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Light Green Storage Tube NZ
DynaVap Dark Green Translucent Storage Tube NZ.

DynaVap Herb Storage & Cleaning Tubes.

Product Description.

For your storage needs, this New Dark Green Storage Tube will fit standard (92mm) vaporizers safely inside. Also ideal for use in cleaning your device. Just drop your VapCap Pen into the tube and pour your DynaClean solution into the tube, shake lightly and let it soak for a while. The best way to deep clean your DynaVap VapCap Pen. These air-tight tubes can also be used to store ground herb. Load your pen by stabbing it furiously into the container!

DynaVap Green Storage Tubes NZ

Package Contains.

  • 1x Dark Green Translucent Storage Tube (New Tubes).

Green Storage Tubes NZ

Green Tube Video

Light Green Storage Tube NZ

The Perfect size for deep cleaning your DynaVap VapCap Vape Pen. Or use for storage. This is the original tube, they are now Dark Green and translucent as shown at top of this page.

Light Green Storage Tubes NZ The Cap is just like the black SnapStash Storage containers we sell, also by DynaVap.

DynaVap 2020 M Components - Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ


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VapCap Vaping Instructions.

For more instructions on how to use the VapCap or Captive Cap please refer to our latest VapCap page, the DynaVap 2021 M - Fall Colors 2021 - 4 Colors to select from.

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