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Magical Butter Machine NZ Magical Butter NZ 

Magical Butter NZ - Infuser/Botanical Extractor 220v.

Make your very own Aromatherapy Products including Herbal Infused Oils for vaping and so much more!

Magical Butter Machie Kit NZ

Welcome to a new generation of Health and Happiness®! Now, at the touch of a button, enjoy great-tasting, healthy foods or make natural skin-care products at home with the MB2e. The evolution of the botanical extractor Balancing Nature & Technology. Make your own herbal infusions, Brownies, Herbal Butter, Infused Oil and so much more.

We have over 200 Free Infusion Recipes on our website!

We no longer have Combo Deals, you can build your own now, we have a pop up that will offer you discounted related items after you add the Magical Butter Machine to the Cart. 

MB2E Magical Butter NZ Kit Includes:

  • 1x MB2e Magical Butter Machine Kit NZ (Latest Model) 220v for NZ.
  • 1x LoveGlove™
  • 1x PurifyFilter™ Bag

Magic Butter Kit NZ * Genuine Magical Butter™ Brand from Magical Butter™ USA. This is the 220v (NZ Power) version ready to plug into NZ wall sockets with no adapters required. It's important to get the 220v Model as these devices do not work well if you have a 110v US version and try to use a power converter to convert the power to 220v. Not advised! It would void your warranty and you would need a large converter costing a bundle.

Meet the new MB2E Magical Butter Machine NZ

Magical Butter Machine Controls

MB2e Botanical Extractor™ NZ Kit Specs:
(Latest Model MB2E - 220v for NZ)

  • Product Weight is 5kg
  • Product Width 10 Inches
  • Product Height 14 Inches
  • Product Depth 10 Inches
  • Capacity 2-5 Cups of Liquids
  • LoveGlove and PurifyFilter are included with each machine. 
  • 220v with NZ plug.
  • 1 Year Warranty - "Important" (*Valid in NZ - Helenskinz is an Authorized Seller). If you purchase your MB2e from an Authorized Seller and have a fault covered by the warranty you can return your unit for replacement at the shop you purchased it from. Helenskinz is based in West Auckland, NZ, we deal with all warranty issues quickly and will get you up and running again asap. We have not had any MB2e returns or issues to date, it's a very reliable machine.

Magical Butter Machie Kit NZ

Take a Quick Look at what you get in our short YouTube video. This is before the new branding where the colors changed to blue.

What can you make with the Magical Butter Machine NZ?

Magic Butter NZ Makes Herbal Butters, Oils, Tinctures, Soups, Sauces, Salad Dressings, Skin Care Products, Pet Medicines, and more. YouTube is a great resource, you can check out on YouTube here. You can also join the Facebook Magical Butter Users United Group that has over 20,000 members all sharing their recipes and tips, a very good resource. Check it out here.

 MagicalButter Facebook Group
Magical Butter Users United Group

What else can I do with my Magical Butter Machine?

There's a lot more to the Magic Butter Machine NZ than you'd expect! There are so many different things to experiment with. You can make your very own Vape Juice, Foot Lotion, Pet Medicine, Herbal Vape Juice with Herb and literally hundreds of other things, the sky is the limit with this amazing Butter Machine NZ. There is one very important thing that the Magical Butter Machine does not do, that is Decarbing, it is not a Decarboxylator. You will need a separate device to Decarb your Herb. We have 2-3 different devices for this. Decarbing your herb if you plan to consume it and not smoke or vape it is essential. If not decarboxylated it will have no effect. A chemical process happens when you decarb herb, it changes the molecules and activates the herb for consumption. We highly recommend you Google Decarboxylation and learn about how important it is. Try this page for a start. GOOGLE SEARCH.

What can't you make with a Magical Butter Machine. It's a good question?       

Magical Butter Machine Kit NZ - Helenskinz

Magical Butter Botanical Extractor NZ. has succeeded in transforming a once-confusing, complicated process into a consistent, user-friendly experience, making it easy to integrate botanicals into your healthy Kiwi lifestyle. The creative possibilities with the MB2e are truly endless. Completely unique in the kitchen appliance universe, our exclusive microprocessor technology ensures pinpoint accuracy and thorough, even heating at any elevation, in any climate. The MB2e Machine provides a practical solution to extracting nutrients from roots, fruits, and herbs and infusing them directly into butters, oils, tinctures, salves, lotions, and more—right on your counter top! Let your imagination run wild! Use one of our 200+ Magical Butter Recipes NZ or LEVO Infusion Recipes. We have hundreds of different Infusion Recipes to browse through.

Free Infusion Recipes NZ:



Magical Butter Infused Oil Recipes NZ

NEW MB2E Magical Butter Machine Features:
  • No Heat setting for non-activated tinctures, cold soups and beverages and more.
  • 130°F/54°C temperature setting for optimized extraction at high altitude or in dry climates.

Magical Butter Tips:

  • Each button runs a preset, microprocessor-controlled cycle—heating, grinding, extracting, and stirring.
  • You can extend a cooking cycle by simply selecting a longer duration. The easy self-cleaning function completes the process.

Magic Butter Machine NZ


Keep Your Hand Safe and Food Sanitary has earned a solid reputation for ease of use. With the addition of our key accessories, the LoveGlove™ and PurifyFilters™, the botanical extraction process is made even more user-friendly. With safety and simplicity our top priority, we created the LoveGlove to make your cooking experience fun! Comprised of durable, premium-quality, 100 percent silicone, the LoveGlove is designed to protect both the freshly prepared extract and the user’s hand during the straining process. By preventing the hand from coming into contact with the hot contents of the MB machine while holding the PurifyFilter bag, the LoveGlove provides for safe and sanitary cooking. We sell the PurifyFilter & Love Glove 4 Pack separately here.MB Love Glove NZ
Very easy to clean and dishwasher safe, the LoveGlove does not absorb stains or odors. The LoveGlove features thoughtful innovations that provide for safer straining.

  • Pure silicone—incredibly tough, long-lasting, and heat-resistant
  • Non-Slip LoveGrip™—ensures a secure grasp for safe handling
  • Impermeable—hot liquids like water, alcohol, oils, and sauces can’t penetrate
  • Dishwasher-safe—makes cleanup simply a snap!
  • One size fits all


Always wear your LoveGlove to keep your hand clean and cool when straining oils and infusions created in your Magical Butter machine. Use it first to hold the PurifyFilter bag while pouring your extract from the pitcher into your container. Then set the pitcher down and use the LoveGlove to gently yet firmly squeeze the filter, delivering every last drop of goodness to maximize your yield.

Buy Infusion Filter Bag Kits NZ - Here.

We have our Infusion Filter Bubble Bags made to order, we also have Sieve Kits that are also made to order and the perfect size for a Cup or a Bowl. They are 10 Micron and handy for initial filtering into your Filter Bag. In stock now, Auckland.

Filter your botanical extracts & infusions with our new Infusion Filter Bags NZ.

3 High Quality Filter Bags, with a 25 Micron Pressing Screen and a handy Carry Bag with a drawstring. 

Helenskinz Infusion Shop - Filter Bags NZ - 3 Pack

Buy The 10M Sieve Kit NZ - Here.

2x 10 Micron Stainless Steel Sieves, (2-Pack) for Infusions NZ. 

Our 10 Micron Sieves work great in combination with our Filter Bags. The very fine 10 Micron screen allows you to clear up your finished product and make beautiful clear oil.

10M Sieve Kit for Filtering Infusions NZ

Buy a Walfos Super Thick Rubber Glove - here.

Infusion Super Thick Rubber Gloves NZIt's unique, it's robust, it's versatile and it works! Magical Butter NZ Herbal Extractor MB2 combines a crock pot, and blender into one automated unit. The things you can make with this machine are endless! To name a few.. click below to see all our free Magical Butter Recipes for your use.Magical Butter Recipes NZ

Use your Magical Butter extractor to make: See Free Recipes!

Herbal Infused Butter NZ Herbal Infused Avocado Oil, Herbal Infused Ghee Herbal Infused Grape-seed Oil, Herbal Infused Alcohol Herbal Infused Peanut Oil, Herbal Infused Vegetable Glycerin Herbal Infused Corn Oil, Herbal Infused Coconut Oil Herbal Infused Olive Oil, Herbal Infused Lotions Herbal Infused Salves, Herbal Infused Jojoba Oil Herbal Infused Sauces and more. You are only limited by your imagination!

Magical Butter Recipes NZ

Infusion Recipes NZ. Magical Butter Machine Recipes NZ.

Check out the Infusion Recipe pages here.



Buy a Magical Butter Machine or a Combo Deal, you can also buy Butter Trays, the DecarBox and the Purify Filter/Glove 4 Pack individually below.

Magical Butter Kit NZ Magical Butter Tray NZ Magical Butter DecarBox Combo NZ Magical Butter Filter Pack Kit NZ

The other alternative is to install the Magical Butter App.

The new App is currently available for iPhone and the Android one is coming soon. The App contains all the MB Recipes!

Visit your App Store and look for: Magical Butter Companion. Click the following button to visit the iPhone App Store.

It's worth trying it if you want Magical Butter Infusion recipes, there is a huge amount of them available!

Check out Magical Butter USA on YouTube

Download the Magical Butter User Manual NZ:


HELENSKINZ™ is an Authorized Reseller of MAGICAL BUTTER™ Products in New Zealand. For warranty purposes you must buy from an Authorized Reseller.

Alternative Devices that we sell for Decarbing & Infusing Oil.

Please note: If you are wondering whether you should get a Magical Butter Machine or a new "2020" Ardent FX (FLEX). If you want to Decarb you have 2 options, the Ardent FLEX or the DecarBox. If you want to make lots of Infusion Recipes, baking, cooking, make butter etc then the Magical Butter is really the best choice. Or is it? We suggest you check out the New Ardent FX as it is now a similar sized device and also decarbs, something the Magical Butter can't do without a separate device. With the Ardent FLEX (FX) you can do so much more, including decarbing, baking and infusing, well worth a look! If you need to Decarb Herb and want to do small or large infusions the Flex is all you need. Magical Butter has a minimum of 2 cups of liquid to begin, the Flex can have any amount, no minimum. The Flex is also fine with or without the Infusion Sleeve, you can't do anything extra with the Sleeve, it just helps if infusing oil, you can "lift the sleeve out" with your liquid in it.

Ardent Nova Lift and Nova FX NZ
Some people don't want to make big batches of Infused Oil or Butter and find that the FLEX can do it all and is perfect for their needs. We have tested the Flex and we were blown away with it, it's a very useful device and can certainly do it all!

Also check out the new Ardent NOVA FX "FLEX" NZ - here.

Ardent™ NOVA FX Decarboxylator Herbal Kitchen NZ | Helenskinz NZ    Ardent™ NOVA FX Decarboxylator Herbal Kitchen NZ | Helenskinz NZ

Ardent™ NOVA FX Decarboxylator Herbal Kitchen NZ | Helenskinz NZ

Best Herb Grinders for making Herbal Infusions NZ

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