TOPK TYPE-C USB Braided Fast Charging & Data Cable NZ

Size: Braided 0.5m Type-C - Grey-Black
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Vaping and Infusion Accessories NZ - USB Lead
TOPK 0.5m USB TYPE-C Braided Fast Charging & Data Cable.

The AN09 USB Charging cable is a beautiful lead that backs up its attractive design with remarkable functionality. Most notably, it doubles with both high-speed data transfer and quick charging capabilities.

TOPK USB TYPE-C Braided Fast Charging & Data Cable NZ.
What's it good for? The TOPK Type-C USB Lead in NZ

It's perfect for Fast Charging your new Mighty+ or maybe your Induction Heater like the Orion V2 or the Yllvape IH. Type-C Charging is much faster than Micro USB. All components must be Fast Charge (Type-C) compatible including the USB outlet you are using. We sell Fast Chargers for your car too that are compatible with this lead. All you need is the Ciggy Lighter Plug (Charger) and a Type-C Lead and you can Fast Charge your Type-C devices on the road. Check out our QC 3.0 Fast "Car Chargers. Using our TOPK Type-C Lead to FAST Charge your Mighty+ Vaporizer for example is entirely possible but only if you are using a Fast Car Charger in your car.

USB Fast Charging Devices - Type-C USBDevices we sell that have Fast Charging Type-C USB.

Regardless of whether you need it for your Vape, Induction Heater, iPhone, Android Smart Phone, or any other Type-C USB compatible device, we have you covered. This is a very high quality charge & data lead. If charging your devices is not your intention you can certainly use this high quality USB Lead to transfer data FAST! It isn't just a fast charging lead!

TOPK Type-C USB Lead with a tough exterior of finely braided nylon

Quick Charge to fill you up faster. High-speed data transfer to painlessly move large files.

Quick Charge and similar technologies let you spend more time using your device and as little time as possible charging. Indeed, the AN09 charging cable comes with support for Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0 for your supported devices and power adapters.

TOPK USB Lead - Built to last - Helenskinz NZ

No doubt, you'll notice just how much faster this 3A cable fills your devices up compared to the standard 0.5A cables. Take note that QC technology works in a combination of supported devices, charging cable and power adapter.

The AN09 USB charging cable is your cable of choice if you've got a taste for aesthetics. Sublime grey and black color combo, coupled with polished, gold-plated heads accent the stylish elegance of the cord.

TOPK Type-C USB Lead with a tough exterior of finely braided nylon

But all the aesthetic beauty in the world wouldn't count for anything if your cable broke just a few days after it arrives. Well, it won't. This cable will last a lifetime. It's got a tough exterior of finely braided, non-brittle nylon that's bend, stretch, and scratch resistant. We sell the half meter long cable because it is long enough for most locations but without the extra cord, especially good for the car. We may stock 1m cables in the future.

Imported from the United Kingdom.

Package Contains.

  • 1x 0.5m Long TOPK TYPE-C USB Braided Fast Charging & Data Cable for all USB TYPE-C Herbal Vapes, Induction Heaters etc. (Half Meter Cable).

TOPK USB TYPE-C Braided Fast Charging & Data Cable NZ


Going Mobile?

This cable is ideal to leave in the car with one of our Car USB Chargers for High Speed Charging of Vapes, Induction Heaters, Phones and many more devices on the road. You must have a Fast Charger, a Fast Charge Lead and a compatible Fast Charge capable device. If you don't have all 3 you will not be able to enjoy Fast Charging on the go.

3.1A Dual USB Car Charger QC 3.0 LED Display

Buy MICRO USB Charging Lead.

Not Fast Charging like the Type-C Lead above.

Micro USB Lead NZ

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