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Mighty+ Medic Vape NZ

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By Vapormed (Storz & Bickel Medical) Germany. New 2022 Model for Patients Vaporizing Medicinal Cannabis in NZ. We also stock the Mighty Medic Medical Device. Vape Dry Herb or Extracts!
In Stock Auckland, NZ.

Mighty Medic 2 - New Zealand Stock - Helenskinz
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Top Shelf Mighty
+ Medic Vaporizer, Certified Medical Device NZ.

The new Mighty Plus Medic NZ is big news in the Vaporizer World!

Mighty+ Medic Vaporizer by Vapormed NZ

Vapormed (Storz & Bickel Medical) have finally put out a new and improved updated version of the famous Medical Mighty Medic Vaporizer (Medical Device). Meet the Mighty+ Medic, it's all new and went from the best Portable Medical Device to the best all round vaporizer period. The Mighty Medic is well known for it's high quality build, reliability and performance. The Mighty+ Medic has all new features and has a faster heat up, faster charging with Type-C USB and a Ceramic Coated Oven. The feet help but a stand is much better. Stands for the Mighty+ Medic will be available soon. Note, the regular Mighty Stands do not fit the new Mighty+ Medic or Mighty+ Vape. The new Mighty+ Stands fit all Mighty variants!

Mighty+ Medic | Better, Faster, Stronger.

Feel the power of the new improved Mighty+ Medic Vaporizer NZ. Since its release, the Mighty Medic has been in a league of its own. The Mighty Plus Medic is a 100% Top Shelf portable masterpiece ideal for patients vaping Medical Cannabis & Cannabis Extracts in New Zealand.
Holding the Mighty+ Medic Vaporizer Vapormed Medical Device NZ

Mighty Plus Medic Vaporizer Features.

  • USB-C socket (USB Fast Charging).
  • Supercharge function: 80% charge in approx. 40 minutes.
  • Heats up in approx. 60 seconds.
  • Ceramic coated filling chamber/oven.
  • Optimized design for better stability.
  • Pre-set Super-booster temperature.
  • Improved housing.
  • Fully Certified Medical Device.
  • 2-year warranty + 1 year upon registration.

Included in Full Mighty+ Medic Vape Kit NZ | Helenskinz.

  • 1x Mighty+ Medic Vaporizer.
  • 1x USB Wall Charger (with country specific pins).
  • 1x USB-C Cable (USB Type C - Can charge with computer or wall plug).
  • 3x Normal Screen, small.
  • 3x Coarse Screen, small.
  • 3x Base Seal Ring, small.
  • 1x Magazine with 8 Dry Herb Dosing Capsules.
  • 1x Herb Mill.
  • 1x Cleaning Brush.
  • 1x Instructions for Use.

*Note: The Kit Contents of the Mighty+ Medic are different to the Mighty+ Vape Kit that we also sell. See top video at start of this page to see exactly what comes in the Mighty+ Medic Kit in NZ.


    MIGHTY+ Medic Vaporizer Kit NZ.

     Helenskinz NZ

    Mighty+ Medic Vaporizer Vapormed NZ

    Preparation of your Medical Cannabis is important when Vaping.

    We highly recommend buying a decent metal Herb Grinder, it will make all the difference if you grind your herb into a coarse grind for the M+M Vape. A 4 piece grinder would best suit the Mighty+ Medic vaporizer.


    Imported Herb Grinders NZ


    The Mighty+ Medic Kit comes with an 8 slot Dosing Capsule Magazine. Pre-Load your Dosing Capsules and hit the road. You can even use Concentrates/Wax and Oil in the Dosing Capsules using the Oil Pad inside the capsule. You need to buy the Liquid Dosing Caps if you are using extracts. An empty Dosing Capsule is for Dry Herb like in the image below. This is also a great way to keep the build up of residue to a minimum and will not make such a mess of your oven, the dosing capsules are easy to clean if you submerge them in ISO Alcohol. We also sell Mighty Dosing Capsules, both Dry & Liquid types in NZ, here.

    Mighty+ Medic NZ Includes 8 Dosing Capsules & a Magazine

    What's new with the Mighty+ Medic Vaporizer NZ

    Check out what's new with the Mighty+ Medic Kit NZ.

    Improved Design.

    Mighty Plus NZ

    Vapormed have integrated carefully selected materials into the new design of the Mighty+ Medic to suit your everyday use. The filling chamber is now ceramic-coated, making it even more sturdy and resistant. Furthermore, discrete fins have been added on the bottom of the device to make the MIGHTY+ Medic stand securely on even surfaces. Being a Hybrid Vape the new oven will enhance the performance and you will benefit from both Convection and Conduction Heating. Hot Air and Hot Ceramic Coated Oven walls!
    Oven on Mighty Plus NZ

    Accelerated Recharge.

    The Mighty+ Medic features a USB-C socket with Supercharge function, which lets you charge the Mighty+ Medic with 45 watts. A completely redesigned circuit board has been introduced to manage the significantly increased amount of power. The Supercharge function makes it possible to charge 80% of the battery in approx. 40 minutes! Additionally, you’ll now be able you to charge your Mighty+ Medic with a USB-cord – almost anywhere! The original Mighty Medic was charged with a wall charger, not USB.

    Accelerated Recharge on the Mighty+ Vaporizer NZ

    Faster Heat-Up.

    Faster Heat Up Times for Mighty Plus NZ

    Like the Mighty Medic, the Mighty+ Medic uses a patented combination of convection and conduction heating – a technology proven to excel in heating up herb evenly and efficiently, without stirring. Most vapes require stirring of the herb to help you vape all of the herb in the oven. It's a great bonus not needing to stop, open the vape, stir the contents, repack and reheat. You do not need to do this with the Mighty+ Medic Hybrid Heating. Additionally, the Mighty+ Medic is equipped with an optimized heater, so the device heats-up in approx. 60 seconds. They’ve also added an additional pre-set temperature: The Superbooster. Tripple-clicking the On-Off button will automatically increase the current temperature by 15°C.

    Mighty Medic Vape compared to Mighty+ Medic Vaporizer NZ

    Mighty+ Medic | Intended Use.

    The Mighty+ Medic is intended for the vaporization and inhalation of cannabinoids by patients in New Zealand using prescribed Medical Cannabis. The aim is to apply the active ingredients into the human body via the alveoli of the lungs when medically indicated. It is suitable for short-term, location-independent inhalative application of cannabinoids prescribed by a doctor for use at home, the hospital, or in a doctor’s practice.


    The Mighty+ Medic is only designed for vaporization and inhalation of cannabis flowers (Cannabis Flos), not for dronabinol. Dronabinol can be vaporized using the Volcano Medic 2.

    General Remarks

    At a certain dosage, dronabinol (THC) and cannabis can have a psychotropic (mind-altering) effect. There is thus a potential for abuse, which governments in nearly all countries of the world counteract with corresponding laws. Use only dronabinol (THC) or medicinal hemp flowers (cannabis flos) prescribed by your physician and purchased from a pharmacy.

    The Mighty+ Medic is not to be used if the user has respiratory tract or lung conditions. Depending on the density, the vapor could irritate respiratory tracts or lungs, which can lead to coughing. Although the inhalation of vaporized cannabis causes much less irritation than smoking, inexperienced users initially need a habituation period in order to find the optimum temperature for the administration. The user should inhale consciously, and should concentrate while doing so. Laughter, yawning, and speaking during the administration should be avoided because this can lead to coughing.

    The Mighty+ Medic is a scientifically proven way to inhale cannabinoids from cannabis flowers. When it comes to steeping teas, baking cookies, or smoking flowers, there are no validated recipes and procedures to our knowledge.

    Vaporizing cannabinoids.

    Cannabinoids vaporize at temperatures over 180°C and form an aerosol with an average droplet size (MMAD) of 0.64 µm (micrometer) that can be inhaled and respired. The droplets are absorbed in the alveoli and enter the bloodstream (systemic absorption). When cannabinoids are inhaled, the onset of the effect takes approx. 1-2 min. and the effects lasts for 2-4 hours. For application, a distinction must be made between the vaporization of dronabinol (THC) dissolved in alcohol and the vaporization of cannabinoids from hemp flowers (cannabis flos). Cannabis extracts and pure cannabinoids - dissolved in alcohol - need a substrate to be vaporized. Therefore a Drip Pad made of stainless steel wire was developed, fitting perfectly into the Filling Chamber.

       Storz & Bickel Guarantee Authorized Vapormed Dealer NZ

    Parts, Accessories and Mods for the Mighty+ Medic Vape.
    Please note that we have an extensive range of parts, wear & tear kits, accessories and lots of cool mods for Crafty+ and Mighty/Mighty+, Mighty+ Medic vapes. We import mods from 5+ countries including USA, UK, Australia, Germany, China and Canada. We have Dry or Liquid Dosing Capsules, Magazines for Dosing Capsules, Capsule Caddy for Capsules, Glass & Titanium Mouthpieces, Stainless Steel Cooling Units, Large Filling Funnels, Water Tool Adapters, Water Bubblers for the Mighty+ Medic and much more. We stock all the Liquid Oil Pads and Screens you may need for your Mighty+ Medic, you can use any Mighty accessory on the Mighty+, and usually the Crafty+ too. Like our V3 Waterpipe Adapters that fit all of the Crafty, Crafty+, Mighty, Mighty+ and Mighty+ Medic vapes. Click the link below to view.


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    Download the Mighty+ Medic User Manual

    Download the Operating Manual for the Vapormed Vaporizers NZ

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