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Magic Flight UFO - Unnamed Filtration Object

Magic Flight

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Magic Flight UFO Water Filtration Device by Magic Flight

UFO (Unnamed Filtration Object).

Product Features

  • Easy To Use
  • Fits Most Cups
  • Quality Construction



The UFO (Unnamed Filtration Object) from Magic Flight provides seamless water filtration for on-the-go vaping. This device is constructed from water resistant bamboo, and is compatible with nearly any drinking glass you have lying around the house. Just fill with water and attach the UFO. Then, connect your Launch Box by way of the included whip, and within seconds, your ready to experience your MFLB in a whole new way!

Magic Flight UFOUFO


Product Description

"Take me to your pint glass." ~ Magic-Flight Artisan

Our latest accessory was developed by our fearless leader of contraptions, Magic-Flight's founder. His vision was to have a stealthy, portable bubbler for on-the-go vaping. The result was a wooden lid that fit over the top of a water glass. As we studied his latest invention, we became quite amused with how it closely resembled a flying saucer. Many friendly jokes led to the notion that this piece's name should be a variation of the all-too familiar acronym, UFO. Thus, as we lovingly name all our products, the Unnamed Filtration Object was coined. Whether or not one chooses to believe that UFOs actually exist, we have elected to fashion our own Unnamed Filtration Object for your vaping pleasure. Made of laser-branded, water-resistant bamboo, the UFO features a gasket underneath to seal snugly over the rim of most vessels. Accompanied by an acrylic draw stem, a whip to connect to your Launch Box, and two perforated acrylic straws (down-stems) for better bubble dispersion in glasses of varying heights, the UFO is a sleek and portable device that fits easily into your pocket. Stealthily make a water-vape on the go and see where your UFO will take you.

UFO Kit includes:

  • One Bamboo Unnamed Filtration Object (4” diameter)
  • One whip (18” length)
  • One draw stem (4.5” length)
  • Two perforated acrylic straws (3” length & 4.5” length)
  • Instructions
  • Velvet storage pouch



Handcrafted with love in San Diego, CA, USA

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Magic Flight UFO Video


Herbal Vapes

Magic Flight


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The most Classic Portable Aromatherapy Vaporizer of all time, the Magic Flight Launch Box is a very unique and popular dry vape. It never gathers dust on our shelves, they are probably in the top 5 in popularity of all herbal vaporizers. Not for everyone but certainly perfect for some, often attracting vaping enthusiasts due to it's unique and natural design. The price is also attractive when you compare the price to other portable vaporizers putting out the same amount of quality vapor but for double the price. It's a little gem no doubt about that! The Launch Box comes in the classic 3 color choices, Walnut, Maple or Cherry. Most of the other accessories also come in these same colors.

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Many people who purchase the Magic Flight Finish Grinder for their Launch Box Vaporizer will often buy the Magic Flight Nano Grinder too at some stage. The Launch Box works extremely well with a powdery super fine grind which can be achieved using the Nano and then the Finish Grinder, the results are quite amazing. You can check out the Magic Flight Finish Grinders here.

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Magic Flight Accessories

There are many Magic Flight Accessories available, we sell all of them, most of them we hold in stock in Auckland, NZ and USA.


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