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Air MAX Dry Herb vaporizer by Arizer Canada Hybrid - Conduction & Convection   Mighty+ Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ  Arizer Canada

Arizer Air Max Portable Vaporizer NZ.

Made in Canada, NZ Stock.

Introducing the Air MAX Dry Herb vaporizer by Arizer Canada. Experience the latest innovations in our portable multi-purpose diffuser technology. Featuring upgraded Custom Session Settings, automatic screen inversion, Dark Mode, new rapid-heating ceramic technology, fast USB-C charging, and a removable high capacity 5750mAh,  26650 lithium-ion battery.

Arizer Air MAX Vaporizer NZ

Over 16 years of industry experience built into every device. Experience Why Arizer is Better by Design. If you like a small but highly effective dry herb vape the Air Max may be just what you have been looking for. Being able to remove the battery gives this vape a huge plus! Glass and Ceramic offer some of the best tasting vapor possible not to mention the Hybrid Heating that ramps up your vapor production giving you visible clouds of rich tasting vapor.Arizer Air Max Dry Herb Vaporizer NZThe new Air MAX is like using an Arizer Air 2 but with the performance of the Solo 2. If you want a high performance tasty vape but don't want a big beastly device to carry around, the Air Max is well worth considering. The battery alone is a huge bonus due to it's ultra high capacity (5750mAh) and the fact that it is removable. This means you can put a new one in if your battery gets tired after a few years and your vape will be refreshed and ready to take on a few more years of vaping. It also means you can buy a spare and charge it in your vape and stash it in your vape case for a back up in case you run your main vape battery out. We are planning to have New 26650 Batteries available to buy individually in our battery section.

Holding an Arizer Air MAX Vaporizer NZ

Arizer Air MAX Vaporizer Promo Video NZ

Your Display will Flip as you invert your device so you can still read it while using a Water Pipe for example. The new Air Max is a fantastic dry herb vape and also works very well with any water piece. Connected to a 14mm "Vape Tube 14 Bubbler" is highly recommended!

Arizer Air MAX NZ

Air MAX Features.


Original Glass Pod System - Glass Stems that hold the herb. Easy to preload & cap.

Advanced Ceramic Hybrid Heater - Best of both worlds, hot ceramic oven & hot air.

Upgraded Custom Session Settings - Advanced compared to the Air 2.

Automatic Screen Inversion - Your display will flip if you flip the vape, using a water pipe.

NEW Dark Mode - Stealth for use in the dark, this function dims the light/display.

Fast-USB-Type C- charging. All the vapes are coming out with Type C, it's much faster!

High-Capacity, Rechargeable, Interchangeable 26650 Batteries. Much larger than the standard 18650 battery in most vapes.

Small Palm Pocketable size. You may also be interested in the Air Max if you are searching for a device that can provide discreetness.

Isolated Air Path. Ceramic and Glass, it doesn't get any better!

Carefully Sourced High Quality Components, by Arizer Canada.

Manufacturer Warranty. The Air MAX is covered by a three-year manufacturer's warranty, and a lifetime warranty on the ceramic heating element by Arizer Canada. 

MAX Control.

Set up your Air MAX Vape just the way you want with Custom Session Settings. The freedom to choose is at your fingertips with easy to use controls and adjustable OLED display. Normal Mode and Dark Mode settings are stored separately and ready to use when switching back and forth.Arizer Air Max NZ

Welcome to the Dark Mode.

Go easy on your eyes in the dark. Switch to Dark Mode – a low-light symbol display with condensed Custom Session Settings – for low profile use.

Dark Mode Air Max Vape NZ

MAX Power.

The Air MAX features a high capacity, rechargeable, interchangeable 5750mAh, 26650 lithium-ion battery, providing up to 2 ¼ hours of use per charge, fast USB-C charging (up to 90% in two hours), plus Use While Charging functionality (Pass-through). All the power you need, when you need it.

Air MAX Vape Type C USB Fast Charging

MAX Performance.

Advanced rapid-heating ceramic technology heats up in less than 60 seconds. Precise 1-degree temperature control with a wide range (50° – 220° Celsius / 122° – 428° Fahrenheit). Dial in to the optimal temperature for your favorite herbs. For a smooth and tasty experience try 180-200° Celsius (356-392° Fahrenheit), or for a stronger and faster extraction try 200-220° Celsius (392-428° Fahrenheit). *heat-up time of less than 60 seconds is based on a fully charged battery, an ambient temperature of 24°C/ 75°F and a temperature setting of 220°C/428oF. The Mega 5750mAh, Removable 26650 Lithium-Ion Battery is a beast of a battery for any portable vape. This is the first portable we have seen with this large battery. Spare 26650 batteries will be available to buy in our store in the near future.

Max Performance - Arizer Air Max NZ

The Arizer Way.

As enthusiasts, Arizer demand their Vaporizers are made using the highest quality components. Designed for convenience, ease of use, versatility, durability, and producing incredible flavor. They stand behind their products with a Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty and industry leading Customer Service. 3 Year Warranty valid in NZ.

Arizer Vapes NZThe Original Glass Pod System.

Conveniently enjoy great taste on the go. Arizer Glass Aroma Tubes are easy to use & easy to clean, made of pure borosilicate glass, and world-renowned for delivering incredible flavor from your favorite dry botanicals. Quickly and easily pre-load precise doses and pack up your pre-loads in protective PVC Travel Tubes.

Original Glass Pod System Air MAX NZTurn Your World Upside Down.

The Frosted Glass Aroma Tube utilizes a universal 14mm male glass-on-glass fitting for connecting to your favorite 3rd party glass, (including Bubblers) allowing for fast extraction and/or water filtration. When flipped upside down to connect with your 3rd party glass, the Air MAX display automatically inverts for easy viewing. Optional glass reducers and expanders ensure you have the right fit for any rig. You can purchase a Vape Tube 14 Bubbler, we stock these in Auckland, NZ. Buy Vape Tube 14 Bubbler.

Sneaky Pete using an Arizer Max Vape NZ

Personal Aromatherapy.

Many aromatic botanicals can be vaporized for aromatherapy with positive results. By heating your favorite herbs and flowers to precise temperatures, the pleasing aromas, terpenes, and botanical compounds are released to promote/enhance energetic or relaxing environments.

The Arizer Air MAX Kit NZ

The Air Max’s kit comes with a full suite of accessories.

The Air MAX Kit includes:

  • 1x Arizer Air MAX Vaporizer Device.
  • 1x 5750mAh Battery & USB-C Cable.
  • 1x Glass Aroma Tube (70mm).
  • 1x Frosted Glass Aroma Tube (14mm). (Ready for a 14mm Water Piece).
  • 1x Glass Aroma Dish.
  • 2x Silicon Stem Caps.
  • 2x PVC Travel Tube w/ Cap (70mm Size).

Arizer Air Max Included in Kit NZ

Download the AIR MAX - User Manual.

AIR MAX (PDF) User Manual:
Download it HERE

Air MAX Specs.

Brand: Arizer Canada.
Type: Portable Herbal Vaporizer.
Compatibility: Dry Herb.
Build Material: Aluminum.
Warranty: 3 Year valid in NZ.

Heating Element.

Oven Material: Ceramic.
Oven Capacity: 0.25gr.
Temp Settings: 356-428°F (180-220°C).
Heating Method: Hybrid - Convection & Conduction.
Heat Up Time: 50-60s.


Battery Type: 26650 Lithium-Ion Battery - Replaceable.
Battery Capacity: 5750mAh. (Very high for a portable vape, a Pax 3 is 3500mAh)!
Charge Time: 1-2 Hours.
Sessions Per Charge: 9-12.
Charger Type: USB Type-C Fast Charging.

Arizer interchangeable 26650 lithium-ion battery for Air Max NZ

Air Max Videos. Watch on YouTube!

Watch Sneaky Petes Arizer Air MAX Video

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