A New Generation of Butter Machine is in NZ.
Ardent FLEX NZ - Ardent FX NZ

A New Generation of Butter Machine has arrived in NZ. Meet the Ardent FX Butter Machine.

The Do It All, All In One AIO New Gen. Decarboxylator, Infuser, Baker, In Stock NZ - Helenskinz.

We are very happy to announce that the new Ardent FX (Flex) has arrived in NZ, Helenskinz is currently the only importer of Ardent products. We import all of our Ardent FLEX and Ardent Mini kits directly from Ardent USA. We are an authorized Ardent Dealer meaning if you buy one from us you have cover for your warranty in NZ. All you need to do is register it with Ardent USA and contact us if you have an issue or a faulty unit within the warranty period.

Buy a new ARDENT FX here in NZ.

Decarbing, Infusing & Baking - Butter Machine NZ.

  • 220v Version - Ready to plug into NZ and Australian wall sockets.
  • Includes handy Carry Bag for your Ardent FLEX. See pics.
  • Excellent Packaging: FX in Carry Bag, inside Tube Box, inside Shipping Box.
  • This is an All-In-One Device, Decarb, Infuse, Bake.
  • August 2020 Release NZ, Helenskinz is the importer direct from Ardent USA. In stock now.
  • The whole unit is Dishwasher Safe. (except for the power cradle).
  • 4X the size of the Ardent Nova Lift, Decarboxylate 4oz in 2 hours, Primo results!
  • Silicon Infusion Sleeves also available (can infuse without). Buy Here.

Ardent Nova FLEX Butter Machine NZ

No Minimum is a Game Changer.

Unlike other Butter Machines there is No Minimum amount when infusing (Magical Butter Machines are 2 cups minimum) so you can make small or large batches and not be forced to either use more of your expensive botanicals or dilute your infusion with 2 cups of oil etc. This is a game changer! This alone makes the new Ardent FLEX the most Flexible infusion machine in the world hands down! Make your infusions large or small! 

Ardent Nova FX Butter Machine NZ

The new Ardent FLEX does it all!

You can Decarboxylate up to 4oz at a time in 2 hours, Infuse oil, butter etc in 2 hours and Bake everything from Banana Bread to Muffins, Pasta, Soup and many more dishes.

We have Ardent FX recipes
on our website here.

Ardent Nova FLEX Recipe NZ

Ardent Nova FX Recipes NZ

The Nova FX is an all-in-one activation device - Helenskinz NZ

Why is the new Ardent FLEX  the perfect Butter Machine?

We are excited to announce the Ardent FX - FLEX all-in-one portable herbal kitchen. You can do it ALL in this wonder device. Almost 4x bigger than the Nova Lift with separate settings for infusing and baking all of your favorite edibles right inside the device! This is exactly what our customers are asking for, the new FLEX - FX gives those people stuck between the Nova Lift and the Magical Butter Machine a new option to consider and a great one at that! To give you an idea of size, the Nova Lift can decarb 1oz of botanicals per cycle and the new Ardent FX can decarb 4oz at a time, in 2 hours. It is an extremely versatile machine, up until now it was necessary to buy a Decarbing Machine/Device and a Butter Machine because the Magical Butter Machines do not decarboxylate your botanicals. They require a second machine or device to Decarb your herb adding extra costs, more devices on your bench top, 2 devices to clean and so on. As we say, the FX is a game changer, this new generation of Butter Infusion Machine is exactly what our customers have been asking for, for many years! Now you can do it all in this All-In-One device! Only the best Infusion Devices NZ. Decarboxylators and Butter Machines need to be all in the one unit, the Ardent Flex NZ gives you the opportunity to decarb and infuse with one machine. It's convenient and saves you money if you don't need to buy 2 machines. One warranty, one purchase, one delivery, using one device only is the way to go and will leave other devices in the dust if they are unable to do everything in one machine.


For Legal Medical Cannabis users.

We highly recommend that all Medical users watch this video of the new Ardent Flex, this is a new video showing the new FX, the carry bag, the functions etc. Click image below to watch the new video by Wake + Bake USA. Great video!

Ardent Nova FX Butter Machine Video NZ

If you buy a new Ardent FX you may want to also buy an Infusion Sleeve, we also have these in stock in NZ.

You can buy an extra Infusion Sleeve for the Flex here.

Ardent Nova FX Butter Machine Infusion Sleeve NZ

Ardent Nova FX Max Liquid Level NZ

Ardent Nova FX Infusion Sleeve NZ

Ardent Flex Infusion Sleeve.

The Flex Infusion Sleeve is an accessory that makes it easier to "lift" your infusion out of the machine. It is not essential but is very handy. See below how you can lift your infusion out of the FX and leave a clean chamber behind, no clean up at all. The inside of the silicon lid may need a rinse off but that's it. You will find when Decarbing that the lid collects quite a bit of moisture that can be easily rinsed off and dried with a couple of taps on a tea towel.

Ardent Nova Flex Infusion Sleeve Helennskinz NZ

Ardent Nova FX Butter Machine Kit NZ

Comparison between the Ardent FX and the Nova Lift Decarboxylators.

The Nova Lift holds 1oz for Decarbing and the FX holds 4oz. There is no minimum with the Flex or Nova Lift for liquids like the Magical Butter Machine that requires 2 cups minimum, so you can make tiny infusions or large ones up to the max liquid level mark shown in the images. The Flex has more functions than the basic Nova Lift. The FX is much more expensive but cheaper than buying a Magical Butter Machine and a Nova Lift (now discontinued - see our SPLICE Infuser page for a cheaper option). If you don't have an Infusion Sleeve you can easily put the whole machine (minus the power cradle) into your dishwasher.

Ardent Nova Flex in dishwasher NZ

The Magic happens inside the Ardent Decarboxylators.

Decarboxylating your herb is just the start!

Why do I have to Decarb my herb?

Ardent FLEX/FX and the NOVA LIFT (original decarboxylator/infuser). If you want perfectly Decarbed Herb the FLEX does an amazing job. Your herb will come out of the FLEX looking Brown and Golden with green shades and it will be dry and stickier with a different but amazing aroma. You know when it's decarbed properly when you can easily "crumble your decarbed herb with your fingers". It is fantastic to vape in a vaporizer because it's already decarbed and is nice and dry and creates big clouds almost instantly with a nicer flavor. The aroma is quite different and appealing to most nostrils! Once decarbed you can actually (not recommended) take a flower and eat it and it will be like eating the equivalent in a Special Brownie because it's decarbed and activated. If you did the same thing with an raw/undecarbed flower it would have no effect. This is why you must decarb your herb prior to cooking or baking, you must activate your herb so your body can process it. Humans come with a Endocannabinoid System that is ready to process the active ingredients of your botanicals. Why, who knows but it is quite incredible that it even exists! Just remember, unactivated herb will not be of any use to you if you plan on making some edibles. You must decarb first to activate the molecules and change the make up so it is Bioavailable for the Human Body.

You can learn more about it here, the Endocannabinoid System.

The Endocannabinoid System NZ

Comparison between the Ardent Nova FX & the Nova Lift NZ

Filter Bag Kits.

Ideal for filtering out your Ardent FX Infusions.

The Magical Butter Filter Bag Kit contains: Here

  • 1x 220 Micron Filter Bag
  • 1x 73 Micron Filter Bag
  • 1x 25 Micron Filter Bag
  • 1x Large Rubber Glove

Magical Butter Filter Bag Kit NZ

Click to Visit Filter Bag page.


Ardent Nova FX Infusion Recipes NZ
There's no limit to the things you can create with the Nova Flex.

Check out our Free Infusion Recipes from Ardent USA.

Download our Free Ardent Nova FX Infusion Recipes here

Cakes  Burger  Sweets

The Ardent Family - US Imports.

* Helenskinz imports all of the above products into New Zealand. We sell throughout NZ and Australia. Helenskinz is an Authorized Dealer in NZ and Australia, all warranties are valid through Helenskinz in New Zealand if you purchase an Ardent product from our shop.

 Ardent Products NZ Ardent Nova Flex Decarboxylator New Zealand


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