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18650 Battery Caps NZ

18650 Battery End Caps - Delta 3D Vape Mods

Delta 3D Studios

  • $1565

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Vaporizer 18650 Battery End Caps: $18 NZD Incl. GST.

Delta 3D Studios - USA

18650 Battery Caps (Pair)

Battery Caps Description

  • 18650 Battery Caps (Pair) For safe transportation & storage of 18650 batteries.
  • Never worry about shorting a battery in your pocket ever again!! These caps are the perfect fit for your 18650 battery.
  • Product is sold in pairs. (Caps are deodorized to eliminate "new car" smell prior to shipping).
  • Imported from USA - Helenskinz is the NZ & Australian Distributor for Delta 3D Studios USA.

18650 Battery Caps

Other Details


  • Vinyl
  • Max Temperature:
  • 350F (177C)


Package Includes:

  • 2x Delta 3D Studios USA,18650 Battery Caps.

18650 Battery Caps

Batteries not included.

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