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FURY EDGE Bundle Vaporizer Kit NZConvectionHerbal Aromatherapy Blends Essential Oils

FURY EDGE V2 Vaporizer Bundle by Healthy Rips NZ.

Top shelf convection vaporizer for dry herb and concentrates. 

Buy FURY EDGE V2 Bundle NZ.

Healthy Rips Vaporizers NZ

From the very first draw of your Fury Edge vape you will get more than exceptional vapor production just like the Rogue Vape. One thing this vape does really well is it's ability to create consistent dense vapor with very little fuss. A great choice for both first vape buyers and someone looking to add a really good quality vaporizer to their collection. It is also ultra portable and a great vape for the outdoors. The interchangeable mouthpiece pod system they have devised is extremely handy and is super easy to change in a heart beat. We have not seen another portable vaporizer with this system but more than likely will after seeing how useful it really is. Some brain power has been used to design this one!The FURY EDGE Dry Herb Vaporizers NZ

FURY EDGE V2 Newly Added Feature Upgrades.

  • Adjustable Session Timer Between 3-7 Minutes.
  • Extended Temperature Range of 280°- 430°F.
  • 1 Click Battery Check While Powered Off.

The FURY EDGE Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ

The FURY EDGE Dry Herb Vaporizer is designed and built on the same platform as the proven and very popular FURY 2 Vape. Although it may look very similar on the outside - the FURY EDGE V2 Vape is slightly taller by 10mm and has several features that are lacking in the FURY 2 model as you can read in the ‘Features’ section below. The most notable upgrades are the much larger 2300 mAh battery which is over 43% larger than our FURY 2 vaporizer, the included Accessories Attachment that allows you to exchange a variety of glass attachments and the much faster USB-C charging Port. It is a very small and discreet vaping device - yet as powerful as they come.

FURY EDGE Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ

This device is excellent for stealthy use while out and about with plenty of power for home use as well. Whether you take short or long draws - this little beastie delivers! The Convection Technology of the FURY EDGE combines hot air convection heating with a slight amount of radiant heat giving you massive vapor production from the very first draw. This unique Convection Technology gives you extremely even extraction without ever needing to stir your material, like you would with a Pax 3 conduction (hot oven) vape.

Fury Edge Vape OLED Display NZ

The FURY EDGE has an OLED display sitting flush on the solid Kirksite Alloy Unibody - and the isolated stainless steel & glass vapor path is ​100% food-grade for your health and safety. The Fury Edge V2 has quite similar features to the Arizer Air 2 and Air MAX vapes. In our opinion the Fury Edge V2 is a superior vape to the 2 mentioned Arizer models. Being Convection the Fury Edge likes a medium to coarse grind that can be achieved with a 4PC herb grinder. We highly recommend our SLX Non-Stick Ceramic range of grinders for the job! Or a Croc Crusher grinder, both will do an excellent job for this vape, our Croc Grinders are our cheapest but they are still excellent herb grinders and work even better with a dab of Shredder Grease. We highly recommend using Grinder Grease with all regular herb grinders, no more jamming, no build up, wipe clean, just like an expensive non-stick grinder.

Healthy Rips FURY EDGE Bundle NZ

Fury Edge V2 Features.

  • Convection Heating Technology. (Hot Air).
  • Protective 'Smell' Cover.
  • Accessories Attachment (holds glass attachments).
  • OLED Digital Flip Screen.
  • Temperature Range 280°- 430°F. (or Celsius).
  • Precision Temperature Control.
  • 3 Clicks On/Off.
  • Vibration Notifications.
  • Glass Vapor Path. (Flavor & Cooling).
  • Kirksite Unibody​.
  • Size: 90.5 x 51.8 x 27.4mm
  • Weight: 5.6 Ounces.​
  • 11mm Chamber Capacity .175g to .205g.
  • 20 Second Heat-up Time (almost on-demand vapor).
  • Isolated Air Path - Food Grade Stainless Steel.
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel Chamber.
  • Stainless Steel Heating Coil.
  • Low Draw Resistance.
  • USB-C Fast Charging.
  • Charges in 75 - 90 Minutes.
  • Class A 2300 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery.
  • Provides approximately 75-90 minutes of battery use per charge.​
  • Adjustable Auto Shut-off Protection​ Between 3-7 Minutes.
  • RoHS Certified for 100% Health and Safety.

Upgraded Features From the FURY 2.

  • Accessories Attachment for Various Glass Pieces.
  • Much Larger 2300 mAh Battery (1600 mAh on FURY 2).
  • Vibration Notifications.
  • 3-7 Minute Adjustable Shut-off Timer.
  • OLED Flip Screen.
  • Mesh Stainless Steel Screen.
  • Stainless Steel Coil.
  • USB-C Charging - Bi-directional and Faster Charging.

What's in the Box.

  • 1x  FURY EDGE V2 Device.
  • ​1x  Protective 'Smell' Cover.
  • 1x  Mouthpiece with Glass Vapor Path​.
  • 1x  Accessories Attachment for Glass.
  • 1x  Glass Mouthpiece (Black) for Attachment.
  • ​1x  USB-C Fast Charging Cord.
  • 1x  Extra O-Ring & Screen Set.
  • 1x  Cleaning Tool.
  • 1x  Cleaning Brush.
  • 1x  Tweezers.
  • 1x  User Manual.

The FURY EDGE Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit NZ

The FURY EDGE Dry Herb Vaporizer Box NZ  The FURY EDGE Dry Herb Vaporizer Full Kit NZ


The Healthy Rips Fury Edge V2 is a very versatile vape, switching out the attachments is quick, easy and transforms your vape in seconds. Go from the slick ergonomic standard mouthpiece to a glass stem or a water tool glass adapter, the sky is the limit with the Fury Edge. It just pulls off and clicks back in, too simple!

Fury Edge V2 Attachments for vaping herb NZ


  • One Year Warranty - (Register your vape online at Healthy Rips).
  • Lifetime 1/2 Price Replacement Warranty.
  • * Excludes loss, tampering, physical damage, or liquid damage.
  • * Must be purchased from an Authorized Healthy Rips Reseller - Helenskinz NZ.

Health & Safety.

Health & Safety are as important to us as amazing performance and build quality. It should be important to you as well!

The ROGUE, FURY EDGE, and FURY 2, convection devices have food-grade stainless steel air paths and chambers and have glass vapor paths. They are also crafted with food-grade materials from tip to tip. The air paths are completely isolated - meaning you are not inhaling chemicals from the electronics.​

*All of the devices have been RoHS Certified for your Safety.

​​*All HR devices are also CE Certified.

Healthy Rips Vapes Distributor NZ


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 Download the FURY EDGE V2 (PDF) User Manual


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