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Crafty & Crafty+ Vape Stainless Steel Cooling Unit.

For Super-Cooled Vaping on the go!

The Crafty/Crafty+ Vaporizer Stainless Steel Cooling Unit is a premium cooling unit for the Crafty Vape NZ. One of the best herbal vaporizers just got even better with this unique cooling system. It's not all about appearance, this cooling unit is made to "Cool your Vapor". It is designed to channel your vapor through an extended pathway to cool and improve vapor flavor for some of the best hits you will ever get from your Crafty Vape. See image below of the unique vapor pathway they have created, it's a little masterpiece and quite the achievement.Crafty+ stainless steel cooling unit Kit NZ
One of the biggest anti-Crafty arguments is material based. The Crafty is a plastic device. This Stainless Steel Cooling Unit matches the size and shape of the Crafty cooling unit, but it’s Metal! The mouthpiece itself is titanium or glass, you get 2 of them in this kit which are simple to change and clean. These 2 different mouthpieces add to the improved flavor you get from the SS Cooling Unit.

Stainless Steel Cooling Unit for Crafty Vaporizer.


  • The latest V2 Unit is now lighter with improved cooling.
  • Increases vapor density while maintaining true cooling.
  • Unbreakable and easy to clean stainless steel.
  • Comes with a Titanium Mouthpiece and a Clear Glass Mouthpiece! (Glass MP's sold separately here).
  • The Titanium Mouthpiece temp drops off quickly so it always feels cool & fresh in your mouth.
  • Compatible with Crafty & Crafty+ Vapes.
  • Can place in your Freezer for some super-cooled hits at home! (See Video).
  • Amazing cooling effect with a perfect fit.
  • Ships from Auckland, NZ Stock.
  • Also available for the Mighty and Mighty Medic Vapes.

Included in Package.

  • 1x Crafty/Crafty+ stainless steel cooling unit (2 parts).
  • 1x Titanium mouthpiece with fixing joints.
  • 1x Glass mouthpiece with fixing joints.
  • 5x Sealing rings.
  • 5x Stainless steel screens.

Stainless Steel Cooling Unit Kit NZ

The Crafty Stainless Steel Cooling Unit provides enhanced cooling for the Crafty & Crafty+ Vapes. The Stainless Steel Cooling Unit replaces the plastic one on the top of your Crafty Vape.

Crafty+ Stainless Steel Cooling Unit Kit NZ
This upgrade makes one of the best portable vaporizers even better. With its included titanium and glass mouthpieces, the Crafty Stainless Steel Cooling Unit absorbs heat from the vapor, it's also sturdy and very easy to clean. Vaping through Stainless Steel improves the temperature and taste of the vapor not to mention the look of the Crafty. It looks pretty unreal! Just like the Mighty SS Cooling Unit which is also a very popular Mod!Mighty & Crafty Stainless Steel Cooling Units NZ

It's not a complicated product.

The Crafty Plus is already one of the best flower vapes in the Vaporizer Market by a wide margin along with the Mighty and Mighty Medic vapes and now it has a heat-absorbing metal top with two inert mouthpieces for maximum taste. This really is the most radical Crafty Mod we have seen to date. We have to say we are surprised at the amount of interest from customers wanting this product. It all checks out in the Blogs, Reviews, Videos and other Vape Shop customer reviews in USA & UK, it's a much loved Crafty Upgrade and a no brainer if you don't mind parting with a bit over One Hundy NZD for this unique Crafty/Crafty+ vaporizer mod.

Cool Tip.

For fun you can remove your stainless steel cooling unit and put it in the freezer, this will make the first few hits super cool, not something to do every time but definitely worth a try! If using the Metal Mouthpiece (small part in your mouth) you may want to remove first and not freeze it as it may stick to your lips. Just plug it back in once you are ready to do some super-cooled vaping!

Crafty+ & Crafty Vape Stainless Steel Cooling Unit NZ
The idea being to keep the original cooling system as efficient as possible. Vaping Fans decided to focus on improving it by completely revising its airpath or air path in order to optimize the results. You’ll notice that the vapor path of the steel cooling unit is very different from the original vapor path. Through improved engineering, it can also give you slightly denser vapor due to the modification of the air-path and airflow. The vapor path is a lot shorter and simpler on the stainless steel cooling unit. The combination of the changed vapor path length and material does seem to make a noticeable difference in the taste of the vapor.

Crafty+ stainless steel cooling unit insideThere's also a little difference between using the titanium and the glass mouthpieces. The glass mouthpiece doesn’t heat up as much as the titanium one, however, vapor quality is also exceptionally nice with a lot of flavors. The vapor from the stainless steel cooling unit doesn’t feel as fluffy and smooth as it does from the plastic cooling unit, but it tastes better and has a more direct punchiness to it.

Glass & Titanium Mouthpieces with SS Cooling Kit NZ

A complex and efficient cooling system.

The cooling of the Vapor is done by contact with the stainless steel walls of the labyrinth inside the unit. With the V1 first version, the Vapor path was already significantly lengthened compared to the original unit for greater efficiency. But they knew they could do even better! So they have significantly lengthened the circuit which is now significantly longer and exposes the Vapor even more with the stainless steel! The result is an even softer and cooler Vapor for a comfortable and optimal experience like never before.

stainless steel cooling unit Diagram showing inside.

What about the airflow?

With the V1 first stainless steel cooling unit for the Crafty+ Vaporizer, the airflow was slightly more open (less resistance) than with the original plastic unit. This meant faster extraction of active ingredients and shorter sessions. With the V2 stainless steel cooling unit, the airflow becomes similar to the original unit for slightly longer sessions! So basically the V2 version we are selling here has very similar resistance to the original plastic Cooling Unit.

Crafty+ stainless steel cooling unit inside channels

In conclusion.

The Crafty/Crafty+ stainless steel cooling unit will quickly become the essential accessory to improve your Crafty+ with cleaner vapor and an unbreakable accessory. The unit is also really classy with a great finish both with the Titanium or glass mouthpiece. But the most interesting point is the slightly denser vaporization due to the modification of the airpath and airflow.

Vaping Fans are proud to offer you a radical Mod for the Crafty+ Vape that you will keep for many years to come! Vaping Fans are the manufacturer, where it all starts. They originally made this device for French Touch Vaporizer - FTV France. Vaping Fans design & manufacture herbal vaporizer mods and devices like the UFO Induction Heater, Water Adapters and a huge amount of Glassware like Bubblers for your Pax or DynaVap Vapes. They have some really handy mods and we sell a bunch of them.

Vaping Fans Vape Mods NZ

Does not include Crafty or Crafty+ Vaporizer.

Review of the Mighty & Crafty+ Stainless Steel Cooling Unit at VapeFuse.

See full review here.

VapeFuse Review

Buy Spare Seal Rings for your SS CU:

Seal Ring Set for Crafty Stainless Steel Cooling Unit NZ


Mighty Stainless Steel Cooling Unit Kit Videos.

Sneaky Pete's Video on the Mighty & Crafty+ Glass & Titanium Mouthpieces.

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Brought to you by Storz & Bickel / Vapormed Germany, home of the famous Dry Herb Volcano Medic 2 Vaporizer, Mighty+, Mighty Medic Vape, Mighty+ Medic Vaporizer, The original Mighty Vape, Crafty Plus Portable and the Plenty Vaporizer. For more than a decade we remember S&B being at the top, nothing has changed apart from some radical upgrades to the Volcano Vape, now called the Volcano Hybrid or the Volcano Medic 2, the medical version from Vapormed that we stock in NZ with our other Medical Vapes. The Crafty+ Vape has also had a birthday and is now the Crafty+ Vape V2 (Type-C USB) which has improved it so much that it is now supposedly better than the standard Mighty Vaporizer. If you want the "Aston Martin" of dry herb vapes, Storz & Bickel Vapes should be your first stop for all Desktop and Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers NZ! They are very hard to beat! By far the highest quality of all vaporizers we sell.
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