DynaVap Condenser O-Ring Kit 3 Pack NZ

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DynaVap Condenser O-Ring Kit 3 Pack NZ

DynaVap Condenser O-Ring Kit 3 Pack NZ.

Spare condenser O-Rings for use in all DynaVap devices, except for the OmniVap.


Replace your Condenser O-Rings and ensure you put the correct size in the exact same place as the original ones. The location of these O-Rings is important, they not only support the condenser tube but they also block parts of the pen so when you inhale with the airport unblocked it will draw through your herb with a mixture of air. If in the wrong location this may not work as it should. That's all you need to know about these O-Rings, simple and quick to change. You don't need to change these too often but it's always nice to refresh all of your O-Rings every now and then or if you lose one.

Replacing the O-Rings on your Tip requires a different O-Ring called the High Temp O-Ring. Replacing them will make your Tip nice and tight again.  

Included in package.

  • 1x "3 Pack" of DynaVap Condenser O-Rings for all Pens (except OmniVap).
Condenser O-Ring Kit 3 Pack

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