Metal Herb Grinding Trays by Green Machine NZ

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Grinding Accessories NZ

Metal Herb Grinding Trays by Green Machine NZ.

Improve your Grinding experience!

A durable, high-quality, portable, metal tray with original artwork.

Ideal for Rolling Smokes or Grinding your Medical Herb. Tired of spillage or dropping nugs on the floor? These trays are super handy for grinding. Just place the bottom section of the grinding deck (with teeth) on the tray, pile up a mound of your medical herb next to it. Apply Grinder Grease (not essential) to your Grinder or skip this step if you already own a Non-Stick Ceramic Grinder. Use scissors or break apart your herb with your fingers and build a pile on the grinder. Now close your grinder and grind over the tray in case there is any spillage. Once you are done grinding your herb you can open your grinder and dump the ground herb onto your tray. Scoop it up and store it in an air tight Stash Tin or similar. You now have ready to vape herb that can be poured into your vape oven or stabbed furiously with a DynaVap Tip!
Green Machine Grinding Accessories NZ

Green Machine Grinding Trays NZ

It's very handy having your herb ground and ready to vape, especially if using your Medical Cannabis for Pain etc.. you don't want to be dragging out the grinding equipment to prepare herb when all you want to do is chill and have a puff. Using a Stash Tin is a good idea as they are Airtight for freshness, very portable and are easy to use when filling your oven. Stash Tins are great for DynaVap, just stab your tip into the ground herb to fill it.

Green Machine Metal Grinding Trays are great for filling your Dosing Capsules too, using a smaller tray like this is so much better, a bigger tray makes it harder to keep your ground herb contained when filling Dosage Pods, Grinding and Rolling Doobers.

Green Machine Grinding Trays are also handy to use for Vape Cleaning, keep the muck and ISO Alcohol off your table top and organize all your bits and pieces on your tray to use anywhere at home.

Product Specification.

  • Rolling/Grinding Tray.


  • Metal with Artwork.


  • 90g.


  • 180mm x 140mm.


  • Green Machine.

Included in Package.

  • 1x Green Machine Grinding Tray.
Green Machine Grinding Trays NZ

 Green Machine Grinding Trays NZ

Make a Wicked Herb Scoop in a few minutes!

Perfect for use with these trays.

As far as Herb Scoops go we highly recommend checking out our Homemade Herb Scoops that anyone can make at home without having to buy anything. Check out our Supa Scooper short video. We have sped up the video so you can get the idea of how to make one without having to sit through a long boring tutorial. These scoops work extremely well as a scraper and a scoop/funnel, we have been using them for over 20 years for various herbs and spices. If you have a Plastic Milk Container with a built in hollow handle in your fridge or something similar you can make a scoop. Be sure you don't use anything that contained toxic or unsuitable material. Milk containers are the best and have the perfect shape. We just came up with this one day and have made and given away heaps of them over the years. Check out our Supa Scooper Video below. They work great with the Grinding Trays!
Grind, Scoop, Stash!

 Buy Grinder Grease

Works even better with Grease!

Chronisuer Grinder Grease NZ.

Chronisuer Grinder Grease NZ

 Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder Grease.
Buy Grinder Grease NZ

The Importance of Preparing & Grinding Your Herb properly.

Prepare your herb for your specific Vaporizer.

It plays a big part in getting dense clouds from your vaporizer. The difference between breaking up herb with your fingers (crumbling) and using a decent grinder can be huge! A fine grind is required (almost powder) for best results for vapes like the IQ2, Pax 2 and Pax 3, Pax+, DynaVap etc. Conduction vapes need a finer grind than convection vapes. This is why you should always budget for a half decent herb grinder if buying a conduction vaporizer. A 2pc grinder allows you to grind for an extended period giving you perfect finely ground almost powdery herb. A 4pc grinder allows the ground herb to drop into the layer below once it becomes small enough to drop through the holes in the grinder deck. You can't control the coarseness of the grind. So the 4pc is often better for convection vapes like the Crafty+, the Mighty+, the Firefly 2+, Rogue, Fog Pro, ROFFU and so on. Using Grinder Grease helps the Grinder rotate without creating hard sticky build up on the grinder surfaces which makes your grinder jam and become hard to turn. Grinder grease prevents this and you will notice a big difference when using your grinder, it will glide and move freely. When complete it's super easy to wipe any soft build up right off with a tissue, no more chisel and hammer! It's the greatest most underrated product we sell, cheap and super handy to have. If you don't have any Grinder Grease (or we don't) we also import Non-Stick Ceramic Coated 4pc Grinders. These ceramic grinders are top of the range and for good reason, they are very slick to use and they don't suffer from build up and jamming and wipe clean afterwards.

Buy a Ceramic Coated Non-Stick Grinder NZ

SLX Non-Stick Ceramic Herb Grinders NZ   Cali Crusher OG SLICK Non-Stick Herb Grinders NZ

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