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XMAX STARRY V3.0 Dry Herbal Vaporizer NZ


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XVAPE Starry V3.0 Conduction Herbal Aromatherapy Blends Essential Oils  XVAPE

XVAPE - XMAX Starry 3.0 Portable Vaporizer.

Dual Use Portable Vaporizer. Great Value with Great Performance!

For both Dry Botanicals and Concentrates.

The XVape, Xmax STARRY 3.0 is arguably one of the best conduction vaporizers available for the price. Best Bang for your Buck! The Starry 3.0 features haptic feedback (like your mobile phone vibrate function), ceramic oven (for even heating of herb), precise temperature control (large range), an industrial strength magnetic mouth piece, and a removable 18650 battery, all wrapped up in a sleek black or grey anodized aluminum tough shell. Similar units from other manufacturers often cost $350 NZD or more! The Xmax Starry 3.0 offers all of the features plus a few more at roughly half the cost of a Pax 3 for example.

The Original Starry Video - Now selling the 3rd Version, Starry V3.0.

The Pax 3 is probably a better vape that has a Bluetooth App etc but it doesn't have a removable battery so when your battery dies so does your Pax, food for thought especially when the Pax costs much more money to buy! If you like the Crafty+ design (swing mouthpiece) and/or the performance of a Pax (conduction heating = hot oven, compared to convection = hot air like a Firefly) you will love this affordable little conduction vape. Out of all the cheaper vapes for dry herb this one stands out, being conduction is the best part, that is why the Pax is such a great vape. See all of our conduction vapes here. Keep in mind you should budget for a Herb Grinder too if you don't have one, a 2PC would best suit this conduction vaporizer as it will work much better with a fine grind and a full oven. The grind you get from a standard 4PC Herb Grinder isn't ideal for any conduction vape, you can invert the 4PC grinder and extend your grinding time to achieve a finer grind but it's not ideal. Some people do have 4PC grinders with a fine screen so the end result is a nice fine grind, ideal for all conduction vapes. See all of our Grinders here.

The XVape - XMAX Starry 3.0 Vaporizer.

XVAPE Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer - Helenskinz NZ


  • OLED Screen with by degree settings.
  • Ingenious Oval Conduction Oven. (Stirring not required).
  • Zirconia Magnetic Ceramic Mouthpiece.
  • Ceramic Baking Chamber. (Excellent evenly vaped herb by Conduction).
  • Temperature Range (212°F – 464°F). (Deg C also available).
  • Haptic Technology. (Vibrates like a Mobile Phone).
  • 18650 replaceable battery. (Replace in years to come or have a spare ready to go).
  • Dual Cycle Times.
  • Also Available Water Pipe Adapter & Glass Bubbler.
  • Conduction Vaping = Hot Oven Walls compared to Convection = Hot Air. So you will find this vape is ideal if you don't like the hot dry air in your throat that some people don't like from the Convection Vapes. Like a Pax or DaVinci IQ2 or IQC to vape. Most people love the conduction vapes because they are so easy to use.

XVAPE Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer - Helenskinz NZ

Starry V3.0 Herbal Vape Kit NZ.

The Xmax Starry is on its third version. The updated model now includes haptic feedback to let you know when it reaches vaping temperature, an improved mouthpiece, and more.

XVAPE Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer - Helenskinz NZ

Who’s the Starry 3.0 Vape for?

The Xmax Starry V3.0 is for anyone looking for a quality portable vaporizer at a great price. Full digital control, a pocketable size, swappable battery, haptic feedback, a magnetic zirconia mouthpiece and an anodized aluminum body. The Starry delivers features that we don’t see in vaporizers at twice the price. It really is one of the best value vapes in the market (world) today.

XVAPE Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer Ceramic Oven - Helenskinz NZ

Well made & pocketable

Tired of the sea of plastic shell vapes on the market at this price point? This is where the Starry really stands apart with its anodized aluminum body, magnetic lid enclosure and ceramic zirconia mouthpiece. The size is right, too, coming in at just a tad longer than the Pax 3 or an IQ2, below. It fits most of our Vape Cases including our RYOT Smell Proof range imported from the US. It is slightly too large to fit in our small HardCase but it fits well in all the others.

Comparison Xvape Starry 3.0, Pax 3 and IQ2 Vapes NZ

Zeus ARC GT and IQ2 Comparison to Xmax Starry 3.0 Vaporizer NZ

Fast heat-up time

The Starry gets up to 390° F in just 25 seconds and to top temp in 35 seconds, perfect for a quick, discreet session. As you can see it also has a very nice oven entrance so you can easily pour your ground herb into it and with a few taps it will settle nicely in the oven, almost like a built in funnel.

XVAPE Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer Oven - Helenskinz NZ

Intuitive Controls

The Starrys controls are simple and make sense with three buttons to control on/off, temperature, session timer and Celsius/Fahrenheit display. Turning it on is as simple as holding the power button in for three seconds. Plus, the Starry will buzz gently to let you know when it reaches vaping temperature just like your mobile phone.XVAPE Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer Display - Helenskinz NZ

Easy to load. Cool mouthpiece.

Loading is easy with its beveled oven ring and you won’t worry about losing the mouthpiece since it can magnetically stick to the side when open. The ceramic zirconia mouthpiece is strong and super smooth for a comfortable feel that preserves taste.

XVAPE Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer Mouthpiece - Helenskinz NZ

Whats in the Box.

  • XVAPE - Xmax Starry V3.0 Vaporizer.
  • 1x Cleaning Set (Tweezers, Brush, Tool).
  • 1x USB Charging Cable.
  • 1x Metal Mouthpiece Screen.
  • 2x Heating Chamber Screen.
  • 2x Silicone Mouthpiece Cap.
  • 2x Mouthpiece Tip O-Ring.
  • 1x Wax Cup.
  • User Manual.XVAPE Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer Kit - Helenskinz NZ

Technical Specification.

  • Height 4.3 in / 11 cm
  • Width 1.37 in / 3.5 cm
  • Depth 0.94 in / 2.4 cm
  • Weight 4.2 oz / 120 g
  • 212° – 464° F / 100° – 240° C
  • 18650, 2600 mAh, 5A Battery - Buy a spare battery here.

 XVAPE Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer - Helenskinz NZ

Download the Starry 3.0 (PDF) User Manual: Here

XMAX Starry 3.0 Vaporizer Videos.

Xmax Starry 3.0 Vape NZ

XVAPE - XMAX Starry 3.0 Vaporizer - How to vape with the Starry Vape.

TVAPE - Vape TV - Cleaning the XVAPE - XMAX Starry 3.0 Vaporizer.



An Independent Starry V3.0 Vaporizer Review From one of our favorite US vape reviewers.

XVAPE Xmax Starry 3.0 Herbal Vape Bud Buddy NZ

This should give you a good idea of what to expect with the Starry 3.0.

If looking for more info on the Starry 3.0 you will find plenty of sites and loads of images, just be aware that this vape has been branded by a couple of companies and it is easy to get confused with all these names, we sell the XVAPE version called the XMAX Starry V3.0.

The Starry V3 dry herb vaporizer is about the same size of the Pax 2/3. Maybe a tad  wider but very close. The Starry weighs roughly 120 grams with the battery in which is about 30 grams more than the Pax 2. I’m comparing these two together because they function in a very similar fashion and are very similar design wise. The Pax 2/3 doesn’t come with a replaceable battery system.

The Starry is very easy to pocket, easy to grip and pass around. It’s perfect for the adventurous type whether you’re hiking, biking or just out and about like a night out on the town. It’s very easy to conceal and even palm if needed.

XVAPE Starry Accessories

The Starry will come with your usual cleaning tools, one replaceable rechargeable 18650 battery (no spare battery, just one), a USB charging cable, instruction manual and a few extra screens. I recommend picking up an extra battery and an external charger if you think you will be using the Starry often. The batteries will charge faster in the external charger and it’s always nice to have a spare just in case. It's a huge bonus having a swappable battery, very few portables have this option, usually only the very top shelf vapes have this, like the new DaVinci IQ2 or IQC for example. Cases for this vape are available in our shop here, with room for your vape, a spare battery and anything else you need. You can charge a battery in your vape, remove it and charge a second one but using an external relatively cheap 2 battery charger will be all you need for fast charging both batteries.

XVAPE Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer Kit - Helenskinz NZ

Heating Specs and Temp Options

I’m pretty impressed with the heat up times and temp options. Not only does the unit heat up in under 30 seconds but you get a full temp spectrum with on vape display and easy to use temp buttons. You very rarely find a vaporizer for this price with all these options, it's impressive.

The full temp spectrum runs from 221F to 464F. I never really go above 420 but the option is there to really cook your herbs if you wanted. The Starry features a 5 or 10 minute session timer which is user adjustable by holding the power and up buttons.

XVAPE Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer Oven - Helenskinz NZ

Battery Specs, Average Charging Times, Battery Life and Charging Options.

The XVAPE Xmax Starry 3.0 vaporizer uses a 2500MAH 18650 rechargeable replaceable battery. I’ve been averaging about 70-80 minutes of battery life on a single charge which is really good for the size of this device. Charging takes anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes with the included micro USB cable, but you can reduce the charging times with an external charger as mentioned above.

XVAPE Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer 18650 Battery - Helenskinz NZ

* We recommend using our DaVinci IQ 18650 batteries for this vape if you want a spare one. Or our high end Lithicore batteries. See all Batteries here.

Vapor Quality, Draw Resistance, Usage Tips

While The XVAPE Xmax Starry vaporizer does have better flavor than other conduction units at or below this price, it is still like most conduction vaporizers. Great taste at lower temps, especially on the first couple rips but as the temp goes up and the session goes on, the taste goes downhill. The good news is that the Starry vape will put out HUGE clouds on the higher temps. With a tight pack and a fine grind, you will be thoroughly impressed with the vapor output. The Starry will also vape very evenly with no need to stir.

XVAPE Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer - Helenskinz NZ

The draw resistance is about average when clean but goes up when dirty. The biggest contributor to the draw resistance is the mouthpiece/screen. It tends to clog up after multiple sessions (like most vapes including the Pax) so it’s important to brush out the chamber and mouthpiece after every session. I also try not to leave herbs in the chamber after a session. When possible I Immediately dump the bowl to help keep down on cleaning. However leaving herb in the oven is pretty common and I certainly wouldn't dump it until it was fully vaped (dark brown in color) so don't worry about having to vape it all in one go. All conduction vapes like this must always have a 100% full oven to work properly, if you leave a void in the oven by half filling it you will find the vapor output is very low, so fill it up to the top and watch it rip. This is one great little vape!

XVAPE Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer - Helenskinz NZ

XVAPE Xmax Starry 3.0 Tips.

I recommend a fine grind. You can achieve a fine grind by picking up something like the Santa Cruz Shredder or a Croc Crusher, a 2PC Grinder is best suited to this vaporizer.

I have gained the best results with a fully packed chamber. You really don't want to leave any void at all in any conduction vape. This is why the Pax 3 comes with a half pack oven lid, to fill the empty space/void.

Like I mentioned earlier, the lid and mouthpiece tend to get hot with prolonged use. When vaping a long endurance session you can use your hand or fingers to help dissipate the heat from the unit before a draw. Just place your fingers over the mouthpiece when you’re waiting for the next draw and it will cool it down. It's always much cooler at the very tip of the mouthpiece.

XVAPE Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer - Helenskinz NZ

Cleaning and Maintenance

Overall the cleaning and maintenance is very easy with the XVAPE Xmax Starry 3.0 especially if you stay on top of it and brush out the chamber and lid after every session. Like I said, the screen will collect the most debris so try to keep it clean for best results.

A full clean is easy. Just throw some ISO on a cotton bud, wipe out the chamber (with the unit upside down so nothing drips down into the unit), then wipe or soak the lid and mouthpiece and you’re good to go. The cheapest ISO Alcohol we have found is at JayCar Electronics, it comes in a large 250ml spray bottle for $12 NZD. You can order it online and have it shipped to your home in New Zealand. See links to cleaning products below.

* See Cleaning Video above.

Helenskinz NZ

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Helenskinz NZ

Summary: Who should buy the XVAPE Xmax Starry?

The XVAPE Starry is the perfect vaporizer for someone just entering the vape market. You don’t have to shell out a bunch of cash to get good results and the performance is really unmatched at this price point.

It’s easy to conceal, easy to use, and easy to maintain.

I recommend picking up the XVAPE Starry as it is the best bang for your buck dry herb vaporizer that I have had the pleasure to use and review.

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