DaVinci IQ2 & IQC Vaporizer- Zirconia Oven Spacers NZ

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DaVinci IQ2/IQC Parts

DaVinci IQ2 & IQC - Zirconia Oven Spacers NZ.

Zirconia Oven Spacers Description: 2-Pack.

Compatible with DaVinci IQ, IQ2 & IQC Vapes NZ.

Perfectly pack the oven of your IQ2 Vaporizer every time with these Zirconia spacers. Set includes 1x 10mm glass spacer and 1x 6mm glass spacer.

DaVinci Vape Oven for Zirconia Spacers NZ
These Zirconia spacers turn the DaVinci IQ2 into a perfect machine for small sessions without wasting material. These spacers are a must have to allow you to take full advantage of the IQ2 when you only want a few hits. Please watch the DaVinci video below to see how they work. Please note the Glass Spacers are for the same reason, they are just made from a different material. The Zirconia Spacers go one step further and actually enhance your vapor quality by enhanced cooling and flavor provided by Zirconia.

Zirconia Oven Spacers for DaVinci IQC and IQ2 Vapes NZ

Basically all vapes work best with a full oven, especially the conduction vapes like the IQ2 and IQC, the spacers allow you to simulate a full oven without having to fill it with material. Pax vaporizers also have a similar solution for filling in the void, they have their Half Pack Oven Lid that we sell for the same reason.

DaVinci Package Includes: 2 Spacers.

  • 1x 10mm Zirconia spacer.
  • 1x 6mm Zirconia spacer.

Zirconia Spacers for DaVinci Vapes NZ

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