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DaVinci IQ2/IQC Parts DaVinci IQ, IQ2 & IQC Dry Herb Vaporizer - Replacement Pearls.

Spare Pearl IQ, IQ2 and IQC Vape Pearl - Description:

The DaVinci Herbal Vaporizer Pearl is an essential component of the DaVinci IQ Vape and the IQ2 & IQC herbal vape heating system, packing herb tightly in the chamber, and controlling temperature to ensure thorough distribution of heat throughout the bowl.

The DaVinci IQ Portable Vaporizer Pearl screws into the bottom of the chamber lid, so that when the lid is closed, the Pearl tamps down the chamber for a tightly packed bowl. Heat then radiates from the DaVinci Vape Pearl to evenly vaporize your dry herb. This DaVinci Vaporizer part is composed of high grade zirconia ceramic, ensuring the best conduction and vapor quality. On the IQ some people lose the Pearl completely but may still have the tiny Post, that's why we stock spares of both!

With the newer IQ2 and IQC Vapes we have different replacement Pearls. They have a built in Post.

Please select either IQ or IQ2/IQC as they are different.

Davinci IQ Pearl


  • Radiates Heat Evenly
  • Packs the Bowl Tighter
  • 100% Zirconia Ceramic
  • Sleek, Striking Design
  • Efficient Vaporization
  • Controls Chamber Heat


  • 1x Genuine DaVinci IQ Pearl & Post. (The tiny Post screws into the Pearl).
  • Or 1x IQ2/IQC Pearl (includes Post, all in one design).

NOTE: You must select which type you need in the drop down box at top of page.
Please request a New Post for your IQ if you broke yours, the Pearl mount, we have them in stock from DaVinci. The IQ Pearl is a 2 piece part and often it's the actual little Post that it screws onto that breaks. Shops don't normally have the Posts but we have a few here so if you need one please let us know (no extra charge) when buying your IQ Pearl. The IQ2 and IQC are a different part, they are an all in one design.

  Davinci IQ Pearl  Davinci IQ Pearl IQ2 Pearl NZ

* The tiny Post that comes with the Pearl is not shown in the images but does come with the Pearl for the IQ Vape if bought from Helenskinz, we have a supply of the posts needed. Please ask for one if you buy the IQ Pearl. IQ2/IQC Pearl on the right above.

Davinci IQ Pearl  DaVinci IQ Portable Vaporizer NZ. The Pearl NZ.

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