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A New Generation of Butter Machine is in NZ.

Posted by Helenski Online on

A New Generation of Butter Machine has arrived in NZ. Meet the Ardent Nova Flex Decarboxylator, Infuser, Baker.

The Do It All, All In One AIO New Gen. Decarboxylator, Infuser, Baker, In Stock NZ - Helenskinz.

Decarb 4oz in 2 hrs! Infuse Oil in 2 hrs and bake Banana Bread, Pasta, Soup and many more delicious infused dishes. See our Ardent FX Recipes! Here.

Ardent Nova FX Butter Machine NZ

We are very happy to announce that the new Ardent Nova FX (Flex) has arrived in NZ, available now at Helenskinz NZ.

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