders - Helenskinz Vape Shop NZRed SCS Grinder in a Woman's Hand.Santa Cruz Shredder Herb Grinders - Large 2pc - Helenskinz Vape Shop NZ

Santa Cruz Shredder Herb Grinders - Large 2pc - Helenskinz Vape Shop NZ

An Idea of Size and why it matters.

There's more to it than the "Amount the Grinder can hold".

Compare Medium to the Large SCS 2PC Grinder. 54mm & 68mm. Although the Large Santa Cruz Shredder is starting to get expensive we can't stress enough how important it is that your Grinder is the right size for your hands and fingers. Big hands and a small or medium grinder can be frustrating, lots of dropping and fumbling. You will find for a few dollars more this large grinder will make your life so much easier, use a dab of Grinder Grease on the opposing edges and it's not far off a completely non-stick grinder plus with the larger grinder you can apply a lot more torque so the whole procedure becomes pretty simple and efficient. You can break up your herb and pile it an inch high on the bottom half, sit the other half on top of the pile and press together while twisting, this way you can fine grind half a regular stash tin worth on each load. The large grinder is well worth the extra money! Perfect for all Conduction Vapes, like DynaVap, Pax 2, Pax 3, DaVinci IQ2, DaVinci IQC. For vapes like the Mighty+ Medic which is a Hybrid Vape you will want to visit our 4PC Grinder pages. 4PC Grinders create a coarse grind much more suitable for Hybrid and Convection Vapes like the Crafty+, Mighty+, Firefly 2+, Volcano Medic 2 etc.

Santa Cruz Shredder Medium & Large Grinders Blue NZ

Santa Cruz Shredder Medium & Large Herb Grinders Blue NZ

Santa Cruz Shredder Medium & Large Herb Grinders - Blue NZ Stock


Make yourself a Scraper/Scoop for scraping up your ground herb. Then flip it over and scoop it up, tilt it back and pour it into your stash tin. The handiest little tool!

Large SCS 2PC Grinder too big for you?
Try our Medium Grinders.

Santa Cruz Shredder Herb Grinder - 2pc Medium 54mm NZ

Buy a Stash Tin NZ

Stash Tins are super handy if you like to be organized and don't want to have to get your all your grinding gear and herb out every time you want to have a quick vape or 3. When you have a few minutes spare, sit down and grind 2-3 loads of herb and pour it into a stash tin. You can pile broken up herb onto the base half of the 2PC grinder in a pile up to about 2cm high. Then press the lid onto the pile and squeeze the grinder together as you start to twist, it will quickly come together and the magnet will kick in. Grind, open and check it, grind some more..

It has a rubber seal too so your herbs will not only be ready to vape but will stay fresh in the air tight herb container. The ultimate prep for dry herb vapes is to Decarb your Herbs, grind and store away completely ready to vape. We sell a couple of Decarbing Devices, see here, the Ardent Flex and the DecarBox. You may already have a Decarboxylator, if you do try vaping your decarbed herb, it's very tasty and potent.

Toppuff Small Stash Tins NZ  HoneyPuff Large Stash Tins NZ

Waterproof Stash Tin NZ

Buy Grinder Grease

Works even better with Grease!

Chronisuer Grinder Grease NZ.

Chronisuer Grinder Grease NZ

 Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder Grease.
Buy Grinder Grease NZ

The Importance of Preparing & Grinding Your Herb.

Preparing your herb for vaping.

Yes, it plays a big part in getting dense clouds from your vaporizer. The difference between breaking up herb with your fingers (crumbling) and using a decent grinder can be huge! A fine grind is required (almost powder) for best results for vapes like the IQ2, Pax 2 and Pax 3, Pax+, DynaVap etc. Conduction vapes need a finer grind than convection vapes. This is why you should always budget for a half decent herb grinder if buying a conduction vaporizer. A 2pc grinder allows you to grind for an extended period giving you perfect finely ground herb. A 4pc grinder allows the ground herb to drop into the layer below once it becomes small enough to drop through the holes in the grinder deck. You can't control the coarseness of the grind. So the 4pc is often better for convection vapes like the Crafty+, the Mighty+, the Firefly 2+, Rogue, Fog Pro, ROFFU and so on. Using Grinder Grease helps the Grinder rotate without creating hard sticky build up on the grinder surfaces which makes your grinder jam and become hard to turn. Grinder grease prevents this and you will notice a big difference when using your grinder, it will glide and move freely. When complete it's super easy to wipe any soft build up right off with a tissue, no more chisel and hammer! It's the greatest most underrated product we sell, cheap and super handy to have.

Try it once and you will never go back to a dry grinder!

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