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SIMRAN Step Down Transformer 500w USA to NZ Converter


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$135 NZD Incl. GST.


SIMRAN Step Down Transformer THG-500

Heavy Duty - 500w Simran Power Converter - for Vaporizers.  Transformer - AC 220/230 V - 500 Watt

Step Down Converter - Use US 110v products with NZ/Aust. 220v power input.

* Note some vaporizers require a larger converter as the warm up power requirement on some is very high. For example the Zephyr Ion requires a 500w converter as the warm up phase uses over 300w so a 150w converter won't be sufficient. For a Herbalizer you need a 500w converter, this one is the perfect one, not too big but is heavy duty and designed to run non stop. A Volcano only needs 110w max so a 150w converter is sufficient but using a 500w one would avoid having a hot 150w converter, they can get quite warm. This one should run fairly cool on most standard and forced air vapes compared to using a 150w converter.


  • 500 Watt maximum capacity heavy-duty continuous use transformer.
  • Converts single phase 220/240 Volts down to 110/120 Volts. Compatible with 50Hz/60Hz.
  • One grounded outlet in front of unit (accepts 3 or 2 prong US and Euro plugs)
  • Durable design with a heavy-duty cord.
  • Built-in fuse protection ~ Comes with 2 extra fuses. CE Approved and Certified
  • Comes with a NZ/Australian Adapter Plug for the wall socket (Shown below).

Simran 500w Converter

Manufacturer: SIMRAN

Color: Black

Shipping Dimensions

  • Length: 6.2"
  • Width: 5.6"
  • Height: 3.6"
  • Weight: 6.65" lbs.


Simran 500w Power Converter

NZ/Australia Adapter Plug included making this converter ready to use in New Zealand or Australia. You will be able to use any accessory that uses up to 500w of power that is American 110v Only. Just plug the units plug into the converter and the converter into the wall socket (with adapter plug for NZ/Aust.) and your vaporizer will receive the 110v of power it requires, basically you step it down, cut it in half and supply 110v from 220v. If you plug in your 110v vaporizer without the converter you will be putting double the power it requires into it and that will most certainly cause serious damage to the vaporizer. If your vape needs a converter make sure everyone knows that, we have had one case where a helpful husband decorated a room and set up his wife's new $1200 Herbalizer like it was on a new table and looking smart but he didn't know it needed a converter. He plugged it into the wall directly, as you do. His wife came home and "literally" sparked up her Herbie not noticing the converter wasn't plugged in and it destroyed it. Tough story, what do you do, well she got a new one but it's a lot of money tied up and you don't want to fry your precious machine.

It's much better to go higher in wattage on the converter, a 500w one will run cooler on a Volcano than the 150w one but it will work with either.


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