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Space Case Storage Tin - Medium

Space Case

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$57 NZD Incl. GST.

Space Case Herb Grinder - 2pc

Space Case 2 Piece Storage Tin


  • Precision Machined/Polished 
  • Air-Tight Seal
  • Medium: 1.25" X 1.75"

Package Contains:

  • 1x Medium Space Case Storage Tin.

Space Case Stash Tin - Medium

Space Case 2pc Storage Tins

Space Case Storage Cases are manufactured with seamed edges. This process requires each unit to be individually machined from a single piece of aluminum, creating an invisible seam leaving the turning movement as smooth as glass. Fine quality and a very handy container for pre-ground material. Keep your herbal remedies fresh with the airtight tin!

Small and Medium Stash Tins - Space Case


Herbal Vapes

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