DynaVap SlimStash NZ - Vape Pen Storage

Color: SlimStash - African Mahogany
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DynaVap SlimStash NZ | Vape Pen Storage

DynaVap SlimStash NZ | Vape Pen Storage.

DynaVap SlimStash - Padauk, African Mahogany & Zebrawood.

Product Description.

Store your VapCap with this sleek standard size SlimStash NZ. This DynaStash holds one DynaVap Vaporizer VapCap Pen and has the classic DynaStash build. As you can see it fits right into the DynaVap Family and could well be The Son of DynaStash!

DynaVap SlimStash Padauk NZ
The DynaVap SlimStash is the perfect place to store your DynaVap vaporizer pen, it's a slimmer and more portable version of the regular DynaStash with only a single compartment for your vape pen. See dimensions below including cavity size.

DynaVap SlimStash Padauk for VapCap NZIf you have other arrangements to store your herb like a Stash Tin or even a Smell Proof Vaporizer Case, the SlimStash gives you a beautifully built home for your vape and fit's in most pockets & bags and jacket pockets not to mention the car or your Vaping Quiver at home. You can see it's a lot smaller than the regular DynaStash.

DynaVap SlimStash comparison to DynaStash NZ | Vape Pen Storage

DynaVap SlimStash Padauk NZAzurium 2020 M VapCap Vape inside the SlimStash NZ. The DynaVap VonG, UFO, VapeTube 10 Bubbler (10mm), DynaStash Walnut and the new Vap Tray designed and manufactured by Vaping Fans who make the UFO Induction Heaters.SlimStash comparison to DynaStash NZ

DynaVap SlimStash NZ | Vape Pen Storage

SlimStash Regular | Dimensions.

  • Length: 112mm
  • Width: 34mm
  • Height: 20mm
  • Weight: 33g
  • Dugout Pen Cavity Width: 14mm
  • Dugout Pen Cavity Depth: 94mm

Included in Package.

  • 1x SlimStash Regular - Padauk color. (Pen not included).

Included in box - 1x SlimStash for DynaVap NZ
The VapCap M Series of pens, 2019 M, 2020 M and the 2021 M all fit inside the SlimStash perfectly. This ones poking out because it's so handsome it just won't go in.DynaVap Azurium Pen in the VapCap SlimStash NZTo our surprise the VonG also fits into the SlimStash but only just, twist the wooden end cap and tip the SlimStash up to let the VonG or M pen slide out. You won't damage or lose any parts when your pen is stashed away in this little beauty! Our image below of the SlimStash with the VonG showing how it fits perfectly. DynaVap VonG inside SlimStash Padauk NZPlease note this is the regular size, there is also an XL version of the SlimStash for longer pens and mods. We only sell the regular SlimStash at this stage. The SlimStash is ideal for all regular DynaVap VapCap Pens like our Azurium DynaVap VapCap 2020 M in the image below.DynaVap Azurium Pen with the SlimStash NZ HelenskinzMade from exotic hardwood, Padauk is a strong and very stiff wood native to central and west tropical Africa known for its bright orange-red heartwood. Tough but not that heavy at only 33g (without the pen).

Stylish and Discreet.

The SlimStash has the lowest profile of all DynaStash's to date and is also the cheapest DynaStash we sell. The SlimStash with the ultimate beauty and durability will make a nice addition to your vaping quiver. The image below is of the (Blue) Azurium 2020 M VapCap and the DynaVap VonG kicking back (foreground) on the Padauk SlimStash NZ.

Low Profile SlimStash NZ DynaVap SlimStash & DynaStash NZSlimStash and DynaStash with the Vap Tray, UFO Induction Heater & VapeTube 10 Bubbler.

We have been searching the Globe for interesting new DynaVapping products and have recently imported new Bubblers, Adapters, The new VAP Tray, 3 different Induction Heaters from 3 different companies. We have the UFO, The Wand by Ispire and the DynaTec Orion V2. We didn't think Induction Heaters were something we would be interested in ourselves until the day we all tried one, the rest is history. Pretty hard to beat having your favorite Vape Pen heated in 6 seconds without barley lifting a finger, it is an extra expense but if you put the $ aside for 6 seconds you need to know that they are amazing and now they are also completely portable, it's like we have done a complete circle but we can honestly say that it is one powerful little vape that packs a punch with a decent Induction Heater.

DynaVap Azurium Pen in SlimStash NZDynaVap Azurium Pen inside SlimStash NZ DynaVap Components and Parts & Accessories NZSlimStash sitting on DynaStash regular.

Alternatives | What are your options?

If you were looking for something a little more elaborate check out our regular DynaStash, we carry stock of Walnut, Cedar and Tigerwood in our Auckland warehouse, NZ.

DYNASTASH - Regular.

DynaVap DynaStash Walnut Cedar & Tigerwood - Helenskinz NZThe DynaStash regular has 2 compartments, one for a DynaVap M Pen or VonG and one for your botanicals. It also has a decent cooling magnet that you can also stand your pen on if sitting at your desk or even better your lounge room coffee table. They certainly aren't ugly, who doesn't like exotic wood. You might want to check with the Boss to see if it matches the Coffee Table first!

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