Glass Spacer for Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer Oven NZ

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Zeus ARC GT Vaporizer Parts NZ  Zeus ARC GT Dry Herb Vape NZ

Glass Spacer for Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer Oven NZ.

Glass Spacer for Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer Oven NZ

The Zeus ARC Glass Oven Spacer is the perfect way to shrink down the size of your Zeus ARC Chamber for Half-Pack and Micro-Sessions. The Glass Spacer made of Borosilicate Glass can be placed at the bottom of the oven or on top to fill space in the Zeus Arc's chamber. It is vital that you always ensure there are no voids at all in your oven when using a Conduction (hot oven) Vaporizer. More info below on that topic.

Just like a DaVinci IQ2 vape that uses Glass Spacers, you can reduce the amount of herb needed by filling some of your oven with the Zeus ARC glass spacer and the rest with herb, always right to the top so when you close your oven with the Silicon Mouthpiece it is 100% full. No need to over fill it though! If you vape with a void in a conduction oven the baking process doesn't work well at all, the same goes for all conduction vapes, as mentioned, the Pax 2 and Pax 3, the DaVinci IQC and IQ2 and many more.

Convection Vapes like the Healthy Rips Fury Edge, the Rogue, the Storz & Bickel Crafty+, Mighty+ Medic and so on are all quite different as they operate with a Convection Oven which is hot air being drawn through your herb. In fact the Crafty+ and Mighty+ are Hybrid Vapes providing Conduction and Convection. You usually get decent vapor filling a Convection vape to the top but they also work without a completely full oven. A Firefly 2+ can vape small nugs and pieces without grinding, that's a true Convection Vape!

Some people prefer the Conduction Vapes because the Convection Vapes can be hot and dry on your throat but not always. Conduction Vapes are not like that and are more like Baking compared to Convection Vapes that would be more like Grilling with a Fan Bake Oven. Or say a Hair Drier = Convection and a Frying Pan = Conduction. This is why you often need to stop and stir your herb in the oven with a Conduction vape, all surfaces of your herb need to be heated, all the heat comes from the oven walls and floor/screen.
Glass Spacers for Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer NZ

Many of the vapes these days have some kind of Oven Spacer. Pax Labs were one of the fist to come up with their famous Half Pack Oven Lid. The HPOL as we call it. Other vapes like DaVinci use Glass Spacers like the Zeus Spacers. We highly recommend giving one a try, they do heat up and help with the Conduction Heating, don't pick one out of your oven with your fingers right away or you will sizzle your fingertips.

This page is for the Zeus ARC Glass Spacer.

(same as the one that came with your ARC).

This is a genuine accessory from Zeus Arsenal.

Package Includes.

  • 1x Zeus ARC Glass Spacer.

Glass Spacer for Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer New Zealand Helenskinz


Where does the Zeus ARC GT Glass Spacer go?

It sits right in the bottom of your oven, just drop it in and load your Finely Ground Herb onto the top of it, right to the top so the oven is full.

 Glass Spacer for Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer

Helenskinz NZ


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Download the Zeus ARC & Zeus ARC GT Vape User Manual.

  Zeus ARC Herbal Vape NZ - Operating Manual: 
  Download the ZEUS ARC GT NZ (PDF) User Guide: Here.

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