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Authenticity of Products - Vaporizer Help

Posted by Helenski Online on

If you are looking for a deal make sure it's real!

We offer a money back guarantee, we only sell genuine authentic products from known US brands.

At Helenskinz we thrive of bringing you genuine products imported from USA. When we say genuine we mean real product from a well known company. For example, we only sell genuine, authentic, imported Crafty, Mighty, Pax 2, Arizer Air etc vaporizers that have been made by these companies and not a counterfeiter in China. Not only do we sell the best brands and top vaporizer models we also sell all the most well known brands. Helenskinz does not sell any knock off, counterfeit or copied products, we only sell genuine products from the biggest and most reputable distributors in USA. You will never find a fake vaporizer or any other sneaky deals on our websites.

We shoot from the hip and we aim to please! If you want the Real McCoy you've found the right place, no funny business here!

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