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Spare Front End Mouthpiece for Grasshopper - Helenskinz Online NZ

Spare Front End Mouthpiece for Grasshopper NZ

Hopper Labs USA

  • $5130

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Mouthpiece for Grasshopper NZ: $59 NZD Incl. GST.  

Grasshopper Parts


Grasshopper Spare Front End Mouthpiece NZ.

Product Description:

This is the same front end included with every Grasshopper dry herb vape pen. It's a great addition if you have a tendency to drop your Grasshopper vape, or if you plan on losing your own.

*Note: extra Titanium/Color front end may not perfectly match your current, used Grasshopper as the metallic surface wears over time.


  • 1x Grasshopper Spare Front End - Titanium Color.

Spare Titanium Front End   

Spare Front End - Mouthpiece.

Spare Front End - Grasshopper Vape



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