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The VAP Tray for DynaVap Vaporizer VapCap Pens NZ

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The VAP Tray for DynaVap Vaporizer VapCap Pens NZ

The VAP Tray for DynaVap Vaporizer VapCap Pens NZ.

A place to either dump or save your ABV material. Remove the cap using the strong Magnet, twist and turn your VapCap tip/oven on one of the spikes. Your "Already Been Vaped" material will collect in the Vap Tray. Load up again for another round! Goes very well with the new UFO Portable Induction Heater also by Vaping Fans Vaporizer Mod Manufacturers!Vap Tray for DynaVap NZ

Product Description.

The alluminium VAP Tray works in a similar way to a DynaStash but the magnet on the Vap Tray is stronger and is more likely to pull your cap off. The Vap Tray has a non-slip bottom on it which is handy when clearing out the oven, you don't want to be chasing it all over your desktop.

Vap Tray non slip bottom

It's a great place to keep your DynaVap VapCap Pen and an even better place to reload your VapCap. We found it very useful during our 1 month product test. It's basically like having a DynaStash about to stand your pen up but it's more functional when it comes to using your DynaVap pen. Clearing your VapCap Oven has never been easier with the little Herb Daggers that are perfectly angled to stab the ABV herb in your oven, even if it's still smoking hot. We found it handy to pull the cap off with the center magnet, jab your VapCap tip/oven onto one of the spikes and give it a few turns and your oven comes out clear of any used herb. It's also very handy if you accidentally combust a load, the spike will clear it out and catch the burnt material that you can tip into the trash.

Park your VapCap on the Vap Tray Magnet NZ

Some people like to keep their ABV material, they use it to cook and do all sorts with. Others just dump it, it's up to you what you want to do with your already been vaped material. If you keep it or dump it the Vap Tray is ideal for clearing out your VapCap oven and catching the ABV material.

Using your Va Tray to clear your VapCap Pens Oven, collect ABV Material

This is a brand new product that we are releasing in New Zealand and Australia for Vaping Fans Vaporizer Mod Manufacturers. It's a great product to add to your DynaVap collection and one you are likely to use often for years to come.

Vap Tray for VapCap Pens NZ

Vap Tray for DynaVap VapCap Pens NZ

Package Includes.

  • 1x VAP Tray (does not include pen).
  • The Vap Tray ships in a white cardboard gift box.

Vap Tray for DynaVap Pens NZ 


If you want a spotless Vap Tray you might find our VIPES "Vape Wipes" (wipes soaked in ISO Alcohol) handy? Check them out here, we import them from the UK. DynaClean solution will also do the trick! Because the Vap Tray has a smooth silvery finish it is very easy to wipe clean with warm water and soap, just like any dish. We found it rarely needed any wiping, just a quick flick out into the trash is all it needs most of the time because normal ABV material is dry. Combusted material is different and can be quite messy.

VIPES Vape Wipes & the DynaClean Kit.

  • 50x 75% ISO Wipes in a Handy Pack.
  • DynaClean Solution with Shaker Tube.

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VapeTube 10 Water Bubbler.

This is a new 10mm Water Bubbler for DynaVap VapCap Pens, your VapCap is 10mm so it will fit perfectly into the VapeTube 10 Bubbler. We have tested them with the VapCap and it is now difficult to use the VapCap without one, it's a fantastic way to vape, cool and very long hits when using this bubbler. Highly recommended. You can also buy the VapeTube 14 14mm Bubbler and use your VapCap with an adapter (in stock) and then you will be able to use your bubbler with all your vapes providing you have adapters for each one, we cover most of the vapes we sell with water pipe adapters that match our bubblers. DynaVap, Pax, Mighty, Crafty+ etc. If you only use DynaVap you might want the VapeTube 10 10mm one. The VapeTube 10 is also slightly smaller than the VapeTube 14 bubbler.VapeTube 10 & VapeTube 14 Water Bubblers NZ


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Helenskinz is an Authorized Reseller
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