XVAPE XLUX ROFFU Lite Vaporizer Kit NZ

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XLUX ROFFU Vaporizer NZConvection   Mighty+ Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ   XVAPE NZ

XVAPE XLUX ROFFU Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ.

ROFFU Smart On Demand Convection Vaporizer for Dry Herb.

The ROFFU has become our Top Selling value vape which took us by surprise. It wasn't until we spent some more time using this new vape that we really started to appreciate why. It's a great value vape, for a fraction over $250 NZD you can have a fantastic very portable convection vape. All we can say is that if you want to get great value for your money the ROFFU is an awesome option. The ROFFU has everything, it has things like a removable battery that many top shelf $500+ vapes don't have. Check it out, it is well worth a look we promise you!


The XLUX ROFFU was purpose driven and meticulously designed to deliver on the most critical aspects for an out of this world dry-herb vaping experience! High-performance power backed by precision engineering seamlessly join together to produce absolute pure flavor.

The flavor provided by the XVape XLUX ROFFU smart convection vape is a gourmet delight that must be experienced to be believed. The cutting-edge convection heating provides a nearly instant heat-up time which provides a potent and pure vapor from your dry botanicals.

The XLUX series ROFFU promises to be one of the most sought after convection vapes available.

XVape XLUX ROFFU Vaporizer NZ

XVape XLUX ROFFU Vaporizer Battery Door NZ

XVape XLUX ROFFU Vaporizer Mouthpiece NZ



  • Revolutionary Convection technology
  • Smart no waste efficiency
  • Zirconia Jewelry-grade cooling spiral
  • Durable and Sleek Body
  • Magnetic ceramic top for easy access
  • Lightning fast heat-up time
  • Dual usage modes (Session & On-demand)
  • Replaceable 18650 2600mAh Battery with USB-C Charger
  • Big colorful 0.96 illumi-display
  • Intelligent haptic feedback

XVape XLUX ROFFU Lite Vaporizer Kit NZ

Included in the ROFFU Lite Kit.

  • XLUX ROFFU Vaporizer with glass chamber (no metal chamber, can buy separately)
  • USB-C cable for charging
  • Alcohol wipes (4 pcs.)
  • Spare filter
  • Cleaning sticks (3 pcs.)
  • Spare o-rings (2 pcs.)
  • Spare mouthpiece screen
  • Cleaning brush
  • User’s manual

Please note that this is the LITE KIT and not the Complete Kit which is not currently available. Check out the Vapefiend UK video at the bottom of the page to see the ROFFU in action but keep in mind that he is showing the "Complete Kit". We don't want any confusion over which kit we are selling. The Complete Kit has more accessories (in the video), please see graphic below showing you exactly what the LITE KIT includes. We do have Glass Chambers, Metal Chambers, Screens, Mouthpieces etc in stock to support the ROFFU Vape in NZ.

XVape XLUX ROFFU Vaporizer NZ


Parts & Accessories for the ROFFU Vape - NZ Stock.

ROFFU Filter | ROFFU Metal Chamber | ROFFU Glass Chamber | ROFFU Mouthpiece

Full-Color OLED Display.


Colored OLED displays are a new feature we’re seeing in many current releases and it’s great to see XVape getting in on the trend. The ROFFUs display takes up a majority of the front of the device, providing ample space to see all the necessary information at a glance. The display shows the current device temperature, battery level, session timer, and whether you’re on-demand or in session mode. Although, we had hoped that there was an option to control the screen’s brightness for further discretion – thankfully it isn’t super bright on the default setting.

The large colorful display on the ROFFU Vape really makes it fun to use! We are yet to see a better display. XVape XLUX ROFFU Vaporizer Display NZXVape XLUX ROFFU Vaporizer Display Screen NZ

XLUX series ROFFU Smart Convection Vaporizer.

The new ROFFU smart convection vaporizer offers the best and purest vaping you will find at any price point. The XLUX ROFFU is the first premium model from XMAX / XVape, we must admit that we are truly impressed with this next generation device, the manufacturer has certainly risen to the challenge. From the very first time you fire it up, you will notice that this is a premium quality dry herb vape, equally in terms of craftsmanship and materials.

Confused about XVape, XLUX and XMAX? Don't worry, so are we. XVape is the brand and within that brand they have the XLUX series, XMAX series and some are just XVape. That's how we understand it anyway, like most vapes these days they are made in China. Keep in mind that even Pax and DaVinci are made in China, most are. Having said that, the ROFFU is only available from XVape USA but they ship all their XLUX ROFFU stock to us directly from the factory in China. We have been very impressed with the XVape range of vapes, at first it didn't make sense, why are XVape vaporizers quite a bit cheaper than most other brands? They are cheaper to purchase wholesale than most other brands of vapes and we are happy to pass on that saving to our customers. It makes a big difference to the final price, all of our XVape vaporizer kits hover around the $300 NZD incl GST price. Not bad for a top performing portable device.

What makes the ROFFU tick?

XVape XLUX ROFFU Vaporizer Glass Chamber NZ

XVape XLUX ROFFU Vaporizer Mouthpiece NZ

XVape XLUX ROFFU Vaporizer Mouthpiece Parts NZ

XVape XLUX ROFFU Vaporizer Parts NZ
The XLUX ROFFU is a full convection vaporizer featuring session and on-demand modes to deliver pure flavor and high-quality vapor. The ROFFU Lite Kit comes with a replaceable Glass Chamber that can be swapped for a Steel Chamber (sold separately, NZ Stock), conveniently offering more conduction. The beautiful high-resolution color display is also worthy of praise as it is the most impressive display we have ever seen on any vaporizer.

XLUX ROFFU Glass & Steel Chambers

Great vapor quality.

Although the XLUX ROFFU is a very compact portable vape, the manufacturer has succeeded in placing an advanced high-powered convection heating system inside it. This feature, combined with the glass herb chamber and Zirconia ceramic cooling spiral, means that the XLUX ROFFU delivers clean high quality vapor and incredible flavor at a comfortable temperature to satisfy even the most demanding vaping enthusiasts. Additionally, the option to select between Session and On-Demand modes and precise temperature control over a wide range (100-220 degrees Celsius) make this vaporizer incredibly versatile.

Top-notch discretion.

Discrete XLUX ROFFU Vaporizer NZ

You can easily conceal the XLUX ROFFU in the palm of your hand, as the device itself has a very discreet look and goes undetected. The vaporizer’s inconspicuous size means you can use it practically anywhere without drawing unwanted attention. It also fits nicely in most pockets and if you want to put it in a Vaporizer Case we have a range of options here, Vape Cases. We have suitable Shockproof Cases & Smell-Proof Cases.


The main drawback of the XVape ROFFU is that it only extracts dry herb and has no option for vaporizing concentrates and extracts. That won't upset to many Kiwi's as concentrate vaping is not nearly as common as it is in USA for example. Most Kiwi's want a great portable dry herb vape at a decent price, simple. We believe this vape will satisfy everyone and won't break the bank. We are not surprised it is one of the best vapes we have tested after discovering the (under $300 NZD) XVape Fog Pro which is similar to the ROFFU in many ways and is currently our favorite go to vape. Want big tasty clouds, look no further, XVape knows how to make it happen!

XVape XLUX ROFFU Vaporizer Controls NZ

Powered by a replaceable 18650 battery.

The XLUX ROFFU is powered by a replaceable 18650 battery, a highly valued feature by all vapers. After all, this power supply ensures that when the battery wears out after a few years you only need to replace the battery itself, not the entire unit. If you never want to miss a session, you can purchase a spare battery (18650 Batteries) to always have a charged one available to swap out. Charging is done via a Fast USB-C port, so you’ll never wait long for your vaporizer! You can also charge your 18650 batteries in an External Charger, sold separately, NZ Stock.

XVape XLUX ROFFU Vaporizer Battery NZ

The XLUX ROFFU Vaporizer is a brand new next generation Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer well worth considering!

The XLUX ROFFU vaporizer is XVapes incredibly successful debut in the premium vaporizer market. Overall it operates brilliantly and has all the essential qualities to become a top seller world-wide. The 2 modes of extraction, excellent vapor quality, removable battery, exchangeable chamber etc all make this vape an affordable little masterpiece. The advantages are many but you will only discover them by trying out the XLUX ROFFU for yourself. We highly recommend it!

XVape XLUX ROFFU Vaporizer Screen NZ

XLUX ROFFU Size Comparison to STARRY, Fog Pro, Pax 2 & Zeus ARC GT.

XVape ROFFU Size Comparison to Pax


  • 1 Year Warranty for the ROFFU Vaporizer.

How to clean the XLUX ROFFU?

The main elements on the ROFFU to keep clean will be the stainless steel filter, your used chamber, as well as any resin buildup in the ceramic mouthpiece cap. The only part that you shouldn’t submerge in isopropyl alcohol is the rubber cap under the ceramic cap that holds the ceramic spiral in place. Everything else you can soak for 30 minutes before a hot water rinse and gentle scrub to get rid of any pesky resin buildups that didn’t come off easily.

XVape XLUX ROFFU Vaporizer Cleaning NZ
One thing to note is that the glass chamber especially will become super dirty and browned with usage on high temperatures. If this bugs you, and you don’t want to constantly have to clean it off with vape cleaning wipes, you may just want to stick to the stainless steel chamber. For the upper screen in the cooling unit, it’ll be a good idea to use a vape cleaning Q-tip, as it can be a real hassle to remove for soaking.

Parts to clean on the ROFFU Vaporizer

Helenskinz NZ

ROFFU Complete Kit Video Review - Complete Kit ONLY!!

Please be aware that this is the "Complete Kit" in this video, they don't have a video for the Lite Kit that this page is selling. It will give you a decent look at the "Vape", that is the idea. Please see above to find the "what's included" items in the ROFFU Lite Kit.

What is the best type of Herb Grinder to use with the ROFFU Vaporizer?

We highly recommend using a herb grinder that produces a nice coarse grind, typically you want a coarse grind for all convection vapes. A 4 piece herb grinder would best suit the ROFFU. Even our new CHEWY G3 Electronic Herb Grinder is ideal for the ROFFU vape. Our Non-Stick Grinders are also perfect for the ROFFU. A 2 piece grinder will create a very fine grind not suitable for the ROFFU. Check out all of our 4PC Herb Grinders here.

3 Colors of Croc Crusher 4pc Grinders NZ     SLX V2.5 Non Stick Herb Grinder NZ
Chewy G3 Electronic Herb Grinder NZ

Pro Tips for the ROFFU.

420 EDC Pro tips for the ROFFU Vape

Buy XLUX ROFFU Vaporizer Parts NZ

XVape XLUX ROFFU Metal Chamber  Quartz/Glass Chamber for XLUX ROFFU NZ

XVape XLUX ROFFU Mouthpiece Tip  XLUX ROFFU Vape Filter Screen Set

Portable Vaporizer Accessories. Vaporizer Supplies NZ.

RYOT Vaporizer Cases - SmellSafe

Non-Stick Herb Grinders NZ
Non-Stick Herb Grinders NZ - Cali OG Slick & SLX

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