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Zeus ARC GT Vaporizer Parts NZ  Zeus ARC GT Dry Herb Vape NZ

Zeus ARC GT Care Package - Zeus Arsenal Vapes NZ.

The Zeus ARC GT Care Package is the perfect way to spruce up your Zeus ARC GT Vaporizer and comes complete with a replacement medical grade silicone mouthpiece, gold plated screen, gold plated flowsink, and 3 gold plated flowsink screens. Just like a new vape!



Package Contents.

  • 1x Flow Sink (GT).
  • 1x Mouthpiece with Button.
  • 1x Screen (GT).
  • 3x Flow Sink Screens (GT).

 Zeus ARC GT Vape Care Package NZ


Where is the Zeus ARC GT Flow Sink Screen located?

Zeus Arc GT Gold Plated Oven NZ

The Zeus Flow Sink Screen.

Both the Zeus Arc (Stainless Steel not Gold) and the Zeus ARC GT (Gold version) Herbal Vapes function in the exact same way. To get started remove the mouthpiece from the top of the Arc GT Vaporizer to expose the Gold heating chamber. Inside the oven there is a screen (cylindrical shaped compact gold wire) and a heat sink (see below) which helps deliver smooth draws. Replacing your Flow Sink Screen will freshen up your Zeus Vape and bring back the flavor! You can see it in the images, it sits well down in the bottom of the oven and airway. Your ground herb sits on top of the heat sink screen and plays a big part in the Conduction process. Gold is a fantastic heat conductor and if you look at the images you will see how they have encased the oven with gold on every surface including the top (in the silicon mouthpiece) and the very bottom, the Flow Sink Screen. (Round Compact Wire).

Zeus ARC GT Vape NZ 

Zeus Arc GT NZ - Oven

Vapor Quality.

The vapor quality from the Zeus Arc is impressive. In the GT version of the Zeus Arc, they employ gold plating in the airway, chamber and heatsink. Gold is one of the most conductive materials on earth capable of heating up quickly and extracting heat just as quickly, which is why it has been used for the new Zeus Arc GT Herbal Vaporizer NZ.

Zeus Arc GT Care Package - Silicon Mouthpiece NZ

Zeus ARC GT Silicon Mouthpiece.

The ARC GT Care Package comes with a new Silicon Mouthpiece making the overhaul complete. Your Zeus ARC GT will look and feel like a new one! You will notice that the flavor is like it was when your vape was brand new and the airflow is much better with less resistance. The Zeus ARC GT has low resistance normally but will vary depending on your grind and how firmly you pack your oven.

Try not to pack it too tightly but always make sure the oven is 100% full. You can use the Glass Spacer to help fill your oven, that is exactly what the spacer is for. All conduction vapes must have a completely full oven with no voids for them to work properly. Vaping with a half full oven is like vaping with an empty oven!

Helenskinz NZ

Zeus ARC GT Gold Flow Sink Screens.

You may just be after some new screens, 5 Packs available below!

Gold Flow Sink Screens NZ


Zeus Arc GTS Hub Pods NZ

Download the Zeus ARC & Zeus ARC GT Vape User Manual.

  Zeus ARC Herbal Vape NZ - Operating Manual: 
  Download the ZEUS ARC GT NZ (PDF) User Guide: Here.

Zeus Arsenal Vaporizers NZ

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