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LEVO 2 - Herbal Decarber and Oil Infuser - Butter Machine - 220v NZ


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LEVO 2: $000 NZD Incl. GST

Levo 2 - Herbal Decarber & Oil Infuser
 Herbal Aromatherapy Blends Essential Oils 

LEVO 2 - Herbal Decarber & Oil Infuser - 220v.

Welcome to the Infusion Revolution.

  • Creates Infused Oils & Butters
  • New Dry & Activate Settings - Decarb
  • Unlocks Compounds Before Infusion - Decarb
  • Power Pod Doubles Flavor, Aroma, & More
  • Ceramic-Coated Reservoir for Easy Removal
  • Smartphone App
  • No Aeration For Longer Shelf Life
  • Creates Up To 16 oz Infusions
  • Silicone Stirrer
  • Dishwasher-Safe Components

Levo 2 Herbal Oil Infuser NZ

The streamlined LEVO infusion process you know and love, with an abundance of
improved features and innovative new technology. With the Levo II you can prepare
herbs with ease with our new Dry and Activate cycles, allowing you to decarboxylate
and unlock the full potency of your botanical ingredients before you infuse.

The Levo II supports a wireless connection to the LEVO app to control your infusions on the go — plus access your history, use the Time & Temperature Calculator, share & discover recipes and more.

  • 3 Settings, 1 Machine: Dry and Activate herbs before you Infuse.
  • WiFi connectivity makes it easy to set your infusions and monitor progress on the go from the LEVO app.

Download the free LEVO Apps here.

           LEVO 2 Google Play Free App Download  Download the free iPhone Levo 2 App

Levo App

About the Levo 2

Levo 2 - All colors NZ

is the premium kitchen appliance for easily preparing herbal infused oil, butter, honey and glycerine at home, without the time or mess of traditional methods.


Unlock the full potency of your botanical ingredients before you infuse by using LEVO II’s new Dry and Activate cycles. When infusion is complete, the ceramic-coated, slanted reservoir efficiently dispenses every last drop! The Levo 2 does not come with a Filter Bag like Magical Butter does because the machine does the straining for you. No filter required.


Set it and forget it. From salves and soap to smoothie bowls and salad dressings, using LEVO II is as easy as making coffee or tea. When you’re done, all components are easily removed and top-rack dishwasher safe!


LEVO II’s new Power Pod has double the capacity for more potent herbal infusions, and the durable silicone stirrer doesn’t aerate your final product, allowing for a longer shelf life. No solvents, additives, or emulsifiers required.


Pair your LEVO II with The LEVO app to program your infusions wirelessly, access the handy Herb & Oil Calculator, discover & share recipes, and save your favorite settings, all from the palm of your hand!

Wireless control LEVO App

Package Includes:

  • Silicone Stirrer – Levo’s gentle method won’t aerate your final product.
  • Ceramic Coated Reservoir – Infuse up to 19oz at a time and dispense every drop with our new slanted reservoir.
  • Power Pod: Double the capacity to infuse more potent oils. 

LEVO 2 Kit 


  • Meyer (Yellow)
  • Robin (Blue)
  • Alpine (White)
  • Cayenne (Red)
  • Jet (Black)

LEVO II Colors - NZ


 Download the PDF Manual
Download the LEVO 2 PDF User Manual

Check out the LEVO 2 on YouTube


AirVape USA

Levo 2 NZ


At LEVO, we’re passionate about discovering natural paths to wellness, especially by making DIY more accessible. Infusing at home, with fresh ingredients, unlocks a
myriad of customizable recipes – from marinades to lip balm – that optimize the
benefits of wholesome herbs. Our products empower you to choose each of your
ingredients and give you the utmost control in what you consume.

The process of herbal infusion has been utilized for centuries among some of the
world’s earliest civilizations for cooking and medicinal practice. Today, it’s often found behind-the-scenes as the secret sauce of restaurant chefs and your favorite skincare brands. By extracting the components of the whole plant, the full spectrum of superior nutritional, therapeutic and medicinal benefits of infusions can be realized.

For many of us, our store-bought options are increasingly limited as more products
marketed as “natural” are over-processed and riddled with additives. At a minimum,
most products infused with herbs contain solvents of some kind. With LEVO, there’s no such need! Healthy ingredients; healthy infusions. No fine print.

We’re dedicated to empowering people to live their best life through our commitment
to a higher standard for infuse-it-yourself wellness. Welcome to the infusion revolution.

Levo Infused Oil

The LEVO Difference

LEVO‘s patented technology is designed exclusively for infusing botanicals into oil
and butter. With dishwasher safe components, there’s no more messy straining or
clean up. No emulsifiers, solvents or additives required to infuse. No fixed
temperature and time settings, allowing you complete creative freedom over your
recipe. To top it off, our gentle infusion method doesn’t aerate your ingredients,
increasing the shelf life of your infused product.

Levo 2 Oil Infusion NZ

LEVO Story

Founder & CEO Chrissy Bellman had her “light-bulb” moment in 2011, watching a
group of friends struggle to infuse in a small dorm room. It left the kitchen a complete mess and took the better part of an entire day. For such a simple task, it was quite the ordeal; there had to be a better way.

Chrissy bootstrapped the engineering and development of LEVO for nearly 5 years
during moonlight hours, after full days behind a desk at Fortune 500 companies. In
Fall 2016, she took the leap, assembled a team, and introduced LEVO to the world
through our own pre-order campaign. Today, LEVO’s close-knit team has a home
base in Denver, Colorado and can be found in over 800 retail locations.

5 Colors of LEVO 2 Buy LEVO NZ - Helenskinz NZ     Levo II Box NZ

LEVO 2 Herbal Infuser NZ

Levo online Cooking Calculator 

Levo online Cooking Recipes

HELENSKINZ™ is an Authorized Reseller of LEVO™ Products in New Zealand & Australia. For warranty purposes you must buy from an Authorized Reseller.


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