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Vape Survival Kits - For All Vapes or Pax 1

Helenskinz Online NZ

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The Vape Survival Kit 

      Vape Survival Kits        

Due to the popularity of our Pax Survival Kits we decided to redo the kit and make it work for all vapes. You can choose which kit suits you! If you have a Pax 1 Vaporizer you will want the "Vape Survival Kit - PAX 1" as it comes with a 10ml bottle of SLiCK Pax 1 Vaporizer Lube. Or you can buy the "Vape Survival Kit - All Vapes" which excludes the Slick lube. There is $10 difference, the Pax 1 Kit has a $20 bottle of Slick for an additional $10.

Please note: "SLiCK" and our "Vape Survival Kits" are exclusive to Helenskinz, SLiCK is our own Pax Vaporizer Alternative Lube and the kits are designed and packaged by Helenskinz using vape accessories imported from USA. Based on all the "tit bits" you need to do the job!

The kits are very handy, they include all the necessary gadgets and tools to get the job done! Great for cleaning and preparing! The Space Case is hand picked from our grinder range and is an excellent grinder, very high quality and the perfect size. The Silver has a beautiful polished alloy finish and the Titanium is almost black, both are stunning and have a strong magnet to prevent the grinder opening during use! The Piranha Stash Tin has the same finish as the silver grinder and a rubber seal to create an air tight compartment for your pre-ground tobacco and herb. The Grinder Grease if you haven't tried it already is a wonderful product. Use it once and you will use it forever, great product as it is food safe and prevents jamming and build up in your grinder. It also allows you to simply "wipe" it clean after use, no scraping of build up required. The stirring sticks are very handy and tough, they are great for popping the screen out of a Pax 1 vaporizer. Excellent for cleaning and perfect for stirring your tobacco to freshen up the oven contents which is highly advisable for all dry vapes. If you buy this kit you will soon appreciate how handy everything is. You will also find that the stash tin is a great way to store your pre-ground tobacco because it saves time when you want to use your vaporizer, no grinding just open it and pour your prepared tobacco into your vaporizer oven and you are ready to roll! It can also be very useful for storage if you wish to grind and dry out your tobacco as all dry vapes need "bone dry material".

What's in the Vape Survival Kit?

  • 1x Space Case 2pc Magnetic Medium Grinder, 56mm (Silver or Titanium which is almost black)
  • 1x Piranha Stash Tin - Silver (pre-grind and stash it fresh and dry)
  • 1 Stick of Chronisuer Grinder Grease (highly recommended, works great)
  • 3ml Bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol (the best cleaner for all vapes)
  • 8x Cotton Buds/Q-Tips (to use with the Iso)
  • 6x Ultra Thick Pipe Cleaners (Perfect for Pax and most vapes)
  • 6x Wooden Stir Sticks (also work as screen poppers Pax 1)
  • Optional - 1x SLiCK 10ml dropper bottle of Vaporizer Lube (for the Pax 1 vaporizer mouthpiece) "Pax 1 kit".                

Vape Survival Kits for Vaping 

Slick Vaporizer Lube can be bough separately here.


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