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Dart Wooden Stems - Magic Flight

Magic Flight

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Dart Stems by Magic Flight

Designed by our artisans and constructed out of oddment materials from Launch Box production, the Magic-Flight Dart Stem is an elegant, natural extension of your Launch Box. The flat mouthpiece provides the utmost comfort during every draw. In addition, the porous nature of the wood is naturally resistant to bacteria and fungi, and simultaneously filters herbal residue. The Dart Stem can also be used to replace the acrylic tip of any of our standard Whips for a unique and functional aesthetic. These flat-tipped wooden Darts are available in three wood types (Maple, Cherry, and Walnut) to match any Launch Box.



Package Includes:

  • 1x Dart Wooden Stem by Magic Flight.


  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Walnut



 AirVape USA

If setting up a Pax 2 H20 system.

Works great on the Magic Flight "Orbiter" Water Tool Whip for a mouthpiece. Some customers who buy the Pax 2, the water adapter and the Orbiter Water Tool also buy the Dart mouthpiece for the whip.

AirVape USA

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