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Mobius Sticky Mount


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Mobius Sticky Mount/Mini Tape Mount

The Mobius Stick Mount is great for many applications.



The Mini Tape Mount is suitable for Mobius ActionCam and other sports cameras. This mount is attached to surfaces using backing tape/double sided tape and once it is well secured to the surface you will be able to attach your Mobius Camera to the mount and adjust it accordingly. This mount is very handy as it broadens the range of places you can mount your Mobius Camera ten fold. Double sided tape is cheap to buy and all it takes is a few fresh strips each time you move the mount to a new location. Great mount for sticking your Mobius to the side of your car, your skateboard, the dash of your car, the ideas are endless and the sky is the limit with this basic mount.

* This Sticky Mount below has been reshaped to fit the contour of the RC Glider fuselage. By using boiling water you can easily heat, bend and then cool the base to change the shape, this is a very versatile mount and perfect for most RC Models. See this mount in action on the MOBIUS TEST LAB page.


Package includes:

  • 1x Mini Tape mount

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