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Waterproof Case for Mobius Action Camera


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$99 NZD Incl. GST.

Waterproof Case for the Mobius Action Camera - Rated to 30m.

The waterproof case is designed specifically for the Mobius Action Camera. It works with BOTH the standard lens and the wide angle version of the Mobius. Watertight up to 30 meters, this housing allows you to take the Mobius diving, surfing, or snorkeling.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x plastic body
  • 1 x aluminum back
  • 1 x Lens extension (when using the wide angle version of the Mobius)
  • 1 x Lens
  • 4 x spare seal rings
  • 1 x spare plastic/aluminum seal ring
  • 1 x spare lens
  • 1 x warning notice
  • 1 x spare heat conducting material for attaching the inside of the aluminum case

*By buying this product you agree that (Helenskinz Online NZ) is NOT responsible for any damage that could occur to your Mobius Camera through the use of this case. They really do work well but we can't cover camera damage as there are many reasons why a leak may occur, often through incorrect installation or worn parts. To date we have not had any issues at all.

The waterproof case is waterproof down to 30m.

    Also please note: The contact surface must be clear of any white deposits to ensure maximum sealing and adding a little silicone grease/gel is greatly encouraged.

    Usually in stock NZ. UK Import.



    Camera Functions


            All 3 Buttons line up and work correctly. See above diagram.


    Mobius Camera in Waterproof Case Video


    Helenskinz - Mobius Test Lab

    The Mobius Action Camera only weighs 39g and produces Full HD 1080p video, Time Lapse videos and Hi Res images. On average Mobius is 1/4 of the price of GoPro cameras and equipment. The Mobius is much smaller, lighter, more discreet, cheaper and has unmatched quality. Check out our Mobius Test Lab and see for yourself what we have managed to produce while testing the Wide Angle Lens Mobius Action Camera in West Auckland, New Zealand. IE, Scenic Drive (time lapse movie, dash cam), Waitakere Ranges, RC Glider with Mobius, Time-Lapse Movies and more. We have tested it rigorously and tried all the functions, it's an amazing camera and we are super impressed with not only the image quality but the entire set up, the software is excellent and the camera itself is one tough little camera. It produces video that is outstanding to say the least, check out some footage on our Test lab page. 

    For more information on the Mobius Action Cameras: 


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