GyraFlow Device for Spinning DynaVap Vaporizer Pen

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GyraFlow Device for Spinning DynaVap Vaporizer PenGyraFlow Device for Spinning DynaVap Vaporizer Pen.

Designed & Hand-Made in NZ by Helenskinz.

Product Description.

The GyraFlow makes steady and stable spinning of your DynaVap Pen a breeze. It allows you to spin your VapCap without getting the wobbles! You want the Cap to be spinning and not wobbling so you can heat it with your lighter flame, it's much easier when the pen is spinning with some stability. If you rest your spinning hand on your side (hip) or the arm of your chair it will enable you to spin the pen slow or fast and with even less wobbling, practically rock solid!

GyraFlow for DynaVap Vaporizer Helenskinz NZ

GyraFlow Package includes:

    • 1x GyraFlow Device.

      GyraFlow for DynaVap Vaporizer Helenskinz NZ

      GyraFlow in Packet NZ

      The GyraFlow doesn't just help with your co-ordination when it comes to spinning your pen, it also allows you to spin your pen or rock your pen back and forward with your fingers near or on the mouthpiece making it a much cooler experience for your fingertips. Everyone who has used a VapCap for a while will have experienced the odd burnt finger when slipping with your pen or even dropping it while it's hot. The pen can start to get pretty hot after a few cycles, often too hot to use because your fingers need to be near the base of the Pen Tip where the pen and the tip separate. If using the GyraFlow your fingers turning your pen can be at the cold end of the pen. Obviously we are referring to a standard all metal pen like the 2020 M.

      GyraFlow is for DynaVap Vaporizer Helenskinz NZ

      For Best Results.

      You must keep your airway clean using a Pipe Cleaner or Cotton Bud and dab of ISO regularly because the GyraFlow works best when the airway is clean. It will become too sticky to spin if you don't clean it. You will know when your airway needs cleaning if using the GyraFlow because you will see build up on the GyraFlow spike when you remove it from the pen. No big deal, wipe the spike and spin an ISO soaked cotton bud about 60% of the way up the airway if you don't want to do a full clean.GyraFlow for DynaVap Vape Helenskinz NZ

      Other uses.

      The GyraFlow can be used to pin down your hot Cap so you can slide your pen tip out of it if you combust, that's if you are outdoors and don't have your DynaStash and DynaMag handy. Just hold your hot pen on the ground, hold the cap down using the metal spike on the GyraFlow and slide your pen out. You can also use the GyraFlow spike to clear your oven providing you give it wipe off afterwards. You must keep your spike clean for best results. The Spike won't fall out as they are all drilled, tapped into place and locked in with cement. The tip of each spike is beveled to reduce scratching and aid in inserting it into the Pens Airway. A quick poke with an ISO soaked Cotton Bud/Q-Tip and a quick wipe of the spike with some ISO and you are good to go. You should always keep your airway clean anyway! The GyraFlow will let you know pretty quick if it's dirty in there, it won't spin as well and you will see grime build up on the spike. You might find our VIPES "Vape Wipes" that are wipes soaked in ISO Alcohol handy? Check them out here, we import them from the UK. DynaClean solution will also do the trick!

      Try VIPES Vape Wipes & the DynaClean Kit.

      • 50x 75% ISO Wipes in a Handy Pack.
      • DynaClean Solution with Shaker Tube.

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      DynaVap 2020 M Pens with GyraFlow VapCap Spinner and DynaStash.

      If you can't bring yourself to buy one of these GyraFlows you can hack off the end of your worst screwdriver (make sure it fits nicely) and use that. We highly recommend you use something, it's way better with a spinning device!

      New GyraFlow for DynaVap Vaporizer Helenskinz NZ


      Your GyraFlow should last a lifetime unless you do decide to use it in a Zombie Apocalypse (ideal Zombie Spike), it is made with Stainless Steel and Pine. The GyraFlow wood is finished with Stain and Clear Gloss with a polished semi-sharpened spike. Each GyraFlow is hand-made at Helenskinz in Auckland, NZ, you won't find GyraFlow anywhere but right here. We made one because we found that spinning the VapCap just with your fingers is easier said than done, it takes practice but still after a few months we found it difficult and fiddly, there had to be an easier way! After trying our first prototype we never used a VapCap again without it (not once in months). It was a no brainer that other DynaVap users would also find it as useful as we did. The difference is like night and day! We realize that some people won't need it because they are very proficient at spinning their VapCaps but many people will find it very useful, it just makes it so easy to rotate with either hand, for us it's part of our personal DynaVap Kits. We realize that things like Ice Picks, Screw Drivers etc may also work and that's fine if you are happy with that but the GyraFlow has been made especially for the DynaVap Pen and the spike fits nicely, the handle is the perfect length, some thought and testing has gone into it. We are not claiming to have invented the wheel all over again, it's just a really handy tool that some people will really enjoy using. If you don't like it, that's also fine :-)

      Building the GyraFlow for DynaVap Vaporizer Made in NZ

      GyraFlow for DynaVap Vaporizer Workshop NZ

      GyraFlow Device for Spinning DynaVap Vaporizer Pen

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