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Ardent Nova FX Recipe NZ - Cinnamon Breakfast Oatmeal

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NOVA FLEX Device required.

Ardent Nova FX - Ardent Nova FLEX


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Nova FX Infusion Recipe NZ - Cinnamon Breakfast Oatmeal

Ardent USA

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    Helenskinz Possum Ardent Nova Decarboxylator  Ardent Nova Lift Infusion Sleeve NZArdent Nova FX - FLEX NZ Ardent Nova Infusion and Concentrate Sleeve NZ

    Helenskinz™ is your One Stop Ardent Shop NZ, bringing you the only All-In-One 220v Electronic Infusion & Decarboxylation devices on the planet. The Ardent Nova Lift is perfect for smaller Decarb Cycles (1oz) and smaller infusions while the new Ardent Nova FX will Decarb 4x the amount (4oz) and much larger infusions with no minimum amounts like other Butter Machines. This makes the new Nova Flex very desirable. The FX is what customers have been asking for, a device that can make large Infusions with ease and Decarb your botanicals. A brand new generation of Herbal Butter Machines that can do everything in one device. The AIO Ardent FLEX NZ.

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    Helenskinz™ imports and sells the full range of Ardent products to New Zealand and Australia. All of our Ardent products we import come directly from Ardent USA. Helenskinz is an approved Ardent Retailer in NZ and Australia.