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Devices that Decarboxylate your herb.
Decarbing herb is an essential part of the process if you are intending to eat your herb and not vape it. Eating herb without decarbing it first is a waste of time and money, it must be activated first. This can be done in a conventional oven but the temperature must be right on the money and consistent. This can be done by winging it but you do have to rely on your oven being at the exact temperature required which is difficult to do without a thermometer inside the oven. The Magical Butter DecarBox does exactly that, it puts a thermometer inside your oven and provides a container for your herb. The other option is the electronic Ardent Nova Lift Decarboxylator which is an amazing decarbing device. Drop up to an ounce of herb into the chamber, click one button and 2 hours later you will have perfectly decarbed and activated herb. Great for vaping too! Works like a charm in the Pax 3 Vape. You can also infuse oil in the Nova Lift which is an added bonus! Helenskinz imports the Ardent Nova Lift NZ - Decarber from USA. The new Nova FLEX (FX) is a Game Changer in the Infusion World! The Nova FX will Decarboxylate, Infuse and Bake your herb, it holds 4x the amount of herb and is the latest infusion device to join our line up. Your one stop Ardent Shop NZ. The new Nova FX is now selling in NZ! The only place in NZ to buy your Nova FX!