Raw wooden 113mm poker for packing cones NZ

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Raw wooden 113mm poker

Raw wooden 113mm poker for packing Cones.

1 RAW 113mm Wooden Poker for packing the perfect smoke!

Raw wooden 113mm poker NZ

RAW natural wood pokers are made from all natural wood and are conically shaped for perfect packing and poking. Due to the natural nature of these pokers, each one has a unique grain pattern and color. Each poker measures 113mm in length.

RAW Paper Cone King Size 3pk NZThe perfect packing tool that will help you create the perfect smoke! You can make your own cone using papers and a tip and then pack it with your poker or you can start with a Cone (shown above) and use your Wooden Poker to compact the contents as you fill it.
If you are looking to use Cones in your Electronic Chewy Herb Grinder these are ideal for the job! Just fill your Cone in the Chewy Grinder and pack the contents down before twisting off the hot end. The 113mm wooden poker will not tear and rip your rice paper as they are very smooth with no sharp edges. 2 different sized ends help you manage the smoke as you can flip the poker around and use either end, wide or slim.
Raw wooden 113mm poker for packing cones NZ

Raw pre-rolled king size cones are unbleached and ready to go. Simply remove from the pack and start to fill using your Poker to pack down the contents as you fill it. Each pre-rolled paper is fitted with a filter tip. Raw Cones are made from unrefined paper which has a natural light brown color, due to the hybrid blend and unbleached fibers, which results in a thin golden brown smoking paper. You will find you can create a much denser and solid smoke that will be one beautiful slow burning Doobie if you take the time to lightly pack the contents as you fill it.

Using a Raw wooden 113mm poker for packing Cone NZ

Package contents.

  • 1x RAW 113mm Poker, Wooden, for packing cones.

 Poker Wooden Raw 113mm for packing cones

What are they used for?

Cones are ideal for use with our Electronic Chewy Herb Grinder. You can either use Pre-Rolled Cones ready to drop into the tube on the Chewy Grinder Deluxe Kit to fill the Paper & Tip with freshly ground herb right from the grinder or roll up a cone of your own using Regular Papers or King Size Papers and your own Slim Tip. Your RAW Poker will come in handy if using a Chewy Electric Herb Grinder NZ. Fill, Poke & Twist!

The CHEWY G3 Electronic Herb Grinder for Vapes & Smokes NZ

 Chewy G3 Electronic Herb Grinder in action grinding Medical Cannabis NZ.

Chewy G3 Electronic Herb Grinder NZ

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How to Grind - Basic Kit.

How to Grind - Deluxe Kit.

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RAW Wooden Poker Diagram for packing Cones NZ

The Perfect RAW Doobie

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