Arizer Air 2 & Solo 2 Replacement Glass Stem - Black Tip Aromatube

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Solo 2 Glass Stem NZ
Arizer Parts NZ
Arizer SOLO 2 & AIR 2 Aromatube Glass Stem - Black Fluted Tip.

By Vaping Fans.


This is a replacement glass stem / mouthpiece for the Arizer SOLO 2 & AIR 2 Vaporizers. It also includes a black "fluted tip" for extra comfort while vaping. These are the glass stems most Arizer owners love. They can be like hens teeth to stock but we get what we can. The stem is glass and the tip is plastic. These make vaping with the Solo 2 and the Air 2 so much better, it just makes sense to have a smaller mouthpiece rather than a fat round stem with no fluting. You can also twist the mouthpiece off the stem, it has a thread.

Arizer Aromatube Glass Stem with Fluted Tip NZ

If you find your new Glass Stem doesn't fit into your Air, Air 2, SOLO or SOLO 2 Vape, all you need to do is heat up your vape and try it again, it should slide snugly into position now that the chamber is hot and expanded. This will give it the best fit and reduce the chances of breaking the glass or hurting yourself while inserting it. If it's a loose fit then you don't need to heat up your vape. Unfortunately they can vary ever so slightly and there's little room for error.

Package Includes.

  • 1x Arizer Air 2 - Solo 2 - Glass Stem - "Aromatube".
    (Fits all Arizer Models that utilize a Glass Stem but not the Air MAX).


Easy to twist apart for cleaning. You can also pre-load these tubes and cap them off for later use, almost like a Dosing Capsule from Storz & Bickel. You could load up a few Aromatubes and secure them in one of our sturdy, hard case smell-proof vaporizer cases, here. RYOT Vape Cases.

 Arizer Air 2 with Aromatube NZ  Holding Arizer Air 2 Vape with Aromatube Glass Stem NZ

These fluted tip Aromatubes are great to use, it's easier to inhale through a fluted tip than a wide glass tube. Will fit the Arizer Air, Air 2, Solo and Solo 2 vaporizers.


Helenskinz NZ


Buy Caps for your Glass Stems here.

Arizer Glass Stem End Caps NZ  End Caps for Arizer Glass Stems NZ


 Helenskinz NZ

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By Vaping Fans.

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