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Delta 3D Studios - USA High-Temperature Flexible Silicone Hose 9.0mm - 2ft Length NZ

Silicone Bong Hose Description:

These high temperature whip hoses are FDA compliant and safe at temperatures up to 500F (260C). This odorless and tasteless Silicone material is the perfect upgrade for your vaporizer over the standard vinyl whips included with most vaporizer kits. This is high quality very rubbery flexible soft hose, soft enough to easily stretch over joints and sockets on your Water Tool or Vaporizer Mouthpiece.

Our high quality Whip Tubing dimensions are, Inner Diameter 6mm/Outer Diameter 9mm giving the tube a 3mm thick wall of soft and pliable silicone. This helps prevent kinks in your whip and makes the tubing slightly more rigid.

Great for putting together a Water Kit at home for your vape or for upgrading the whip on your current desktop vaporizer. If you own one of our Haze DUO Bongs you will find like all clear tubing on Bongs the tube becomes yellowish and stained over time and you may want to replace just the silicone tubing. If you do, this is 61mm and the Haze DUO has a 40mm Whip so you can cut to whatever size you like to get it just right. Around 55mm is usually bang on!

Other Details:


  • Silicone®
  • Max Temperature: 500F (260C)

Package Includes:

  • 2ft (24 inches/61mm) of High-Temperature Silicone Hose. XL+ Length.

2ft of Silicon HoseConfirmed Compatibility:

  • 7th Floor SSV / DBV Vaporizers
  • Arizer Air
  • Arizer Extreme-Q
  • Arizer Solo/Solo 2
  • Aromed Vaporizer
  • Grasshopper Vaporizer
  • Purple-Days Vapor Tubes
  • Volcano Vaporizer (Easy Valve Stem)
  • and many more... including many Portable Dry Herb Vapes. Like the new DaVinci IQ2 portable dry herb vaporizer that comes with a Water pipe Adapter. Just push the silicone hose over the Water Pipe Adapter and connect to your water pipe. If you want to hook up your Mighty+ or Crafty+ or any other Swivel Mouthpiece Vaporizer like the Fog Pro, Utillian 722, XVape Starry v3.0 etc. you can easily push this soft silicone tubing over the swivel mouthpiece, then connect the other end to your Bong, Bubbler, Water piece etc.

Vape Whip  Vape Whip

Silicon Hose - Whip
Freshen up your Desktop Herbal Vaporizer with a new hose! They get stained and very difficult to clean, they also tend to deteriorate over time from all the vaping :-)

CFX Water Pipe Adapter

Buy a Silicone Bong Whip Ready To Go!

We make our own Bong Whips in house and sell them as a complete kit with all the glass attachments and fittings you might need. Our Whips are also a bit longer to make them much easier to use (50cm), you can always cut some off if you find it too long. We have tested our Whips extensively to work out a really decent length to start with, the difference a few inches makes is amazing. Our kits also include a Whip Retainer Clip so your whip won't keep pulling out of your Bong joint. The kit comes with a Glass Mouthpiece, 50cm of High Quality Clear Silicone Tubing, 1x 14mm Glass Elbow Adapter with Retainer Clip plus 1x 10mm & 1x 14mm colored Glass stopper for your Bong. Or you can buy the Clear Glass option that comes without the Stoppers but includes everything else.

Check out our Whip Kits here

Whip Kits for Haze DUO 14mm Bong NZ

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