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Ghost MV1 - Portable Vaporizer Kit


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Ghost MV1 Kit: $425 NZD In GST.
($369.56 AUS).

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Ghost MV1
 Convection Herbal Aromatherapy Blends Ghost Vapes

Ghost MV1 Portable Vaporizer.

If you are looking for a Top Shelf Portable Dry Herbal Vaporizer then you have landed on the right page. The Ghost MV1 in plain terms is a Beast! You are paying for a very high quality, long lasting, super tasty, hot air convection heated Monster! When we say Monster we mean this is currently the Space Shuttle of portable vapes. If you don't mind the slightly larger size, the weight or the fact that everyone that tries it will want to keep it, then this vape could be your ideal portable. Definitely big clouds of vapor from this one. Download the App's below and the MV1 User Manual if you already have the MV1.


  • Proprietary Heat Sink Design
  • Retractable Mouthpiece
  • Convection Heating (Hot Air)
  • Lightweight Alloy Construction
  • Compatible With GHOST App
  • Ergonomic & Easy-To-Use Design
  • Soft Touch Activation Button
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Removable 2600mAh Battery
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable 

Ghost MV1 Stealth Black - Helenskinz NZStealth Edition


GHOST is disrupting the vape industry with the addition of the iconic MV1. Constructed from lightweight alloy, the MV1 boasts an ergonomic design and tactile outer casing. This revolutionary vaporizer features a powerful 2600mAh battery, and convenient GHOST App compatibility that allows dry herb or concentrate users to easily control their devices. Its full convection heating allows the MV1 to consistently produce cool, smooth, and flavorful vapor.

GHOST MV1 Vaporizer - Helenskinz NZ

The Ghost MV1’s minimalistic interface sports a soft touch activation button and haptic feedback—delivering you an elite vape experience. A retractable mouthpiece crafted from borosilicate glass and a removable ceramic chamber allow for quick and easy cleaning.

GHOST MV1 Vaporizer


Bluetooth MV1

The iconic MV1 features GHOST App compatibility that puts you in complete control of your vape experience. The app’s dashboard provides quick access to your ideal temperature setting; the GHOST App even boasts a sophisticated “Lock My Vape” feature, providing you with security and peace of mind if you misplace your MV1. Download the App's below for Android and IOS.

GHOST MV1 Vaporizer App


Featuring a unique heat sink design, the MV1 effectively reduces the temperature of your draws before it passes through the included glass stem—ensuring a more enjoyable vape experience.  To clean the heat sink, simply remove it from the vaporizer and clean it thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol or water.

GHOST MV1 Vaporizer - Helenskinz NZ


GHOST custom engineered the MV1 with a proprietary removable battery pack. This 2600mAh battery is embedded with an electronic management chip that’s capable of handling the power of this industry-leading vaporizer. With safety in mind, the GHOST MV1 also features custom designed and engineered component parts—ensuring it meets medical device standards.

GHOST MV1 Vaporizer Battery - Helenskinz NZ

Colors: 5 available.

GHOST MV1 Vaporizer Colors - Helenskinz NZ

What's in the Box

  • 1x GHOST MV1
  • 1x Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Spare Crucible With Lid
  • 1x Concentrate Pad
  • 3x Pick
  • 3x Isopropyl Alcohol Wipe
  • 3x Cleaning Bud

Ghost MV1 - Helenskinz NZ

Setting New Standards

Built to Medical Device Standards the GHOST MV1 stands out from the crowd. All component parts have been custom designed and engineered to extreme tolerances making the MV1 the safest, best performing product on the market and a pleasure to use for years to come.GHOST MV1 Vaporizer - Helenskinz NZ


Get the Ghost App

The GHOST Vapes App is now available to download on App Store and on Google Play.

  • iOS Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later, with Bluetooth 4.0 or later
  • Android Compatibility: Requires Android 5.0 or later, with Bluetooth 4.0 or later.

Ghost App - Google Play  Ghost App - IOS

Lock my Vape

Everybody likes a little piece of mind, so with Lock My Vape, we give you just that, allowing you to secure your device from the App. In the event that you misplace, leave it behind or lose it and you can't track it down with 'Find My Vape'.

   Ghost MV1 App - Helenskinz NZ Ghost MV1 App - Helenskinz NZ

Just log into your account to lock or unlock the device, safe in the knowledge that no-one will be able to use your MV1 without your say-so.

Lock my vape MV1 Bluetooth MV1 


AirVape USA


Ghost MV1 - User Manual:

     GHOST MV1 Vaporizer - Helenskinz NZ
Download the GHOST MV1 (PDF) User Manual:

Adapter Plug:


You may need to buy an adapter plug from your local Dollar Store, they are about $2.50 NZD each, all of our US vapes are 220v capable but the plug itself may need a Plug Adapter. Like this one below. If it is an In Stock item we would put an adapter the same as this in with your new vape, free of charge.

Adapter Plug

GHOST MV1 Vaporizer - Helenskinz NZ

GHOST MV1 Vaporizer - Helenskinz NZ

The Ghost MV1 vaporizer comes with a two year warranty on workmanship and defects, which can be extended to five years with registration via the smartphone app. The battery is only covered for one year, but is user replaceable. 

AirVape USA

GHOST MV1 Videos

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How to use GHOST MV1 with dry herbs 

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How to correctly assemble your GHOST MV1 Heat Sink

How to clean your GHOST MV1



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