Arizer Air 2 - Solo 2 Aroma Tube WPA for Bubbler NZ

Color: Frosted Glass WPA | Arizer Solo 2 - Air 2
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Solo 2 Glass Stem NZ
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Arizer Air 2 - Solo 2 Aroma Tube WPA for Bubbler NZ.

Frosted Durable Borosilicate Glass with a 14mm male end for Water Pipes & Bubblers. This is the missing link between your Arizer Vape and all 14mm Water Pieces! Made by Arizer Canada, genuine part.

Something every Arizer Air and Solo owner should consider is a Water Pipe Adapter so you can hook your vape up to a Bubbler or a more serious Glass Pipe/Bong. Both the Arizer Air and Solo series vapes work very well through water pieces and Arizer have implemented this in a simple and effective way.

It's as simple as swapping your Aroma Tube over to the WPA one, load the WPA stem, push it into your vape and fire it up. Vaping through water is fantastic and we highly recommend it. You will find you can handle much larger hits plus it's very nice drawing through water because it bubbles away as you draw which is quite soothing in itself.

Package Includes.

  • 1 x Air, Air 2/Solo, Solo 2 - 14mm Glass WPA.
Arizer Air 2 - Solo 2 Aroma Tube WPA for Bubbler NZ

The Air, Air II, Solo and Solo 2 devices are all compatible with this adapter. This one will pair up nicely with any 14mm Water Piece. The best Water Bubbler for this WPA is our Vape Tube 14 Bubbler which is the slightly larger 14mm one. We have these made to order and they are excellent, not delicate and a solid and very effective glass piece.

Connecting the Arizer WPA to the 14mm Bubbler

We also have the HydraFoot Glass Piece that is a heavy glass base with a 14mm male attachment to stand your Vape Tube 14 (14mm) Bubbler on. Trust us, after knocking over your water filled Bubbler time and time again you will wish you had got the HydraFoot, it works very well. If you have a deep draw you can even leave your Bubbler standing on the HydraFoot ready to use with water in it. It beats having to go and fill it every time you want a puff! Food for thought. You can check out the HydraFoot here, it only fits the 14mm Bubbler, the Vape Tube 14.

 HydraFoot 14mm Glass Stand for Bubblers & Vaping Water Tools NZ

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Buy Caps for your Glass WPA Stems here.

Arizer Glass Stem End Caps NZ  End Caps for Arizer Glass Stems NZ


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