Zeus Arc GT3 Hub Vaporizer Kit NZ

Color: Zeus ARC GT3 Hub - Standard Kit
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Zeus Arc GT3 Hub Vaporizer Kit NZ
Conduction Herbal Aromatherapy Blends Zeus ARC GT Dry Herb Vape NZ

Zeus Arc GT3 Hub Vaporizer Kit NZ.

By Zeus Arsenal. NZ STOCK.

There are 2 versions available.

  • 1) Zeus Arc GT3, Standard model (not including the E-module making grinder manual).
  • 2) Zeus Arc GT3 Electric model (includes E-module that attaches to the Xtruder) (Adds $100 NZD to price of kit).
  • For the time being we will be selling version 1. We have explained this below, it's all about affordability and making great vapes affordable for most people.
Zeus ARC GT3 Standard Kit NZ   Zeus ARC GT3 Electric Kit NZ

Zeus ARC GT3 Vaporizer Kit Details.

Key Features.

  • Goldsink Technology (Gold plated parts, oven etc)
  • ArcPod Compatibility (You can Prefill your Herb Pods, 15 included)
  • Xtruder Included - Designed to help fill pre-packed pods (Either standard model with no electric module or Electric model with the Electric addon module)
  • Zeus Hub Included - Sturdy base station with lid that helps maintain the device and keep components safe and organized.
  • 3 Temperature Presets - Firmware Updatable using provided USB Data Cable
  • Gold-Plated Heating Chamber/Oven (Same as ARC GT & ARC GTS)
  • 3500mAh Battery (Same capacity as Pax+)
  • Redesigned Vapor Path - 20% Increase in Airflow. Better Airflow than GT/GTS
  • USB-C Fast Charging (66% Charge in 40 Minutes)
  • New Mouthpiece Design
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Firmware Upgradeable Online (Using provided charging/data cable)

Technical Specs.

  • Manufacturer: Zeus Arsenal Canada
  • Compatibility Dry Herb
  • Compatible with Vape Tube 14 Bubbler - Yes (Must buy Zeus WPA)
  • Compatible with Haze DUO Bong - Yes (Must buy Zeus WPA)
  • Compatible with Zeus Iceborn - Yes (Cooling cup, we do not currently stock)
  • Temperature 205°C | 215°C | 225°C (Can switch to Deg F)
  • Heating Style Conduction (hot oven/same as Pax+)
  • Heat time 80 Seconds (Vibrates when ready)
  • Battery 3500 mAh (Same as Pax+)
  • Battery Life 92 Minutes
  • Warranty 3 Years (With Zeus Arsenal, register your vape online)
  • Materials Gold-plated Stainless Steel, Zirconia Ceramic, Medical-grade Plastic, Medical-grade Silicone Rubber, Anodized Aluminum
  • Generation: 3rd Generation (ARC S, ARC GT, ARC GTS, ARC GT3)
  • Hard Anodized Aluminum Shell
  • Gold Tool (Tool on magnet on bottom of vape, covers USB-C port)

Included in Package.

  • Zeus ARC GT3 Vaporizer - (Standard Kit "manual grinder" or Electric Grinder Kit)
  • Zeus ARC GT3 Hub (Base station for everything in kit, Pods, Grinder etc)
  • 1x Zeus ARCPODS Triple Pack (15 Pods & 45 Lids)
  • 5x Zeus Grime Wipes
  • 5x Zeus Bristle Cleaners
  • 5x Zeus Grime Sticks
  • 1x USB-C Charging/Data Cable
  • 1x Glass Spacer (Same idea as the Half Pack Oven Lid the Pax+ uses)
  • Loading Tool (Held on by a strong magnet on bottom of vape, Gold plated)
  • 1x Xtruder (Manual Grinder/Pod Filler)
  • 1x Xtruder E-Module (Attaches to Xtruder if buying the electric kit/grinder option as opposed to the manual one) Not included in Standard Kit. Drives grinder!

Standard Hub Kit.

Zeus ARC GT3 Standard Hub Kit NZ

You should get the Zeus Arc GT3 if...

You’re looking for a one-stop vaporizer solution with a premium vaporizer and everything you need to process and enjoy your dry herb from start to finish. This innovative design is built to make your sessions as easy and convenient as possible. The GT3 is a direct update of the GTS model. It now features USB-C Fast Charging and a 20% increase in its airflow for even denser hits. Everything Zeus Arsenal have learned over the years has gone into the GT3 kit! Ideal for Medical use as you have a full Hub to organize all of your Dosing Pods for medicating on the go or at home.

The Zeus ARC Vapes are very small, it's one of things customers love about this vape. Compared to the Pax Vapes to the right of the Zeus ARC GT3 it's shorter but wider.

Portable Vaporizers all brands NZ - Helenskinz Vapes NZ

Getting to know your Zeus Arc GT3.

The Zeus Arc GT3 is a high-performance vaporizer designed in Germany. It features a gold conduction chamber that is completely separated from any silicone in its airpath, resulting in high-quality vapor. It is compatible with the all-new ArcPods, a single-serve system that drastically minimizes the hassle that comes with grinding, packing, loading, and cleaning your vaporizer. (Vaping with Pods is so much better when it comes to cleaning your vape, your oven won't need to be deep cleaned to remove all the build up, just clean your Pods instead by soaking them in ISO). Zeus has improved upon this notion with the new Automatic Xtruder E Module. One thing to consider is that the kit with the Electric Module to power the Herb Grinder that fills your Pods adds $100 to the price of this vape kit. For the time being we have decided to import the standard model only, just like the GTS kit it comes with the Xtruder Grinder but without the new electric module. We know some people might want it but we expect that most people will agree that the price to have an electric one isn't really worth the extra money. We want to keep our prices affordable so we will look at getting the electric model later in the year. Having the electric module also increases the chances of something going wrong and having to deal with a warranty claim. We want to keep it simple and have an affordable Zeus Vaporizer Kit that should provide you with problem free uncomplicated vaping for years to come.

ArcPods by Zeus Arsenal NZ

ArcPods for All.

The reusable and disposable ArcPod makes it super easy to load and unload your Zeus Arc GT3 on the go. You can pack multiple ArcPods ahead of time and conveniently have multiple sessions in your pocket to keep you going all day or night. Each ArcPod holds up to 0.3 grams of herb. 


Xtruder Magic - Enhanced E Module.

The new Zeus Xtruder is the most refined component of the entire package. Designed to fill ArcPods with perfectly ground herb, the Xtruder ejects the ArcPods once filled. Taking out the guesswork and mess. Now, with the new E Module, even absolute beginners can start enjoying satisfying and consistent doses with each session straight out of the box. The Xtruder E Module automatically grinds and packs your herb for you, making the experience all the more convenient. You can still grind your own herb in a grinder and you don't have to use the Pods but they do have some great benefits.

Keep It Tidy With The Multifaceted Hub.

Not only is the hub designed to house the Zeus Arc GT3 and its accessories in one tidy spot, it also acts as the base of operations for loading and unloading your ArcPods. It features a tool that helps remove the lids from the arc pods and a tray to deposit your vaporized herb (ABV). It's built to last and makes traveling a piece of cake.

Standard Hub.

Electric Hub.

Redesigned Mouthpiece and Vapor Path.

The new mouthpiece design of the Zeus Arc GT3 (and GTS) is optimized for reduced exposure of the silicone rubber to the vapor path. This results in an improved flavor profile over the older Zeus Arc GT. The GT3 also provides a 20% increase to its airflow as opposed to the previous GTS model. The "Slit Design" Mouthpiece is excellent to use. Pax vaporizers come with a Raised Mouthpiece and a Flat Mouthpiece which is just like the Zeus ARC GT3 one below. The GT model gets quite warm if you have a big session with it, your bottom lip rests on the metal body so you don't want it to be too hot to use. The GTS and GT3 with the new mouthpiece are cooler to use, they put a lot of work into helping with the heat transfer on the vape body.

Zeus ARC GT3 Cooling Unit NZ
New GT3 Mouthpiece NZ

More Heat Insulation, More Comfort.

Another advantage of the newly redesigned mouthpiece is less heat transfer from the internal oven of the Zeus Arc GT3 to the mouthpiece. What this means is a more comfortable vaping experience for your lips, especially for those who like to go the distance with longer and multiple sessions.

Questions answered.

What are the temperature settings on the Zeus Arc GT3 Hub and how do they affect the vapor?

The Zeus Arc GT3 has three temperature presets 205°C (1 LED), 215°C (2 LEDs), and 225°C (3 LEDs). These temperatures offer varying experiences, with the lower setting ideal for flavorful vapor, and the higher settings for denser, more potent vapor. The preset temperatures cater to different types of herbs and user preferences.

How does the Zeus Arc GT3 Hub ensure discreet and convenient vaping?

The GT3 has a high-performance design with a gold conduction chamber separated from any silicone in its airpath, ensuring high-quality vapor. It's compatible with ArcPods, a single-serve system that simplifies grinding, packing, loading, and cleaning. The new Automatic Xtruder E Module further eases this process in the "Electric Model". Don't be put off if you don't get the Electric Model as the manual grinding with the Xtruder is very easy and quick to fill pods. They automatically pop out when full even when using the Xtruder in manual mode.

Zeus ARC GT3 Video Review
Zeus ARC GT3 TVape Review Canada

Zeus ARC GT Video by Helenskinz NZ.Zeus ARC GT Vape NZ Video

Message from Zeus Arsenal.

At Zeus Arsenal, vaporizers are not only a passion, they are a lifestyle. We eat, breathe and dream of how we can make your next session even better, smoother, and more potent. Here at Zeus, our mission is to provide cutting edge products for the connoisseurs of tomorrow. We constantly strive to be at the forefront of innovation with our German engineering team taking the lead to develop vaping solutions with a touch of automotive DNA and a precision unmatched by any other manufacturer.

Real-world data and experience shape our research and development, tailoring products to the actual needs of the consumer. Direct feedback allows us to focus on the overall user-experience, delivering a hassle-free product that enhances the users vapor experience.

Whether it is one of our high-performance vaporizers or our line of innovative accessories, Zeus Arsenal is committed to providing high quality products fit for the gods while maintaining accessibility for mere mortals. Just how close you want to fly to the sun is up to you.

Zeus Arsenal Vaporizers Canada.

Zeus Arsenal is a leading vaporizer brand that has engineering roots in Stuttgart, Germany, the home of brands like Porsche and Mercedes Benz. They started there humble beginning as a vaporizer accessory brand, looking to effectively provide solutions for vaporizer users. Zeus has since branched out and has taken all of the knowledge gained through the community to design and release their Zeus Arc GT, a sleek portable vaporizer that features a gold vapor path. Zeus is owned by Thermodyne Systems, Canada. Helenskinz buys all Zeus stock directly from Thermodyne (TVape) in Canada to ensure we get genuine products and no knock offs or counterfeit vapes which have become a problem in the industry. If you are not careful about where you shop, even buying wholesale, you can end up with fake products. Vaporizers are technical enough already and like all electronics they can have issues. The last thing you need is a fake that is highly likely to have issues right off the bat! All of our vaporizers are 100% genuine and are purchased directly from the manufacturers where possible for this reason.

Zeus Arsenal NZ

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