Arizer Solo 2 - Air 2 - 6x OvenScreen Pack NZ

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Solo 2 Glass Stem NZ
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Arizer Solo 2 - Air 2 - 6x Oven Screen Pack NZ.

This is a 6 Pack of replacement screens that can be used with select portable vaporizers to ensure maximum vapor quality. These screens can be used with the Arizer Solo series, Air series, IOLITE, and WISPR vaporizers. Replacing your screens regularly will ensure maximum freshness and vapor quality and is highly recommended. It will also help with resistance and cleaning will be easier.


  • Arizer Solo, Solo 2
  • Arizer Air, Air 2
  • IOLITE Original
  • WISPR 2

Package Contents.

  • 6 x Replacement Ovens Screens.

Arizer Solo 2 - Air 2 - 6x OvenScreen Pack NZ


  • 1. Remove the screens from your device.
  • 2. Soak the screens in ISO solution for about 30 minutes.
  • 3. Rinse well with water and allow to fully dry before replacing.

Note: Maximum vapor freshness and screen lifetime is achieved with regular cleaning. Depending on use, cleaning once a week or more is recommended. All screens will need replaced within a month or so to guarantee freshness and optimal function, as these can develop significant build up with each use.

ISO Alcohol is the best solution for the job. We highly recommend buying it online at JayCar Electronics in NZ. They have 250ml Spray Bottles of 99% ISO for a great price. Much cheaper than any Pharmacy that sells 70% ISO which is not nearly as good as the stronger ISO like the 99% one.

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