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DynaVap 2020 M Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen NZ


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DYNAVAP 2020 M Vape NZ: $128 NZD In GST.
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DynaVap 2020 M - Helenskinz NZ
Conduction Herbal Aromatherapy Blends Essential Oils 

DynaVap 2020 M Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ.

The most unique Portable Vaporizer on the market, the 2020 M DynaVap Pen has been a huge hit world-wide. Flick - Click - Vape!

Before we start telling you about this unique vaporizer we wanted to share our thoughts on the DynaVap 2020 M VapCap Vape Pen after getting to know it personally. DynaVap sent us a couple of complimentary 2020 M vape pens to try which was excellent, thanks DynaVap!

2 DynaVap VapCaps NZ

We always like to know what we are selling so we can give honest opinions and offer assistance and tips, it really helps if we have used the product ourselves for a decent amount of time. We also want to know if it's good enough to sell, we don't want to promote and sell a vape that isn't a really decent device! As far as the DynaVap VapCap goes, we have been testing them for a month and to be completely honest, at first we had trouble enjoying them and found it pretty frustrating trying to avoid combustion! It looked cool, the videos and pictures were cool but even being really careful and following all the rules we kept combusting the herb. To cut a long story short, after a couple of weeks of practice we have it nailed and for the first time in over a decade we have Pax 2's and Pax 3's gathering dust on their cradles. Once you get it sorted and you are good at it you will no doubt love it too, we just find it so easy and so quick, one or two hits is usually enough because they can be absolutely massive! Being big Pax fans and loving conduction vapes, the DynaVap VapCap Pens really caught us by surprise because they are a conduction miracle. Once you get the knack of the "Click" with the cap and you know where to heat the cap, for how long, at the right distance from the lighter and you know the sound and the feel of the click and even the sound of when it's about to click, you will have it nailed too! It's well worth learning how to use, we can honestly vouch for this vaporizer and say it is most definitely one of the best vapor producing vapes we have ever seen in over 14 years of selling vaporizers.

2 DynaVap Vap Cap Pens NZ

The closest one above is brand new, the other one has been used over 100 times. This is a True Vaporizer but only if you learn how to get it to vaporization temperature without combusting (which is just before combustion), it's a very fine line but the Click of the Cap tells you when you have reached that temp, it's ingenious and incredibly smart but so simple all at once. So if you are wondering if this almost Cult like Following of DynaVap products is all marketing or hype, it isn't, this is one wicked little vape and we highly recommend you get your laughing gear around one, they are awesome! You do need a decent small torch lighter, single flame works fine but 2, 3 or 4 flame is probably better.

DynaVap 2020 M - Herbal Vaporizer NZ

Combo Deal available, select above to save a few bucks. Grab one for yourself and a mate! Ships together to one address. Buy 2 DynaVap 2020 M Pens at once and you will get the best deal in NZ for the DV 2020 M.

The DynaVap Vaporizer is a True Vaporizer and vapes just like a Pax vaporizer or a DaVinci IQ2 by conduction heating (hot oven), the only difference is the heating method, most people use flame not an electric element like an electronic vape. No batteries required! The other type is convection or hybrid, like a Crafty+ or a Firefly 2+ Convection is Hot Air and Hybrid is Hot Oven and Hot Air.

Super convenient and highly effective the 2020 M packs a punch once you "Get the Knack"! It's not hard and it's fun! This latest model allows no battery conduction vaping at it's finest. You only need your pen, some herb and a heat source, typically a 1-4 flame butane windproof torch lighter. Anything will work including your stove element but for best results you will want to heat the DynaVap 2020 M with a decent multi-flame torch lighter like shown below. Heat, wait for the Clicks and Vape It! If you are confused already, that's fine, it does appear to be very similar to a pipe but the DynaVap Pen is a true conduction vaporizer and produces vapor when you heat the VapCap on the left side of the pen above. You must roll the pen over the flames for about 5-6 seconds until you hear the VapCap click, usually twice or 2 clicks at once, when you hear the click you can draw on the device using the Air Ports on top with your finger or thumb, rolling the pen and either exposing or covering the air ports to find that perfect flow and ideal resistance. Repeat until satisfied!

DynaVap Captive Cap - Helenskinz NZ

The easiest way to heat your VapCap is to use a Muli-Flame Torch Lighter like these examples. The best lighters are the Windproof Torch Lighters, preferably 3-4 flame.

Butane Windproof Torch Lighters for DynaVap NZ

Windproof Torch Lighters are easy to buy these days, they are also not very expensive at all, even for a 4 burner decent quality pocket lighter. You really want a lighter like the examples above rather than a hand held gun shaped blow torch, they are a bit too much and if you heat the VapCap too much or too quickly it will quite likely combust and you will be smoking! You want to heat the herb not burn it. Remember vaporization happens just prior to combustion, so it's a fine line, the fact that the VapCap clicks at the correct temperature is a huge help, it even clicks again as it cools down.

DynaVap 2020 M Helenskinz NZThe DynaVap 2020 M.


  • Midsection
  • Stainless Steel
  • Condenser
  • Standard
  • Mouthpiece
  • Stainless Steel
  • Total Length
  • 92 mm


You will see in the video below the DynaVap being held in a device and then vaped, this is the DynaTec Apollo 2 Induction Heater that we will be selling in the near future once our Full DynaVap Shop is set up in Auckland, NZ.


Introducing the latest iteration of the VapCap "M" by DynaVap. Finally released from the VapLab with some exciting upgrades for this year. The 2020 "M", still constructed from medical grade stainless steel, now features the Captive Cap functional geometry, faceted tip with airflow serrations, adjust-a-bowl technology to reduce the extraction chamber by 50% for easy micro-dosing, chiral airports for calibrated high turbulence air injection, and a 10mm tapered mouthpiece.

DynaVap 2020 M Adjust Screen Bowl Size NZ
Adjusting the Bowl Size on the DynaVap 2020 M.

DynaVap 2020 M - Herbal Vape NZ

This DynaVap 2020 M is shipped in the all new 100% recyclable cardboard package that is also very pocket friendly.

DynaVap have been putting out a new VapCap (Dynavap Pen) every year, the 2020 M is the latest in the series. The 2020 M has the dual air ports, 2 slots. You don't need to spot them before you draw on the pen, you will find them by simply listening and feeling the resistance as you roll the pen with your finger tips, when the ports are uncovered the resistance is very low and you can hear the whistling of the ports. Many people like to draw hard with the airports closed about 80% and then uncover them completely for the last few seconds, look Mum, no hands! The dual airports are better to use than the one hole, it's very easy to block just one of them and it doesn't matter if it's your fingers or your thumb over the airports, as long as you can roll it back and forward to change the airflow.

DynaVap 2020 M Pen NZ


  • 1x DynaVap 2020 M.

DynaVap 2020 M - Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ


DynaVap vaporizers and aromatizers are built to maximize performance without compromising design. Every element is carefully crafted, machined, and assembled in-house to ensure the highest quality product arrives at your doorstep.


At DynaVap, they love precision. Their vaporizers are manufactured with some of the tightest tolerances in the industry. They believe that success is found in the small details, and often we measure those details in thousandths of an inch (or 0.01mm to be exact).

DynaVap 2020 M Components - Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ

DynaVap 2020 M Specs - Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ


Most Important! Before your first use, please read all of these instructions and then do at least two, preferably more than two, dry runs with nothing in the VapCap! This is very important to become familiar with the operation of the unit and prevent unintentional combustion residues.

DynaVap 2020 M NZ
The VapCap is unlike any other vaporizer, so give it a few tries empty to get the feel of its unique temperature-indicating click. Heat the VapCap in a quiet area, listen and feel so you know what you are looking for. If you are using a torch lighter, this should not take more than 5 or 6 seconds. Heat the middle of the cap not the end and rotate while heating. If more than 6 seconds go by and you don’t hear the click, stop heating and let it cool down.

If you severely overheat your VapCap it can be permanently damaged. It is very important you hear the cool down click, or allow it to cool to the touch, before heating for the next cycle. Repeat this procedure several times to get the feel of how this little unit operates.

DynaVap 2020 M NZ
When you are ready for the first use, let it cool down, then remove the cap from the VapCap.

Fill the VapCap chamber with your material of choice. This can be done easily by pushing the VapCap into a container of your material and twisting. Pre-grinding your material is NOT needed like when using a bat, hitter or regular electronic vaporizer. If you prefer to grind, go coarse. Finely ground material will get through the diffuser disc and into the unit. Putting a nug on the screen and then crumbled material on top of that to the top of the oven is a great way to load your oven. Using Decarbed Herb made with one of our Decarboxylators really helps, we Decarb all herb for vaping, it cures it and gives it a beautiful aroma, according to Ardent it makes more potent and it pulls the last bit of moisture out of your herb, it vapes so well! Buy Ardent products here.

DynaVap 2020 M NZ

Place the cap back on the VapCap.

Heat up the metal cap of your VapCap while rotating it, with the flame or heat source applied to the last third of the metal cap. Try to only apply heat to the side of the cap and NOT the end. This is not like lighting a smoking device.

DynaVap 2020 M - Dry Herb Vape NZ
DynaStash, Wooden Block with Magnet and hollow!

If you haven't bought yourself a DynaStash yet and you are constantly looking for somewhere to lay your smoking hot DynaVap just grab your Grinder Lid and flip it over, use the magnet to stand your pen up, it also cools your cap down quicker. If you want everything including a DynaStash you might be better suited to the DynaVap 2020 M Starter Kit/Pack.

You can buy a full DynaVap 2020 M Starter Kit here.

DynaVap Starter Pack NZ

Buy a DynaStash only, here.

Buy DynaStash NZ

Continue rotating and heating the cap until you hear and or feel a click - this means the VapCap is ready!

Puff on the mouthpiece. Experiment a little here. If you draw with the air hole completely plugged the flow will seem somewhat restricted. This is normal. Some find they get the best result by taking a long, slow steady draw with the hole completely open, and others will intermittently or lightly cover the air/vapor mix port. The way air flows through the VapCap cools the vapor to provide a smooth experience.

Keep drawing as desired until you hear the click again, this means the VapCap has cooled down.

When the vapor production diminishes, it is easy to reactivate. a. Make sure the VapCap has re-clicked “to cool” before reheating for the next cycle. b. If you are not sure if it has re-clicked, gently blow on the end to cool it. It may take up to 1 minute to reset.

When there is no longer any desirable vapor produced, and the cap has clicked “to cool”, remove the cap. The consumed material can be either blown out the end, or the little tang on the cap is also a wonderful “digger outer.”

Reload for another round of Primo Vapor. Flick - Click - Vape!

DynaVap 2020 M NZ

Dynavap YouTube Channel


How to properly fill your Butane Lighter.

DynaVap Info NZ

VapCap Vaping Instructions.

For more instructions on how to use the VapCap or Captive Cap please refer to our "2020 M DynaVap Pen" page - Here.

DynaVap 2020 M - Herbal Vaporizer NZ

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Download DynaVap User Manual

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Or Open the DynaVap 2020 M - OPERATING MANUAL

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