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Nearly Universal Waterpipe Adapter for all Vaporizers - Small

Delta 3D Studios

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NEARLY UNIVERSAL Water Pipe Adapter Small
: $34 NZD Incl. GST.

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Delta 3D Studios - USA

Nearly Universal Waterpipe Adapter - Small.

Our Nearly Universal WPA's fit most Herbal Vapes, we list a few below but please don't hesitate to ask which one you need and we will be happy to help. Basically the Universal Adapter allows you to connect your vaporizer to almost any waterpipe or bubbler. We have small and medium, the difference being the size of the hole where the vape connects, small or medium for DynaVap but the Small Adapter has the best fit and Medium for vapes like the Arizer Argo, Boundless Tera, Crafty+ and Mighty although we also have special Crafty+ and Mighty WPA's that push in and turn to lock the adapter in place allowing you to connect your vape directly by turning it upside down and dropping it into the water pipe inlet. For all Pax Vapes you will want the Pax WPA here. The small Nearly Universal WPA is perfect for vapes like the Grasshopper or the DynaVap Pen. See all Delta 3D WPA's here.

Nearly Universal Waterpipe Adapter (Small)

Nearly Universal Waterpipe Adapter.

Designed to fit both 14mm and 18mm female bubblers/water pipes, this versatile adapter is one widget no true enthusiast should live without! This flexible adapter fits a large variety of small mouthpieces (both round and irregular shaped). NEW V2 upgrade to our new Song2 material for increased durability and a new rounded tip to increase compatibility with bowls and slider glass pieces.

The following is a small list which have been confirmed to fit this adapter. This list will grow with testing, but will never contain every model on the market. If you are uncertain it will fit, please contact us. (Note: We will accept returns if this adapter does not fit mouthpiece - Part must be unused. Test-fitting is permitted, but we cannot accept returns once they have been used. Shipping charges will not be refunded).

Nearly Universal Waterpipe Adapter (Small)

Confirmed Compatible Vaporizers :

  • Haze - Metal Stem = Perfect Fit / Glass Stem = Slightly Loose (still works) - Compatible with both v2 and v3 editions.
  • Davinci Ascent - Fits, but requires some 'encouragement' to insert mouthpiece into adapter.
  • Dynavap Vapcap / OmniVap - Snug secure fit, perfect for all water pipes!
  • Elevape - Confirmed fit.
  • Flowermate 5.0 and 5.0s - Confirmed fit.
  • Vapman - Confirmed fit.
  • Underdog - Works with Stainless Stem Tip.

Ideal for DynaVap & OmniVap Pens.

This adapter was specifically made for the DynaVap VapCap Pen.

DynaVap VapCap Nearly Universal WPA NZ

Compatible Pens:

  • Atmos Disposable - Works great! Snug fit.
  • eGo (with standard mouthpiece) - Perfect Fit.
  • Ophos - Confirmed fit.
  • Puffco Plus - Perfect fit.


  • Silicone Rubber
  • Temperature Rating:
  • 450F (232C) Maximum

This Water Pipe Adapter is easy to stretch and manipulate making it much easier to slide onto your vapes mouthpiece. You can also use these adapters with Bubblers, the DynaVap VapCap for example will work very well with a Water Bubbler attached via the Small Nearly Universal Water Pipe Adapter but it also fits nicely into the Medium adapter. If you have a Pax please check out the Pax WPA's here.

Check out the Almost Universal WPA Medium, here.

Medium Adapter


Need a Water Tool to go with your Adapter?

The VapeTube 10 is best for DynaVap being 10mm and the VapeTube 14 is perfect to use with the Delta 3D 14mm Water Tool Adapters connected to your Pax, DaVinci, Mighty, Crafty+ etc. Or you can use a 2021 VonG on either Bubbler, we recommend using the VapeTube 14, the DynaVap VONG Vape in the 14mm Bubbler is EPIC! Match them with your favorite Conduction Heater and you have a 3 piece Vaping Set Up that will make your eyes water! We know this because it's exactly what we have been testing for 2 months. No adapter required! The VonG is 10mm & 14mm.

VapeTube 10 Water Bubbler Tool 10mm for DynaVap NZ    VapeTube 14 Water Bubbler Tool 14mm for Mighty, Pax, IQ2 NZ


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