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500w Singway Power Converter - Vaporizer.

Step Down Converter - Use US 110v products with NZ/Aust. 220v power input.

* Note some vaporizers require a larger converter as the warm up power requirement on some is very high. For example the Zephyr Ion requires a 500w converter as the warm up phase uses over 300w so a 150w converter won't be sufficient. Most vaporizers that require converting use the 150w apart from a few. This is perfect for a Volcano Vaporizer. If you have a 110v Volcano and want to use it in New Zealand this 500w converter is just right for the job, slight overkill but that helps with cooling as it will not get as hot being a 500w. To work out what size converter you need to use for any electronic device you must first read the label on the device or the booklet and work out how many watts the device needs to operate, you need the maximum/highest level it uses. If it has a warm up phase it may say maximum 310w and 100w when operating, in this case you need a converter that is higher than 310w, like a 500w one.


  1. Check the voltage you have from your wall, NZ is 220v-240v. This steps down the power from NZ/Aust. Power to US Power 110v. This is how you power a vaporizer in New Zealand or Australia that is US Power only (110v).
  3. Check the switch button at the bottom of the adapter:
    •   When you switch to AC100V, the input voltage must be AC110V and the output voltage will be AC220V.
    •   When you switch to AC230V, the input voltage must be AC 220V and the output voltage will be AC110V. (NZ)
  5. Comes with a NZ/Aust plug adapter ready to use.

Perfect for the US 110v Storz & Bickel Volcano Dry Herb Vape. A 500w power converter will work very well on the Volcano Vaporizer, it is big enough that it won't get hot like a 150w one would.

Volcano Vape 110v NZ


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