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Mighty + Crafty V3 Water Pipe Adapter 14+18mm Male - Delta 3D

Mighty + Crafty V3 Water Pipe Adapter 14+18mm Male - Delta 3D

Delta 3D Studios

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$45 NZD Incl. GST.

Delta 3D Studios - USA

Mighty + Crafty V3 Water Pipe Adapter 14+18mm Male.


Designed to fit the Mighty and Crafty Vaporizers in place of the cooling unit. This "Male" adapter will work with both 14mm and 18mm female bubblers and water pipes like the Magic Flight Orbiter Water Tool we stock. The perfect H2O set up!

To use, simply unlock and remove the cooling unit from the vaporizer and attach the adapter. Twist adapter to lock into place on your Mighty or Crafty Vaporizer. Then simply invert your vape and place it in the female 14 or 18mm intake on your water tool. Vaping at it's very best!

NOTE! Locking threads are made from flexible rubber to ensure no damage/strain on the
plastic body of the vaporizer while in use. Under extreme strain, the adapter will disengage
from the plastic as opposed to stressing it.

Adapters are safe to clean with any traditional glass cleaning methods including hot water, Isopropyl Alcohol, and PBW.

NEW SONG2 MATERIAL - These SonG2 adapters are made with new higher quality stronger (more rigid) silicone rubber using the latest in silicone molding technology. This adapter was initially designed and developed using 3D Printing Technology.

Mighty/Crafty Water Pipe Adapter

Other Details


  • Silicone Rubber
  • Temperature Rating: 475F (246C) Maximum


Package Includes:

  • 1x Mighty/Crafty V3 Water Pipe Adapter.

Crafty WPA    Mighty WPA

                           Fits the Crafty (left) and the Mighty (right).

Herbal Vapes

The Magic Flight Orbiter Water Tool.

A Suitable Water Tool for the Mighty/Crafty Water Adapter.

We stock the Orbiters in NZ, they are perfect for all portable vaporizers, easy to use, easy to clean, we highly recommend checking out the Orbiter Tool here. You will be able to place your Crafty or Mighty Vaporizer with the adapter attached to the top 14mm socket on the Orbiter Tool and the Whip (provided) into the 45 deg socket. Only about 2.5 inches of water is all you need, this water tool has a very high quality shower head inside and this creates thousands of tasty cool Vapor Bubbles that you inhale through the whip after your vapor has passed through the cool water. You don't get any splash back with the orbiter tool either, it is a joy to use, loads of fun! Finding an adapter for the Mighty and Crafty is not an easy task but finally we very happy to be able to provide a high quality and very unique water adapter for the these vapes.

Magic Flight Orbiter Water Tool

Vapor Bubbles - Orbiter Tool

Orbiter Tool
You can literally walk around with your Orbiter/Vape in one hand and the Whip Mouthpiece in the other, not too big, not too small, this is a great little device. This one has been sprayed with clear paint to protect the wood from water absorption, it's very easy to do and will allow you to simply wipe water off the wood and it won't get wet. It also looks really slick!

Click to visit Orbiter page - to buy an Orbiter Tool.

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